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					Cox's Bazaar
Cox's Bazaar which is the town of largest beach all over the world, it stands on the Chittagong
district in Bangladesh. This Cox’s bazaars there are 150 km sandy beach with a long slope.
Cox’s bazaar is also known by the name PANOWA, its means yellow flower. The present
Cox's Bazaar has a lots of beautiful place you can find many nice places, however the
main attraction is sandy beach in Cox’s bazaar. The beach has separated into three
parts, the first is laboni beach. It is the main sea beach of Cox's Bazaar and is well
thought-out the main sea beach and it is also closest to the town, there are a lots of tiny
shops selling handmade things and beach accessories and many others. It is very close
at the town so visitor can easily visit here. As one of the most beautiful and famous
tourist spots in Bangladesh per year Millions of foreigners and Bangladeshi people visit
this city. As a result, a large number of hotels, guest houses have been built in the city.
 There hotel is very close from the beach, as a result people choose this Laboni beach
at first. The Second beach is Himchori, it is located about 20 km southern of Cox’s
Bazaar along the sea beach, and it is a nice place for picnic, visit, dating & romance and
film shooting drama. Here you can find origin and beach. Enani is the third, it is located
36 km southern of Cox’s Bazaar, the white sandy beach is located here, the beach is
famous for its golden color sand and cleans water which is best for sea bathing, most of
the visitor chooses this places because it is free from pack on others and this water is
also cold and pure for drinking, it is total free from any poison or virus. The climate of
Cox's bazaar is mostly similar to the rest of the country. It is further characterized by the
location in the area. The yearly average temperature in Cox's Bazaar remains at about
a maximum of 34.8 and a minimum of 16.1. The average amount of rainfall remains at
4,285 mm per year. So you can easily visit and enjoy Cox’s Bazaar.

Kuakata sea beach
Kuakata is one of the beautiful sea beach places in Bangladesh district of patuakhali and
division of Barisal. Kuakata sea beach is known as the “Sagar Konna” in patuakhali, it
means Daughter of the big sea, and it is 70 km away from Patuakhali district town.
Kuakata stands in Latachapli union under Kalapara Police Station of Patuakhali district
and is about 30 km. 320 km from Dhaka. Kuakata is excellent arrangement of the
natural beauty Combination of sandy beach, blue sky, fresh air and water. It usually
attractive for watch both sunrise and sunset in same place. The coconut trees more
increase the scenic beauty of this place. The main tourist season is in winter but all over
the year tourists visit this place. Fisherman village is another nice place where you can
visit and watch the lifestyle of the Fisherman. Their lifestyle is so hard. You can also see
here how they catch the “Hilsha” fish in the sea. There are some local restaurants
from where you can get the Hilshas cooked and ready for eating. You will remember the
wonderful taste of the fresh Hilshas of Kuakata for a long time. The long and wide beach at
Kuakata has a typical natural setting. This sandy beach has moderate slopes into the Bengal
and bathing there is as pleasant as is walking or diving. Kuakata is truly a virgin beach as haven
for traveling winter birds, a series of coconut trees, sandy beach of blue Bay, a feast for the eye.
Forest, boats plying in the Bengal with colorful sail, fishing, towering cliffs, surfing waves
everything here touches every visitor's heart. So visit and Enjoy Kuakata of Bangladesh.

Rangamati is one of the biggest tour places in Bangladesh. It is only 77km away from
Chittagong District. When you go in rangamati, you can see the nice hill in side of road.
Rangamati express her beauty in the seasons of heavy raining month. trees and other
short trees or grass becoming greener, waterfall are in full tide, the river of rangamati
name Karnaphuli returns his full wave in rainy seasons. If you do not visit rangamati
please visit and you will feel the different of nature. There are many hotels in rangamati
one of them is parjatan holiday complex. It is best places for stay in rangamati. Or other
hotel you can stay. Visiting by boat is another attraction of rangamati, by journey by
boat you can go to Kaptai and also go in Karnaphuli River you can go deep inside the
hill areas where on the way you will find lots of natural waterfalls. If you wish you can
take shower in the waterfall or you can swim in the river or under the waterfall.
Rangamati is also the place where you can buy a lot of dress, toy, ginukmala, texture
things and other. So do not miss to tour in Rangamati of Bangladesh.

Nestle of the charming Surma Valley a wonderful scenic tea plantation
and green steamy forests, all of this combination Sylhet is the prime
attraction for all tourist visit in Bangladesh. The Khasia and the Jaintia hills on the north,
and the Tripura hills on the south, Sylhet is more attractive for a multitude of yard tea
gardens, the flora and fauna. In other name we can called sylhet as a Tea Garden, 85%
of tea of Bangladesh come from Sylhet and export it all over the world. The Sylhet vale
is formed with a beautiful combination, zigzag couple of rivers named the Surma and
the other Kushiara both of which are feed by hill stream from the north and the south.
The vale has good number of haors, which are big natural depression. During winter
these haors are vast stretch of green land the bird is called in Bangla Atithipakhi are
visit this haors. The miles to miles around the visitor can see the teagardens it is like a
green carpet on slop of the hills. It has over 150 teagardens. If you visit sylhet you will
be astonished that Allah gives this nature in your own hand.

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