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					Cash flow statement

Cash receipts (a)     €175,000
Cash sales            €40,000
Loans                 €215,000
Total cash receipts
Cash payments (b)
Rent                  €102,000
Admin                 €85,000
Total cash payments   €187,000
Net cash flow         €28,000
Profit and loss account
Net sales (c)                                   250,000
Cost of sales                                   (80,000)
Gross profit                                    170,000
Selling, general, and administrative expenses   (65,000)
Operating profit (d)                            105,000
Other income                                    20,000
Earnings before taxes                           125,000
Taxes                                           (25,000)
Net income                                      100,000
Balance sheet

April 1 2008                      Liabilities (g)
Assets                            Current liabilities
Current assets (e)                Taxes payable                 €100,000
Cash                   €75,000    Payroll                       €125,000
Accounts receivable    €150,000   Total current liabilities     €225,000
Total current assets   €225,000   Long-term liabilities
Fixed assets (f)                  Loans repayable               €50,000
Land                   €150,000   Total long-term liabilities   €50,000
Total fixed assets     €150,000   Total liabilities             €275,000
Total assets           €375,000   Net assets (h)                €100,000
                                  Owners’ equity (i)            €100,000
 In meetings, people generally:

                     are clear    are unclear
  admit they don’t understand     never admit ignorance
          stick to the agenda     don’t stick to the agenda
  summarize decisions clearly     don’t summarize decisions
are direct and sometimes rude     are indirect and never rude
               often interrupt    rarely interrupt
A:   Well, I think we’ve got to attract top people with things other
     than money.
B:   How do you think we can do that? I mean, what exactly do you
     have in mind?
A:   I was thinking of providing a better all round package.
B:   You mean with things like good terms and conditions.
A:   Yes, that’s right. Holidays, paternity and maternity leave,
     sabbaticals – that sort of thing. What do you think?
B:   I agree with you. I think it’s a good idea to consider non-
     financial incentives to get the best people, if that’s what you
A:   Yes, I do. So we’re agreed we’ll look into the whole salary
     package for executive recruitment.
Suggested minutes
Meeting minutes

Date: 16 September
Time: 14.30 – 16.00
Venue: Room 346
Chair: Enzo Falconi (EF)
Attendees: Alice Keller (AK), François Weber (FW), Dylan Sanders (DS)

2 Chasing up late payers

We agreed to review the email sent to late payers and also when the first
reminder is sent out. FW will redraft the email to make it more assertive
and AK will review the schedule for reminders. FW and AK to report back
at next meeting.
                                             FW and AK 30th September
3 Covering for absent colleagues

DS argued that we need to cover for absent colleagues rather than just
leaving their work till they get back. AK said the year end was not the
time to introduce this initiative and that there would be a need for
training. DS agreed to draw up a draft training schedule for next year
which we can discuss in January.
                                             DS January
4 Reducing office waste

Following a brainstorming session on how waste could be reduced, it
was agreed that we needed the advice of an environmental expert. EF
agreed to follow this up and report back in October.
                                             EF 13th October

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