Exploring Options for the Alternative Practicum by G86WSI


									               Exploring Options for the Alternative Practicum
                                 FOCI 255
This handout is intended to help you explore your alternative practicum options. Answering the
next three questions will help to start your focus:
   1.   What are my professional objectives?
        What am I interested in learning more about?

   2.   What are my personal objectives?
        What do I want to consider geographically? Is there a particular language I want to practice?

   3.   What are my constraints?
        What do I have to consider in my decision? Budget or other obligations?

You must visit two websites:

   1. Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada: Service for Travelers

       On the left side explore the sections: before you go and country information
       Select a travel report for any of the countries you are considering

            a) Explore the warnings and recommendations (for example, look at the differences
               in warnings for Afghanistan and Bolivia). Is there a travel advisory?
            b) Entry/exit considerations (Do you need a visa?)
            c) Local laws and customs
            d) Medical considerations (Do you need immunizations?)
            *This is just a starting point! This is a great resource!

Write your notes here:

                                                                      See other page for second site
   2. Queen’s Faculty of Education home page: from the regular home page
       then select from the left “services” and then “placement office”
                              OR type the direct page:
      On the left you should see Canadian Job Search Links
           o Interested in a Canadian school? See the links here for Public and Independent
             schools across the country

    On the left you should see Teachers Overseas Recruiting Fair
   Click on “Participating schools and organizations”
           o Interested in a school that attends the fair? The list of schools here have direct
             links to their website
    On the left you should see International Job Search Links and the list below
   Click on “International Schools”
           o Interested in a specific country? The Regional Associations are a great way to
             find an international school in the region of interest, among them try
                  Association of American Schools in South America (on the right click on
                     “our schools”)
                  European Council of International Schools (at the top click on “search”)
                     *note this list is a complete list – Ask Alan for information if there is not a
                     school in your country of interest
                  Explore the others, you get the idea!
           o Interested in the International Baccalaureate Program or Advanced
             Placement? see links under “Curriculum Links”
           o Explore other sites for ideas for international schools
   Click on “Government School Systems in English Speaking Countries”
           o Interested in US? See the Council of Great City Schools (ask Alan about the
             Georgia opportunity)
           o Interested in UK? See Timeplan
           o Interested in Australia? See Resource Ed Australia (Vicki is a Queen’s grad)
           o Explore other links the above are just ones that have been used in the past to set
             up alternative practicums

This guide is by no means complete but it should get you started in your search.

Write notes and important websites here:

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