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					Summer 2012 - Youth Index - Activities Guide
Youth Committees & Events ........................... 2
Skateboarding .............................................. 3-4
Arenas............................................................. 5
Volunteering .................................................... 6
Fitness Programs ......................................... 7-9
Advanced Aquatic Courses........................... 10
Inclusion ........................................................ 11



                                                                          Arenas, Forestry & Cemeteries

Arenas Summer Skating                  Forestry Services                        Cemeteries
Hespeler Memorial Arena                                        Responsible      Summer is almost here and it is time
640 Ellis Road West                                            for managing     once again to tend to your family’s
Noon Skate                                                     trees on         gravesite. May 1was the date by
Mon – Fri @ 12 noon – 2 pm                                     public           which all winter wreaths and non-
$2.25/person                                                   property         approved items (such as artificial
Cancelled May 21                                               which            flowers other than saddle wreaths)
Last day June 29                                               includes         were to be removed from the
                                                               parks,           gravesite. As of May 1, summer
Public Skate                                                   cemeteries,      regulations commence.

                                                                                                                         Arenas, Forestry & Cemeteries
Sun @ 2 – 4 pm                                                 open space
$3.75/person                           and along municipal streets within
Last day June 24                       the road allowance. Our goal is to
                                       support and improve the condition of
                                       the urban forest, which provides a
                                       wide range of ecological benefits.

                                           Annual & seasonal maintenance
                                           programs include:
                                           Tree & stump removal
                                           Trimming & pruning                   In the 14inch flowerbed in front of
Summer Skate                               Planting & fertilizing               upright monuments, the width of the
Fri @ 7:30 – 9 pm                          Disease & pest diagnosis             monument you may place natural
July 6 – Aug 31                            Emergency services                   plant material such as annuals,
ONLY $2.25/person                                                               perennials, or bulbs.
Cancelled July 20                                                               You may now place on top of your
                                       Assessments by trained certified
                                                                                flat marker 1 potted plant which is no
Ticket Ice                             arborists identify and determine
                                                                                more than 10” in height or width, and
Mon @ 9 – 10 am                        required maintenance to municipal
                                                                                made of a shatter resistant material
Wed & Fri @ 8 – 9 am                   trees to promote tree health and
                                                                                from May 1 to November 1.
$10/person                             vigour. All trees located on municipal
                                                                                The Cemetery Bylaw has had
Cancelled May 21                       property are protected under Bylaw
                                                                                changes recently made to it. If you
Last day June 29                       #71-06 ( and
                                                                                are unsure of what you are
                                       cannot be trimmed, removed or
                                                                                permitted to place on your gravesite
Summer ½ Price Ice Rentals             otherwise harmed by the public.
                                                                                please contact the cemetery office at
Chill out and beat the heat rent our   Maintenance required to trees
                                                                                519-740-4569 and we will be glad to
cool ice. Long weekend ½ price         located on private residential
                                                                                answer any questions you may
rates on May 19 & 20, June 30, Aug     property is the responsibility of the
                                                                                have. Thank you for helping to
4 & 5, Sept 1 & 2                      owner. Residents are encouraged
                                                                                protect your cemetery and create
                                       to contact the Forestry Call Centre
                                                                                and preserve its beauty.
                                       at 519-740-4681 ext 4017 to report
Non-Ice Arena Floor Rentals
                                       any problems with municipal trees or
(Ball Hockey, Lacrosse, Roller
                                       for additional information.
Skating, etc.)
Phone 519-740-4681 ext 4235 for
available times and rates              Tree Dedication Program
Email: or         Trees will be planted in approved                     areas within City Parks and
                                       Cemeteries. Leave a living tribute for
 Youth Birthday Party Packages         future generations to enjoy.
 One-hour private ice rental plus                         Contact
 two-hour room rental                                     519-740-4681 ext
 For more                                                 4017 for more
 details contact                                          details
 519-740-4681                                             Email:
 ext 4235 for
 available times
 and rates                    or

                                 Summer Special Events
           New Cambridge                                  Cambridge Arts Festival                             Cambridge Tour de Grand
          Riverfest Fish Fry
              Friday June 1, 7pm                             Saturday June 2 10am-8pm                                  Sunday June 10
   Newfoundland Club, 1500 Dunbar Road                          Cambridge City Hall                                     Churchill Park
       Entertainment: Matt Storch and                                        519-740-4681 ext.4652
             the Usual Suspects                                                                        
    Tickets $20 available at Book Express           This FREE Arts Festival features: Visual,
          (at the Mall), and City Hall.             Musical, Literary, Performance & Musical Art.         This year marks the 15th annual bicycle ride that
                                                    PLUS new this year: Short Film Festival,              is the Tour de Grand. Explore Cambridge!
        Cambridge Riverfest                         Graffiti Art, Yarn Bombing & a New & Bigger           Journey through the scenic rural route of the
         Saturday June 2, 10am-4pm                  Children’s Area. This is a great family event         Grand River. Coast through the urban areas of
              Riverbluffs Park                      that will interest both adults and children! Don’t    this beautiful city. Maps and refreshments are
           519-740-4681 ext. 7499                   miss this one-of-a-kind, FREE Arts Festival!!         provided. Bicycle helmets are mandatory for                                                                       riders. Get your applications in today!

Riverfest is the perfect event to enjoy with your
whole family! Connect with the Grand River
                                                    Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts
through raft rides, reptiles, and bird houses!             10th Anniversary                                              Forbes Park
See Ray Xu the magician, Erick Traplin, model                                                                           Music Festival
boats, vendors, bouncers, and much more!                            Friday June 15                                Saturday July 7, 10am-10:30pm
Free Admission                                                     50 Dickson Street                                Forbes Park, Forbes Street
                                                               519-740-4681 ext. 4277 or                              519-740-4681 ext 4459
     Canada Day Celebrations                            
              Sunday July 1                                                                               This FREE festival is a hit with the entire
              Riverside Park                                                                              family, always delivering a very entertaining
                                                    NEW THIS YEAR - Family FUN TIME                       day to the citizens of Cambridge by
          519-740-4681 ext. 4397                    Families will be encouraged to “Take 10” –                                                                         showcasing both amateur and professional
                                                    fingers and minutes that is – to appreciate and       bands, arts & crafts vendors, food,
                                                    celebrate art. Activities will run Friday, June 15,   refreshments and much more. The children’s
The day kicks off at 8:00am with a Carp             from 4:30–6 pm by the Cambridge Library &
Fishing Derby. Our 38th annual parade starts                                                              program runs from 10am—3pm and features
                                                    Galleries. Free treat bag for the first 100           clowns, jugglers, jumping castles, and more.
at 1:00pm from King & Bishop and follows King       children thru the gate!
St. to Riverside Park. The Children's Activity                                                            Come enjoy a day with family and friends!
Centre runs from 2:00-6:00pm with lots of free
activities including exotic zoo animals, magic      At 6:30 the Preston Scout House Band will kick
shows, face painting, and much more. Also           off the official 10th anniversary of CMCA and
featured throughout the day are beer gardens,       the night will showcase local visual, performing
live music, and midway rides. The grand finale      & literary artists, with local restaurants serving
is our fireworks display (Rain date for fireworks   the finest of food.
only would be July 2). Donations are
GREATLY appreciated during the parade and
as you enter the park.                              20th Annual Mill Race Festival of
                                                          Traditional Folk Music
                                                                 August 3 - August 5
   Cambridge Highland Games                                        Friday: 7 - 11pm
          Scottish Pub Nite Ceilidh                         Saturday and Sunday: 1 - 11pm
              Fri July 20; 6:30pm                               Downtown Cambridge
             United Kingdom Club                   
    Tickets: $15, includes meal & cash bar
                                                    The day’s events are held on numerous
               Highland Games                       outdoor stages in the downtown Galt core.                            Rock the Mill
    Sat. July 21; 9am-6pm Churchill Park            Traditional forms of folk music and dance are                Saturday, August 6, 12noon-10pm
                 (free parking)                     the festival’s theme with emphasis upon                               Riverside Park
 Tickets: $12 (in advance), $15 (at the gate),      cultures present in Cambridge and surrounding                     519-740-4681 ext 4369
           $13 seniors at the gate,                 area. Arts, crafts, and an excellent choice of            
          children 12 and under free.               food and refreshments are also available. Local
               Buy tickets online!                  and internationally renowned performers are           Rock the Mill features well-established
                                                    selected each year to reflect a diverse and           headlining bands from the Canadian music
                                                    entertaining mixture of musical cultures.             scene, and local talent from throughout
In it’s 37th year, the Cambridge Highland
                                                                                                          Southern Ontario. An Art show also
Games feature over twenty pipe bands, a
Highland dance competition, several heavy                                                                 compliments Rock the Mill, making it a duo-
events, tug of war, the massed bands, an 8km                                   Are you interested in      attraction for visual artists, musicians, and fans!
road race, sheep dog demos, children’s                                     volunteering at any of our     2012 in particular has a couple surprises in
activities, beer garden, and Scottish cuisine!                                       special events?      store for its guests and we are incredibly
Come join the Scottish festivities with family                                                            excited to present this years event to the
and friends.                                        Please call: 519-740-4681 ext 4586                    families and youth who continue to visit us year
For more information, please call: 519-608-0152     or email us at                 after year. Best of all, it is FREE!

 John Dolson Centre Fitness Programs

                     Dolson Centre Programs (Aquafit runs July 2 – Aug 31, 2012)
                              Mon                      Tue                     Wed                    Thu                  Fri
                             Aquafit                 Aquafit                  Aquafit               Aquafit             Aquafit
                         8:45 – 9:30 am           8:45 – 9:30 am          8:45 – 9:30 am         8:45 – 9:30 am      8:45 – 9:30 am
                          Baby Fat Boot                                    Baby Fat Boot
                                                      Arthritis                                     Arthritis            Arthritis
                              Camp                                             Camp
                                                  9:35 – 10:30 am                               9:35 – 10:30 am      9:35–10:30 am
                         9:35 – 10:20am                                   9:35 – 10:20am
                                                                                                                   need to register in
                             Aquafit                  Aquafit                 Aquafit               Aquafit        advance for this
John Dolson Centre

                           8 – 8:45 pm              8 – 8:45 pm             8 – 8:45 pm           8 – 8:45 pm         program
                     Fitness Class Descriptions

                     Baby Fat Boot Camp: Suitable for mom’s and their newborn to 18 months.

                     Kinsmen Soper Aquafit (runs July 2 – Aug 24, 2012)
                              Mon                      Tue                     Wed                    Thu                 Fri

                        11:15 am – 12 pm       11:15 am – 12 pm          11:15 am – 12p m       11:15 am – 12 pm    11:15 am – 12 pm

                           1 – 1:45 pm              1 –1:45 pm              1 – 1:45 pm           1 – 1:45p m          1 –1:45 pm

                                                                           2012 FREE Summer Swims
                             Kinsmen Soper Park Pool                Fridays, July 6,13, 20,27                      1:45-4pm
                                                                    Fridays, Aug 3,10,17,24                        1:45-4pm

                              George Hancock Pool                   Fridays, July 6,13,20,27                       2:15-5pm
                                                                    Fridays, Aug 3,10, 17,24                       2:15-5pm

                                 John Dolson Pool                   Fridays, July 6,13, 20,27                      1:45-4pm
                                                                    Fridays, Aug 3, 10,17,24                       1:45-4pm
                                                                    Wed, July 11                                     7-8pm
                                                                    Wed, Aug 15                                      7-8pm

                                    Community Event
                                    at Kinsmen  Soper Pool
                                      Saturday, August 25
                                           Free Swim 1:45-4pm
                                            (Admission Standard Apply)
                                  Small fees will be charged for games and food items.
                              For more information please contact the John Dolson Centre
                                                  519-740-4681Ext. 4527

 W.G. Johnson Centre Fitness Programs

                      July 2 to September 2, 2012

                              Sun                 Mon                 Tue                     Wed              Thu                Fri                Sat

                                                 Aquafit          Gentle Aquafit          Aquafit         Gentle Aquafit        Aquafit            Aquafit
                                               8:10-8:55am         8:10-8:55am          8:10-8:55am        8:10-8:55am        8:10-8:55am        8:10-8:55am

                             Karate          * Total Body Core       *Hi Lo                 *Bootcamp        *Step-up       *Total Body Core     Step II Plus
                           9–10:25 am            9:05-10 am        9:05-10 am               9:05-10 am      9:05-10 am         9:05-10 am        9:05-10 am
W.G. Johnson Centre

                         Flex and Core             Zumba         *Total Body Core               Cycle    *Total Body Core         Zumba
                                               10:05-11 am                                  9:15-10 am                        10:05-11 am         H.A.B.I.T.
                         10:35-11:25 am                            10:05–11 am                             10:05-11 am
                                                 167973*                                     167997*                            167975*          10:05-11 am
                                                 167974*                                                                        167976*

                           Open Gym                Pilates                                 Baby Fat
                        11:35 am-1:30 pm       10:10-11 am                            BootCamp (Land)
                                                 167566*                                10:05–11 am

                                                                                       Open Gym                                                  Open Gym
                                                                                       12:05-1 pm                                               1:35-3:30 pm

                      Group exercise
                      Policy: any class
                      which averages less
                      than 8 participants                                       Open Gym                                       Open Gym
                      over the course of 2                                      4:05-5 pm                                      4:05-6 pm
                      successive weeks
                      may be changed or
                      removed from the                           *Total Body Core       *Body Blast
                      schedule.                                      6:05-7 pm          6:30-7:25 pm

                                                *Bootcamp          *Step + ABS                              *Bootcamp            Karate          Open Gym
                                               6:30–7:25 pm         7:05–8 pm                              6:30–7:25 pm        6-7:15 pm        6:35-7:55 pm
                                                                                                                            (Activities Room)

                                                  Karate                                   Karate
                                               7:30–9:00 pm                             7:30–9:00 pm

                                                                                Aquafit                                                         *= Babysitting
                                                                             8:05–8:50 pm                                                          Available

                      PLEASE NOTE:
                          Descriptions for the above Drop-in Fitness classes can be found on page 23.
                          Outdoor footwear is not permitted: Please ensure to bring a pair of dry shoes to change into for gym fitness programs.
                          Only non-breakable water bottles allowed.
                          Any program which averages less than eight participants over the course of two successive weeks may be changed or
                          removed from the schedule. This applies to babysitting as well.
                                        DISPLAY BOX (NO 10, 20, 40 ACTIVITY PASSES). These classes do not start until the week of July 2.

                                                                            Conditioning Centre
                      Hours are Monday to Thursday 6 am-9 pm; Friday 6 am-8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 8 am-5 pm.
                      Learn how to use our equipment safely and effectively at an orientation clinic on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm.
                      Participants 13 & 14 years are able to participate in the conditioning centre once they have completed an orientation clinic and
                      attend with a parent or guardian 18 years or older. Participants 15 years or older are able to participate in the conditioning centre
                      on their own.

                                                                  W.G. Johnson Centre Fitness Information
Aquafit                                        Step II Plus                                   Karate
Experience the benefits of                     This high intensity                            The art of empty hand fighting.
training in the “liquid gym” – tone &          class uses the step from all sides and         Correcting and building aspects.
balance core muscles; increase your            angles with advanced patterns and              Respecting ones opponent is a
heart, bone and joint strength; and            formats.                                       cardinal rule. Students are
increase circulation and weight loss.                                                         taught character, sincerity, effort,
(Floatation belts are available).              Total Body Core                                etiquette and self-control.
                                               Want a full body work out?                     Ages 8+
Gentle Aqua                                    This class is for you! Using a variety of
This class will suit pregnant                  equipment such as Weights and
women, individuals with arthritis or           resistance equipment, to give your
                                                                                              Hi Lo
                                                                                              This class consists of High and Low
anyone with health issues that make            muscles a solid strength and endurance

                                                                                                                                          W.G. Johnson Centre
                                                                                              aerobic impact exercises, which will
exercise on land difficult. Instructor:        workout
                                                                                              leave you satisfied.
Connie Jasinskas, M.Sc. Author and
Instructor-Trainer, CALA Aquanatal and         Boot Camp
Healing Waters                                 Move from exercise to
                                               exercise working on both a cardio and          Turbo Kick
Step + Abs                                     strength, this class is going to make you      This class combines the best
Get your cardio in with basic                  sweat!                                         of two worlds: group exercise and
Step Patterns and drills, finish off with an                                                  Martial Arts. No equipment needed!
abs work out.                                  H.A.B.I.T.                                     Each workout starts with a sport specific
                                               Give your Hips, Abs, Buttocks                  warm-up, bouts of intense intervals,
Step Up                                        and Inner Thighs a workout specifically        easy to follow combinations, kickboxing
An awesome cardio work out                     for them!                                      specific strength/endurance training and
which uses Intermediate step patterns                                                         cool down that work together to
combining both basic moves with new            Flex and Core                                  transform your body.
moves. This class also has options for         Work towards improving your
any level.                                     Flexibility while you give your core a         Step and Drill
                                               great workout.                                 Using steps you will enjoy cardio
                                                                                              and strength drills.
                                               Body Blast
                                               A high energy
                                               combination impact class followed by
                                               muscular endurance, core and relaxing
                                               stretch segment. Ideal for beginners to
                                               the advanced

Get fit, feel good, have fun! This season exercise and tone your body on land or in the water, with weights or with your baby.
Classes are grouped in one of three levels – mild, moderate, or challenging – according to fitness and ability. The symbols
described below will appear beside the fitness class descriptions on the following pages to assist you in choosing a class that is
just right for you.

Fitness Class Legend:
                   Mild classes are low impact, low intensity classes. If you are a beginner or returning to a fitness routine after an
                   extended absence, these classes are gentle on the joints and emphasize correct technique and education.
         =         These self-paced classes are suitable for all fitness levels.

                   Moderate classes range between low to high intensity. These self-paced classes are ideal for those who
         =         exercise regularly 2 to 3 times per week.

                   Challenging classes are mid to high intensity cardiovascular and muscular endurance classes. Most classes
         =         focus on balance, coordination and core stability. Ideal for regular exercisers.

                                                                W.G. Johnson Centre 519.740.4681 ext 4469                                 23
   Aquatic Leadership Courses

                                        LSS Canadian Swim Patrol                     Bronze Cross                                 Red Cross WSI
                                        (Ed Newland Pool)                            (Ed Newland Pool)                            (W. G. Johnson Centre)
                                        The Lifesaving Society's 3 level             The Bronze Cross award continues to          This award concentrates on teaching
                                        Canadian Swim Patrol Program provides        develop lifesaving skills and introduces     styles and methods, lesson planning,
                                        enriched training for those who want to      the principles of lifesaving in aquatic      class formations and stroke
                                        develop swim strokes and skills while        facilities. Bronze Cross is a prerequisite   development. Once completed
                                        having fun in the challenging world of       for the NLS program, and RC/LSS              candidate will be able to teach all Red
                                        lifesaving. Swim patrol develops             Instructors program. PREREQUISITE:           Cross Learn to Swim Programs.
                                        swimming strength and efficiency with        LSS Bronze Medallion, Emergency First        PREREQUISITE: Red Cross Assistant
                                        emphasis on water smart behaviours.          Aid. Candidates must attend exam at          Instructor Course and current Bronze
W.G. Johnson Centre / Ed Newland Pool

                                        Skills drills enhance capability in the      facility where course was taken.             Cross or NLS. Candidate must be 16
                                        water, good physical conditioning and        Mon, Jul 23-Fri, Jul 27                      years of age by the last lesson. Each
                                        lifesaving judgement.                        8:30 am-12:30 pm                             candidate must present an original
                                        must be able to swim 100m                    Bar Code 166043                              Assistant Instructor report card and proof
                                        Mon, Jul 9-Fri, Jul 13                       -OR-                                         of age on the first lesson. 100%
                                        8:30-10:30 am                                Mon, Aug 20-Fri, Aug 24                      attendance is mandatory. Red Cross
                                        Bar Code 168080                              8:30 am-12:30 pm                             Instructor Manual are required.
                                        Resident $67.30 + HST                        Bar Code 166044                              Mon, Aug 20-Fri, Aug 24, 9am-4pm
                                        Non Resident $80.75 + HST                                                                 Bar Code 167882
                                                                                     Resident $92.19 + HST                        $182.52 Resident + HST
                                        Bronze Star                                  Non Resident $107.09 + HST                   $205.67 Non Resident + HST
                                        (Ed Newland Pool)
                                        Introduces candidates to the                 National Lifeguard Service                   Adult Learn To Swim-Beginner
                                        fundamentals of Bronze Medallion             (Ed Newland Pool)                            Afraid of the water or the deep end?
                                        focusing on rescues, first aid, stroke       The NLS course is designed to                Want to learn to be comfortable enough
                                        development, and victim care.                challenge candidates who wish to             to swim on you own? Want to make sure
                                        Participants develop problem solving         pursue advanced training in life guarding    your kids are safe while they swim with
                                        and decision making skills individually      skills and techniques. The focus is on       you? This class is for you! No in water
                                        and in partners. Candidates learn CPR        guarding procedures and advanced             experience needed just come out and
                                        and develop the lifesaving skills needed     aquatic emergency care.                      we will help you become more
                                        to be their own lifeguard. Includes a        PREREQUISITE: Bronze Cross Award,            comfortable in the water.
                                        timed 400m swim. PREREQUISITES:              Standard First Aid. Candidates must be       (W. G. Johnson Centre)
                                        Canadian Swim Patrol recommended,            16 years of age to take final exam. Alert    Mon, Jul 2-Aug 20, 5-6 pm
                                        11 years of age. Successful candidates       Manual is required. 100% attendance          Bar Code 168139
                                        may continue into Bronze Medallion.          mandatory.                                   Wed, Jul 4-Aug 22, 4:30-5:30 pm
                                        Mon, Jul 9-Fri, Jul 13                       Mon, Aug 27-Fri, Aug 31                      Bar Code 167709
                                        10:30 am-12:30 pm                            8:30 am-6:30 pm
                                        Bar Code 166051                                                                           Wed, Jul 4-Aug 22, 5:30-6:30 pm
                                                                                     Bar Code 168081
                                        Resident $72.80 + HST                                                                     Bar Code 167710
                                                                                     Resident $179.31 + HST
                                        Non Resident $85.61 + HST                    Non Resident $201.90 + HST                   Resident $53.48 / 8 weeks + HST
                                                                                                                                  Non Resident $64.18 / 8 weeks + HST
                                        Bronze Medallion and                         Red Cross Assistant WSI
                                        Emergency First Aid                          (W. G. Johnson Centre)
                                        (Ed Newland Pool)                            This course will prepare candidates for
                                        Basic lifesaving and artificial              the water safety instructor course by
                                        resuscitation skills are developed as well   providing exposure to an aquatic
                                        as stroke efficiency and the endurance       instructional setting as well as an
                                        necessary to perform water rescues.          opportunity for leadership development.
                                        Canadian Lifesaving manual required.         A 'Volunteer Apprentice Teaching
                                        PREREQUISITE: LSS Bronze Star or             Experience' of 20 hours is required to be
                                        Candidates must be 13 years old to take      completed.                                   (Ed Newland Pool)
                                        the final exam. Candidates must attend       Mon, Jul 30-Fri, Aug 3, 9am-2pm              Mon, Jul 2-Aug 20, 4:30-5:30 pm
                                        exam at facility course taken at.            Bar Code 167881                              Bar Code 168656
                                        Mon, Jul 16-Fri, Jul 20                      $ 188.09 Resident + HST                      Wed, Jul 4-Aug 22, 4:30-5:30 pm
                                        8:30 am-1:30 pm                              $ 204.98 Non Resident + HST                  Bar Code 168655
                                        Bar Code 166047
                                                                                                                                  Resident $53.48 / 8 weeks + HST
                                                                                                                                  Non Resident $64.18 / 8 weeks + HST
                                        Mon, Aug 13-Fri, Aug 17
                                        8:30 am-1:30 pm
                                        Bar Code 166048
                                        Resident $128.51 + HST
                                        Non Resident $142.05 + HST


            Personal Attendant for                       SunBlast Special Needs                                            Kids In Camp
            Leisure Card (PAL)                                           Playground                                          Please be
                                 The PAL Card                                                                                advised that Kids
                                 allows persons                                                                              in Camp will no
                                                                                  This playground
                                 with disabilities to                                                longer be managed through an
                                                                                  program is a
                                 be accompanied                                                      applications process. All kids in need
            by an attendant FREE of charge to                                                        of support at camp are asked to
                                                         program between KidsAbility, the City
            access community programs and                                                            register for the summer program of
                                                         of Cambridge, Community Living
            services. If your disability restricts you                                               their choice either online or at a city
                                                         Cambridge, and many community
            from performing activities or your                                                       facility or through your local
                                                         volunteers. SunBlast is designed to

            disability can’t be eliminated with the                                                  neighborhood association. Upon
                                                         support Children with Disabilities &
            use of a technical aid you may be                                                        registration you will be asked if your
                                                         their siblings or friends, trained staff
            eligible, and can apply for a PAL Card.                                                  child requires support due to a
                                                         implement the program which includes
            The PAL Card can be used in                                                              disability. If yes, Inclusion Services will
                                                         sports, crafts, entertainment, and
            Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo,                                                          follow up with your family by phone or
                                                         occasional off site trips. The
            Woolwich Township and the City of                                                        e-mail to work out details. Day
                                                         playground program is set up to assist
            Guelph (at participating venues). For                                                    Camps, Playgrounds and Children’s
                                                         children in developing both their fine
            more information about the PAL card,                                                     Arts Programs will be staffed
                                                         motor and social skills.
            or to apply for a PAL card please                                                        according to overall participant needs.
                                                         Registration will take place at
            contact 519-740-4681 ext 4292.                                                           Please get out and register early for
                                                         Community Living Cambridge on               your summer program!
                                                         Tuesday May 15, 2012 from 6-8pm.            For information on summer programs
            Cambridge Ice Hounds                         The program will run from Jul 3 –           contact Inclusion Services at
                              The purpose of the         Aug 10, 2012 at Saginaw Public              519-740-4681 ext 4292.
                              program is to provide      School. For more information on the         The registration deadline for
                              an amateur athletic        SunBlast Program please call 519-           summer playgrounds, day camps
                              program for children       740-4681 ext. 4689 or KidsAbility at
                                                                                                     and children’s arts programs is
                              and adults with            519-621- 7580.
                                                                                                     June 4, 2012! For registration
                                                                                                     details visit
                              disabilities. The          Leisure Buddy Program
            Program is open to players of any            The Leisure Buddy Program is a
            age, male or female, physically able to      service designed to provide support to
            participate, but who are ineligible or                       people with disabilities
            unable to participate in an existing                         in a recreation
            organized program due to his or her                          program. It is our goal
            disability. The Cambridge Ice Hounds                         to provide support to
            have scheduled weekly ice time for                           persons with a disability
            both practice and season play at the                         who require varying
            Galt Arena Gardens (98 Shade Street,         levels of assistance to access and
            Cambridge). NEW team members                 participate in municipal, community
            are always wanted! Registration can          based programming. Persons with a           AccessCambridge
            take place at anytime! It’s not just         disability who are unable to                Newsletter
  ’s EXERCISE, SOCIAL               independently access recreation             The AccessCambridge Newsletter is a
            INTERACTION, CONFIDENCE, and                 programs without support can apply          newsletter produced and distributed
            ENJOYMENT! For information on                for a leisure buddy to attend and           by the City of Cambridge, Community
            this program call 519-740-4681 ext.          assist them in the program of their         Services Department. Its purpose is to
            4689 or                  choice. For an application contact          provide information on municipal
                                                         519-740-4681 ext.4292 or download           services and recreation and leisure
            Adapted Softball Team                        an application            opportunities in the community for
                               The Hespeler                                                          persons with disabilities. The
                               Minor softball team       Soccer                                      newsletter is distributed three times a
                               is starting an            The program is designed for kids ages       year. If you are interested in receiving
                               adapted division          6 to 13 with developmental disabilities.    the newsletter please contact 519
                                                                            th           th
                               for children born         Mondays May 28 - August 13                  740-4681 ext 4292.
            2000-2008. The division will play            2012 (no session July 2, 16, 23 and
            Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30-                Aug 6), 5pm-6pm $ 80
            7:30pm starting May 1st 2012. For            Bar Code: 167383
            more information on the Adapted              Churchill Park, 200
            Softball Team, please visit                  Christopher Drive. For more
   or contact                information on this program
            Hespeler Minor Softball at                   contact 519-740-4681 ext


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