passion by connectingkadi


									      Have you ever got that feeling? when you see some what emotional, somewhat
encouraging,somewhat patriotic,somewhat passionate movie scene or listen such a song(like
rehman’s vande matram) or india win a desperate cricket match,something happens inside
you.your upper limb gets wider,the lower one wants to speed up to run idiotically and your soul
resounds to win all what you’ve desired till the day.yes I think this happens to all,the obvious
human nature. we want to focus on the scenario which occurs after this.this is discussed and
written on very large scale by many genius heads all over the world,but there are some basic
things which we never notice.all set, one has determined to conquer all his dream,the great
flow of passion has filled his mind.the destination is the game begins here,after
this the ways defers to person by pesron.majority of us think of the hardness of their victory
way,find excuses & reasons and finally postpone all the stuff.that’s what happens to me too.the
person who was willing to fly high on the sky and achieve all the dreams,calms down in 5
minutes.let me say, rehman you are not working well,you can give doze of boost for 5 minutes

         But why?why it happens?why we let it to be happened?the all things we do is hitting
the arrows in dark.basically the main reason to this is we doubt ourselves.whether I will be
succeced or not,what if I will be screwed,how I’ll face others if I’ll be down…all and all and
all.but why should we think about all this stupid crap?god gifts everybody the same,no more no
less.let others laugh if they want,because those who dance are thought to be quite insane by
those who can’t hear can’t help them.let it be.but giving up never works and if you
try once then you will never come with output zero.Success is not guaranteed,but failure is also
not confirmed.put your efforts to the middle of the paddle.if you won’t try today for what you
want,it will never come need to wake up and smell the coffee.FEAR OF LOSING is
the worst than LOSING.give yourself a chance to be yourself.come up with the thing which is
spelled as ‘pie’ ‘eh’ ‘ess’ ‘ess’ ‘ei’ ‘oh’ ‘ien’.It’s show time.

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