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					                                              Speaker Application Form

                                     ARMA Canada Conference 2009
                              “Peaks and Valleys of Information Management”
                                                   May 31 – June 3, 2009
                                                    Edmonton, Alberta

1.   Review the “Instructions for Completing the Speaker Application Form” on pages 3-5 of the Call for Speakers
     Background Information document before completing your application.
2.   The application consists of 2 pages. Provide all requested information in the format required.
3.   One presentation per form. You may submit more than one presentation for consideration.
4.   Use the tab button to move from field to field.
5.   For a multi-option field (e.g. core competency domain), click on the box which corresponds to your selection. Only one
     selection is allowed in a multi-option field.
6.   Spell-check your application before submission.
7.   E-mail your completed application, by December 12, 2008, to the ARMA Canada Program Director at staylor@condar.ca

                                              Presentation Information
Title    (15 words or less)

Synopsis (75 – 100 words)

Learning Objectives (3 learning objectives required)
Core Competency Domain (select the appropriate domain for your presentation)
* domains are described on pages 3-4 of the “Instructions for Completing the Speaker Application Form” in the Call for Speakers
Background Information document and in greater detail in ARMA International’s RIM Core Competencies at

      Business Functions                           Communications & Marketing                   Information Technology

        Leadership                                 RIM Practices                                Risk Management

Core Competency Level (select the RIM practitioner level of your presentation)
* ARMA Canada is particularly interested in receiving applications for Level 3 and Level 4 presentations

    Level 1: Entry-level position in the RIM profession requiring no previous RIM experience. Practitioners at this level
are acquiring basic, foundational RIM knowledge and skills, and have a basic understanding of what RIM encompasses.

     Level 2: RIM practitioner with prior RIM knowledge, skills and experience. This RIM practitioner understands more
than the basic techniques and technologies, has managed or developed RIM projects, and has knowledge of information
management lifecycle concepts. This RIM practitioner may also be developing specialty skills (e.g. analysis, auditing,
etc.) and may also have experience supervising other RIM staff.
                                             Speaker Application Form
    Level 3: Seasoned RIM practitioner who works at the enterprise level of an organization and possesses extensive
knowledge of the design, creation, implementation and management of a RIM Program and staff. This level of
practitioner looks to high-level experts for best practices, advanced techniques, or technology innovations to learn and
grow in the field.

     Level 4: Executive level RIM practitioner who makes strategic decisions, partners with organizational executive
management, and gives enterprise direction to RIM Program staff and users. This level of practitioner’s continuing
education often focuses on business strategy, change management, business policies, leading teams, and
collaborations and partnerships.
Delivery Format (select the format of your presentation)
* preference may be given to formats other than lecture

      Case Study                        Lecture                   Panel               Workshop

Length (select the duration of your presentation)
* 2 hours, 30 minutes is the highly recommended duration for a workshop

      1 hour, 15 minutes                                                         Are you willing to give this presentation
                                                                                 more than once at the 2009 conference?
      2 hours, 30 minutes                                                            Yes                      No

                                                  Speaker Information
Your qualifications for speaking on this topic (75 words or less)

Biography (75 words or less)

Speaker’s Name                                                   Speaker’s Position Title
Organization Name                                                Street Address
City                                                             Province / State              Postal / Zip Code
Phone #                                                          Cell Phone #                  Fax #
E-mail address

Note: If more than 1 speaker, please copy the Speaker Information section and complete it below for each additional speaker.

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