UK STANDARDISED ADMISSIONS TESTS

Over recent years a number of tests have been developed to give competitive courses/
competitive universities additional information about you. These tests are not the sole
criterion on which your application will be judged as admissions staff will take account
of all other aspects of your application too. That said, the better you do in these tests, the
greater your chance of receiving an offer.
Many of these tests are skills-based and content-free. This means that for most tests there
is nothing to revise. This is because the tests, generally, aim to act as levellers, rewarding
potential regardless of background.
Although there are now nearly a dozen of these tests the three main ones are: BMAT,

The LNAT is used for students intending to study LAW. It is used by admissions tutors
as an additional piece of information. Practice tests are available on the LNAT website
as is a range of other information. There is an LNAT book in the careers library.
You should register for this test using the LNAT website and you will have to pay for the
test on-line. Bursaries are available.
The test is taken at a Pearson test centre. These are the centres that you can take driving
theory tests at.
If you have studied Critical Thinking AS/A2 you will have dealt with the language of
argument. This is very good preparation for the LNAT.

The BMAT is the more established biomedical admissions test, having been used for
several years now. If you are applying to Manchester please note that both courses (the
6yr and the 5yr require the UKCAT, not the BMAT.
The BMAT requires you to apply GCSE level maths/science knowledge. This does not
mean the questions are set at this level – they are much harder.
Some universities will use the BMAT as a/the determining factor for calling applicants to
Practice tests are available on the BMAT website. There is a BMAT book in the careers
You need to tell Mr Anderson/Mr Charleton if you want to sit the BMAT. You should do
this in early September so that we can process your exam entry. The exam will be taken
at school and paid for by school.

The UKCAT was a new test from 2006. The majority of medical schools and many
dental schools now require it. Unlike the BMAT, scientific knowledge is not tested.
Practice tests are available on the UKCAT website. There is a UKCAT book Sarah’s
You will need to go to the website to register and pay for your test. Bursaries are
available if you are on income support or receive the top rate of EMA. See the website
for further details. The test will be taken at a Pearson test centre.
             LNAT                     BMAT                   UKCAT
Required     Birmingham, Bristol,     Imperial College       Medicine
by the       Durham, Glasgow,         London, University     Aberdeen, Barts/the
following    King’s College           College London,        London*, Brighton and
universities London, Leeds,           Cambridge, Oxford,     Sussex, Queens
             Nottingham, Oxford,      The Royal Veterinary   Belfast*, Cardiff*,
             University College       College                Dundee*, Durham, East
             London, Exeter                                  Anglia, Edinburgh,
                                                             Glasgow*, King’s
                                                             College London*, Hull-
                                                             York, Keele, Leeds,
                                                             Leicester, Manchester*,
                                                             Nottingham, Peninsula,
                                                             Queens University
                                                             Belfast, St George’s
                                                             London, Sheffield*,
                                                             Southampton, St
                                                             Asterisked above
When         Register – from 1/8/10   Register – 1/7/10 to   Register – 1/5/10 to
             Test – from 1/9/10       30/9/10                25/9/10
                                      Test – on 3/11/10      Test – 6/7/10 to 8/10/10
Test      Multiple choice             Pen and paper test     Multiple choice
breakdown computer-based test            1) Aptitude and     computer based test
             1) Critical reading              Skills (60         1) Verbal reasoning
                 and logical                  minutes            2) Quantitative
                 arguments                    multi-choice           reasoning
                 (80minutes)                  or short           3) Abstract
             2) Essay (40                     answer                 reasoning
                 minutes                      questions)         4) Decision analysis
                                         2) Scientific           5) Non cognitive
                                              knowledge              analysis
                                              and            (less than 2 hours total)
                                              (30 minutes)
                                         3) Writing task
                                              (30 minutes)
Cost         £40 (bursaries           £42.50 (bursaries      £60 - £75 (bursaries
             available)               available)             available – book early)
Venue        Pearson test centre      School                 Pearson test centre
             (driving theory)                                (driving theory test)
A large number of law departments do not require the LNAT. Of the 30 universities that
accept school leavers onto medical undergraduate programmes, only four (at the time of
writing) will not require students to sit a biomedical admissions test.
Medical school             BMAT UKCAT Medical school                    BMAT UKCAT
Aberdeen                   No        Yes        Liverpool               No     No
Birmingham                 No        No         Manchester 5yr & 6yr No        Yes
Brighton/Sussex            No        Yes
Bristol                    No        No         Newcastle               No     Yes
Cambridge                  Yes       No         Nottingham              No     Yes
Cardiff                    No        Yes        Oxford                  Yes    Yes
Dundee                     No        Yes        Peninsula               No     Yes
Durham (apply              No        Yes        Barts/The London        No     Yes
through Newcastle)                              School of Med/Dent
East Anglia                No        Yes        Queens Belfast          No     Yes
Edinburgh                  No        Yes        Sheffield               No     Yes
Glasgow                    No        Yes        Southampton             No     Yes
Hull-York                  No        Yes        St Andrew’s             No     Yes
Imperial College           Yes       Yes        St George’s London      No     Yes
London                               (grad)
Lancaster (apply           No        No         Swansea (Grad)          No     No
through Liverpool)
Leeds                      No        Yes        University College      Yes    No
Leicester                  No        Yes        King’s London           No     Yes
Keele University           No        Yes        Warwick (Grad)          No     Yes

Dental School                    UKCAT      Dental School                    UKCAT
Barts/the London (Q Mary(        Yes        Leeds                            No
Birmingham                       No         Liverpool                        No
Bristol                          No         Manchester                       Yes
Cardiff                          Yes        Newcastle                        Yes
Dundee                           Yes        Peninsular                       ?
Glasgow                          Yes        Queens Belfast                   Yes
Kings College, London            Yes        Sheffield                        Yes
                                            UCLAN (grad)                     No

(Grad) means graduate entry – you need to already have a degree.

Action required by you

          1. Register for the appropriate test
          2. Attempt practice tests – books are available.

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