Aspirations by triny7


									Gandhi said, “Pursue excellence, success will follow”. I strongly believe that success is just the byproduct
of excellence. I am a hard worker and a responsible person by nature, which made me a consistent
performer during my school days .As a result of hard work; I topped my district in TNPCEE 2005(Tamil
Nadu state entrance examination) which was written by over two hundred thousand students. It is the
second toughest entrance examination in India. I stood 134th in the entire state and scored triple
200/200 in mathematics, physics and chemistry respectively in higher secondary examination and got
admission in one of the most prestigious institutes in India, College of engineering Guindy, Anna
University. Apart from exceeding academic performance, I stood out in extracurricular activities as well.
I was the school pupil leader in my 12th grade. I have organized various inter-school level competitions,
during my XII Standard. I was a junior zonal level basket ball player and football player; I took part in
several games and have won accolades in basketball, football and cricket. I believe that both sports and
academics gave me a platform to learn and improve myself as a person and as a team player.

Anna University was a big learning experience since it is a diverse community consisting of top students
from all over India excelling in their respective fields. India has almost 150 unofficial regional languages
and each has its own tradition and values and I adopted myself to develop mutual respect for them and
earned respect from them in the due course of time. Though academic life of the college had been very
rigorous with labs, assignments and lectures, I took up the responsibility of class representative for three
years and went on to become the cultural head of the student’s board of the college and I had the
opportunity to organize Techofes 2008 and 2009, the second largest cultural festival in south India. I
utilized the opportunity and handled the logistics and marketing part of the event. We brought in music
directors and movie stars to perform in an onstage event. It was a big success and the total people
traffic was close to ten thousand and we received recognition from the media from south India which
telecasted our shows in their channels. We collaborated with a strategic company which helps in
organizing an event in the state and we learned about marketing strategies from them

I participated in the Marketing Challenge event conducted during Kurukshetra 07, a techno-
management festival funded by UNICEF, with a team of five friends. I was the common friend so I knew
about the different talents that each of my friends possess. I delegated the work accordingly which I
think a basic quality a manager should possess. There were totally 3 rounds and a total of 300 different
college participated including few MBA colleges. The objective is to market a product. Using our creative
ideas, we marketed the product extensively. We went on to win second prize in the event.

Strong knowledge of the subject and good aptitude helped me get a job in Cognizant Technologies
which is the third largest software firm in India based out of United States. When I joined Cognizant in
2009, I had minimal knowledge of programming basics. I was asked to relocate to Pune, a city with both
communication and communal problem. I joined in a project from banking and financial services
domain. Due to the lack of right knowledge artifacts, my team was struggling to find the solutions. I
wanted to make an impact in the project so I took the initiative and started learning the local language
for effective communication and acquired the domain knowledge. I cleared Level 1 in insurance banking
and brokerage. Within 2 months I was able to maintain and support the entire project. With the
experience in student quality club, I learned the quality process structure of the project and attended
quality process trainings. During the release of the project, I had a chance to prove my versatility by
involving myself in quality control, automation and building. My initiative helped me to contribute in
more ways than one. My manager appreciated my efforts and rewarded me by giving me the
opportunity to lead a new module.

When we faced a critical situation in the project, Our Project Manager in line with our choice, made a
final non-traditional decision of completing the project with the existing resources rather than going for
the traditional method of recruiting new resources of particular platform knowledge. As I felt that
training a resource is a huge task, which could seriously affect our short run in project, I convinced my
team mates and recommended for learning sessions for us which could cover the subject very specific to
our project. We convinced our manager about the decision and our decision proved to be right as we
completed the project before the estimated time. My manager appreciated me for the calmness that I
possessed even during difficult times and I received client appreciation mails. I felt that I made an
impact in the project and I got a sense of accomplishment of saving the project.

My career aspiration is to find a stimulating and challenging position where my acquired skills and
education will get maximized to the best of my abilities. I feel that a management degree from a
renowned business school such as Babson will enhance my qualities and expand my horizon. I am
confident that my creative, strategic and analytical abilities will aid me in becoming an efficient
manager. After completing two years in a multinational company, I now feel that the contributions that I
make in a company would be restricted to the technical side alone. So, I would like to move on to
managerial positions where I can make a difference in an organization and take bigger responsibilities.
For achieving my career goals, I need to back my graduate degree with a Management degree from a
International B-School such as Babson so that I can enter the corporate world fully equipped with all
theoretical / practical skills that will aid me in facing the complex business environment with confidence.
Babson MBA gives me the opportunity to work in an intensive and proactive environment. I am eager to
interact with a diverse and large peer group. I feel that the learning in competitive, dynamic and fulfilling
atmosphere will mould me to take up challenging roles in the field of management. It has been my
dream to master the art of Operations management. I am sure that Babson, one of the reputed
management schools in the United States can help me achieve my aspirations.

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