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Few tips about gel refill service with acid or non-acid UV gel.

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									                                          Gel refill

                                              In case you have gel nails or if you need to
                                              acquire some done, you must realize that
                                              this kind of nails requires a refill program
                                              after some time. The actual period of time to
                                              have a refill differs from one individual to
                                              another, for the reason that from the nail's
                                              growing fast. Moreover, the good quality of
                                              the applied gel affects plenty of time frame
                                              between your re-fill periods. For example, a
                                              low quality gel it might lift off the nail plate
                                              within the cuticle area, which will make the
manicure ( manichiura ) to appear poor and make you to pay a visit manicurist sooner for
refill. Usually a good gel remains undamaged for three weeks, when a poor quality gel
appears to be bad soon after just 2 weeks.

Next I shall give you the ways to put into practice in any gel refill:

       - Sterilizing the hands and also work area;
       - Cleaning the nail plaque with non-acetone polish cleaner;
       - Filing the finger nails within the wanted form and size by using an 100 grit file;
       - Pushing the cuticles and also cleaning up the eponichium with the electric;
       - Buffing the top of the fingernail to cut out the lifted parts of the old gel and also
       polished parts of the increased nail plate;
- Cleansing the fingernail plate by using a specialized liquid ;
- Applying the primer and also curing below Ultra-violet if required;
- Applying the gel over the hole length of the nail with a thicker coat if you use a
more dense gel and in 2 slim coats when we are having a slimmer gel;
- Curing the materials as the producer recommends and also making sure
afterwards to see if any nail needs several correction process;
- Degreasing the sticky dispersion by using a pad with cleanser solution;
- Filing the fingernails using the electric file or hands-on 150 grit file till the
fingernails attain the natural form and aspect;
- Dusting the fingernails with a good brush, insisting over the sides;
- Applying the completing gel on a slim coat, by not coming in contact with the
cuticles and even curing under Ultra-violet lighting after the producer's
- Hydrating the cuticles by specific oil and massaging with light movements.
Don't forget that:

The refill is a really delicate and specific support, which may control a lot the estate to
your natural fingernails, if not performed correctly. A good deal of particular attention is
necessary, simply because absolutely no air should be contained between the fingernail
and the gel coat. Inside trapped air bubble may create a green fungus infection nest
which is extremely un-esthetic and hard to cure. As well, attention is required while
working in the cuticle location while using electrical file, simply because the risk of
destroying the nails is huge, particularly because the nail is so delicate in that area. One
more point I'd love to talk is the filing beneath the nails. It must be done for sanitary
reason (natural nails become filthy and then germs could pile up presently there) as well
as for aesthetic factor (kept to increase the natural way, the finger nail will curve and
become thick over time).

In the end, we have to pay more attention to the refill service, since we only apply the
finger nail set one time and refill it numerous times. It's irritating for me to note that in
nail saloons people get less time for the re-fill solution then the actual gel nail set
employing. Even the price of the refill is almost the 1 / 2 of the cost of the gel nail set,
which is weird since the used time and materials is almost similar.

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Author : Lavinia Panait – Very respected Nail Artist in Romania.

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