Getting a break in Hollywood

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					Getting a break in Hollywood

What are the most common Hollywood jobs that you could have as an amateur or even as
a professional actor or actress?

There are several acting jobs available for the taking in Hollywood. Every year
Hollywood produces several films which need actors and actress for the big roles and the
small roles.

The small roles in Hollywood would include the stunt men, extras and the doubles, while
the main characters in the film are usually the big roles. They are the characters written
first in the cast of characters and they are the main character in the film.

Stunt men are the people who perform the stunts for the main actors. These are usually
difficult physical activities that the actor can’t do. Some stunt men are athletes or
acrobats who can do strenuous physical activities which are caught on film for the
movies. They are usually hired also as doubles for the actors who can’t perform a
particular stunt due to lack of skill or safety purposes.

Extras are the other people who don’t belong to the main cast. They are usually the
people who have little or no lines to deliver. These for example are the people walking on
the street along with the main actors. The cafeteria waiters who take the orders of the
actors who’s appearance is only in that particular scene. Extras can come in any number
in the film. Their number depends on the need of the scene or the film itself. The crowd
in the movie Spiderman is composed of several extras, from New York City. They are the
characters who watch Spiderman do his act in preventing crime in the city.

Doubles are actors who perform stunts for the actors when they can’t do them
themselves. Some actors refuse to do their own stunts in action oriented films, thus the
director will need a look a like character of the actor to perform the difficult stunts for the
main actor. Doubles are usually used in love scenes or action sequences which are
difficult to do by the main actor himself, and twin scenes, where the actor has a twin
character in the film.

If you want a taste of Hollywood perhaps you could try out for these roles and you just
might be the next big thing in the film industry.

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