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									                Crisis Care Training International

     May 2012                      On Mission
                Offering healing and hope for children in crisis through training and resources

         To defend “ ‘the cause of the poor and needy, ... Is that not what it means to know me?’
                                  declares the LORD.” Jeremiah 22:16

             We’re Off to the Philippines!

    O     n June 7 CCTI begins a month-long trip to the
          Philippines with a threefold purpose: first, to
                                  raise awareness of the
                                   condition of children in
                                   crisis in the Philippines;
                                   second, to understand

                                   the challenges and
                                   needs of communities
                                   and caregivers in their
                                   efforts to help the
                                   children; and third, to
                                   communities and
                                  caregivers in their

                               efforts by providing
    practical training in order to bring healing and hope
    to the communities, caregivers and the children.
                                                                       Praising God for Opportunities!

    I  n the Philippines, millions of impoverished
       children are growing up in
    squalor, deprived of education
                                                                W        e praise the Lord for two new volunteer CCTI
                                                                         Trainers who will
                                                                accompany Dr. Kilbourn and
    and healthcare, leaving them
                                                                                 Rosemary Sabatino

    vulnerable to the worst forms
                                                                                 to the Philippines.
    of exploitation. According to
                                                                                 Dr. Kim Hoover,
    the World Health Organization,
                                                                                 child psychiatrist
    hundreds of thousands of
                                                                                 and president of
    Philippine children are
                                                                                 TriCare PA in
    currently living on danger-filled
                                                                Winston-Salem, NC; and Tami
    streets, forced into the tourist
                                                                Snowden, well known children-in-
    sex trade or slave labor, or
                                                                crisis advocate and coauthor of the

    being housed in some of the world’s worst prisons.
                                                                Red Card curriculum, who currently
                                                                serves with Pioneers. In addition,
                    First Stop—APNTS!
                                                                Gloria Hoover will be volunteering as the team

           r. Phyllis Kilbourn has been invited to return
           to the Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological             The CCTI Mission Team will facilitate two Trauma
                         Seminary (       and Crisis Care Training Seminars for local and
                         in Manila to teach a two-week          national child workers and caregivers. First in the
                         PhD level Crisis Care Course           southern area of Mindanao (June 19—22) and the
                         (June 11—22). APNTS is one of          second in Manila (June 27—30). Workers and
                         just a few seminaries that offer a     caregivers are in desperate need of training and
                         Holistic Child Development             resources in order to bring healing and hope to
                         program, and we are privileged         these battered children, and it is our prayer to bless
                         to contribute!                         and encourage them. (see back for seminar info.)
                                                                      Making a Difference in Uganda!

                                                             H  er name is Idah Kaggwa and she lives in Kampala,
                                                                Uganda, where she is the director and founder of
                                                          Universal Blessed Hope, a ministry to orphaned children. We
                                                          met her at a conference in Beirut Lebanon, in 2010. We were
                                                          immediately struck by her passion for the hurting children of
                                                          God’s heart—especially those residing in her own country.
Due to bloody wars, poverty and HIV/AIDS, Uganda has one of the highest orphan and widow
populations in Africa. Idah is determined to make a difference in her country, and her
perseverance is bearing fruit!
She desperately wanted to take the CCTI Trauma and Crisis Care Course—Module One—but was
unable to do additional travel. Because of her passion, we decided to do the training one-on-one
with her over the internet. She worked very hard on the course and she was awarded the first
internet certificate from CCTI!

I   dah is a tremendous influence in her community, and many caregivers, after seeing the
    results in her children, are requesting training as well. Below is an excerpt from a recent e-
     Thank you for your prayers ... I don't cease talking about you and Phyllis for the wonderful ministry that has been
       such a wonderful blessing to me ... My approach now to children who are hurting is so different that positive
                           results and fruits now are evident. I praise the Lord for you dear ones.
Recently Idah has been invited to share what she has learned through the CCTI curriculum with projects affecting over
200 children in her area; she will attempt this in June of this year! Please pray for her. We thank the Lord for the
privilege of knowing Idah—a great woman of God who testifies to the faithfulness of her Savior:
      I know that the Lord called me to the little ones of this world though many times I am faced with uncertainties,
        disappointments and I am misunderstood; but I do know that my redeemer lives and as I cling unto Him I do
                                know that I won't be ashamed and my call won't be wasted.
                                  Pray for the Following Resource Projects!
 Let All the Children Come: A Handbook for Holistic Ministry
        to Children with Disabilities Going to press soon!
              The following projects are underway:
            Counseling Youth and Children in Crisis
                  Module 5: Train the Trainers
                      Module 6: Refugees

                      CCTI Trauma and Crisis Care Seminar Information—Philippines
                                 *Manila, Philippines—June 27‒30, 2012
                          Contact Dr. Nativity Petallar—
                                        *Butuan City, Philippines
                         Contact Pastor Terrisita Chus—

                    How can you help?
                                                                        C    CTI is an intermissional ministry of WEC Interna-
                                                                             tional. Our purpose is to help build a hope-filled
                                                                        tomorrow for children and families in crisis by training
       Pray for children in crisis and for the activities of CCTI
                                                                        those who can help caregivers to effectively meet the
              Write articles for the training newsletter               children’s needs.           We are on the Web!
      Contribute to projects that help children and caregivers                       

                Apply to volunteer as a CCTI Trainer                             PO Box 517
                                                                                                                CCTI is a ministry of
                                                                                  Fort Mill SC 29716             WEC International
          Apply to help in the development of curriculum                         803-548-2811
             Contact CCTI at

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