Interactive Read Aloud/Think Aloud by EHYMl7


									                  Interactive Read Aloud Think Aloud for Modeling Text Preparation
To prepare for Interactive Read Aloud Think Aloud, identify pauses for explicit and deliberate modeling. As you
prepare, remember that the goals of the practice are comprehension, internalization of reading strategies – and in this
case, understanding when to mark text and write margin notes; avoid interrupting the text too often.
    1. Identify Tier 2 vocabulary, not explained in the text, that your students may need.
    2. Determine the text pattern/cognitive function most demanded by the chapter:
         cause and effect
         compare/ contrast
         explain/describe/define
         sequence/narration
         problem-solution
         persuade/argue
    3. Chunk text: where will you stop and either think aloud or ask students to turn and talk in response to a prompt or
    4. In addition to Think Aloud and Turn and Talk Prompts, write any sentence starters or frames that students will
        need to respond to your prompts.

Pause at…                Think Aloud                                   Turn and Talk Prompt / Sentence Starter

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