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Interview Tips


									                                   HUMAN RESOURCE HUNTERS

                        Interview Tips
                                  HRM PRACTICES
                                            Ahsan Tareen

This document contains the tips regarding interview, designed especially for newly graduates to help
them enhance their interview skills and also for students enrolled in university and colleges.
                                  INTERVIEW TIPS
Proper preparation can have a major impact on interview performance. Here are
some of the main steps you can take to improve your chances of success. As with
preparing a CV, the key is to try and adopt the employer’s perspective in order to
avoid potential pitfalls.

Being late for an interview can seriously undermine your chances of getting the job
as it sends a very negative signal to the employer. Make sure you are clear about
the location of your interview and how you are going to get there. Plan your journey
so that you arrive in good time without any panic. You should also have the name
and contact details of the person you are meeting so that if there are any
unavoidable problems or delays you can call ahead rather than just arriving late.

Look the part
First impressions count. Ensure that you are professionally presented and formally

Think ahead
Do some research about the company before the interview: an employer will
appreciate it if you have taken the time to better understand their organization. Think
about possible questions that may be asked of you and consider any tangible
evidence and career achievements that you can put forward to demonstrate your
potential value to the company. You should also prepare some questions that you
would like to ask of the employer at the end of the interview. These should be
questions that demonstrate that you have really thought seriously about the

Answer the questions
Listen carefully to the questions and answer in a clear and c oncise manner. Avoid
the temptation to waffle. If an interviewer wants more detail they will ask you to
elaborate further.

Be positive
Employers like enthusiasm. Do not denigrate your current or previous employers
and try to convey a positive attitude. Try to communicate in terms of what you can
bring to the company.

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