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									                                         THE TIFFIN GIRLS’ SCHOOL
                           Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 5PL
                                       tel 020 8546 0773 fax 020 8547 0191
                                         Head Teacher Vanessa Ward MA


Job Title:            Director of Finance and Operations

Location:             The Tiffin Girls’ School

Purpose:              A member of the senior leadership team whose role is to ensure
                      outstanding efficiency and effectiveness of all aspects of non-teaching
                      Support to the School including finance, facilities and administration.
                      Providing advice and support to the Headteacher and Governing Body,
                      ensuring the achievement of the School’s strategic aims.

Responsibilities:     Responsible directly to the governors for matters of school governance
                      and financial probity and to the Headteacher for day to day
                      administration, including the contribution to longer term strategic plans
                      for the School.

General Duties

Finance: The DFO is responsible, with the Finance Team, for:

1. advising the Headteacher and Governing Body on general financial policy and providing
   advice on any financial aspects impacting on strategic decisions.

2. preparing annual estimates of income and expenditure including the Support TGS
   company, The Kitbag and the catering operation.

3. reviewing monthly accounts, outturns, cash flow forecasts and balance sheet transactions
   and presenting regular management reports.

4. keeping the investment policy under review and investing surplus funds in accordance
   with the policy.

5. ensuring all aspects of payroll, including PAYE, pensions, NI and benefits in kind are
   properly administered.

6. organising special appeals and making bids for capital and minor funds.

7. keeping accurate financial records

8. preparing a three year assessment of the future financial performance of the School.
9. income generation (including lettings of premises and facilities, sponsorships etc.)

10. preparing financial appraisals of projects as required.

11. managing the preparation of the year end accounts file and annual reports for the auditors
    and drafting the statutory accounts in accordance with the Companies Act and SORP.

12. in consultation with the senior leadership team, negotiating and preparing the annual

13. ensuring the preparation of accurate and timely returns to the YPLA, HMRC, Companies
    House and other government departments as required

Management and Administration. The DFO will line manage and lead those
Departments providing specialist support to the Headteacher, the Governing Body, the
Senior Leadership Team and to teaching staff. Therefore the DFO manages those
functions undertaken within finance, HR, premises, ICT support, data and all
administration. Together with the relevant managers (e.g. in HR and IT) he or she is
responsible for:

   1. the implementation of regulations to comply with legislation concerning employment
      protection, equal pay, sex discrimination, the Freedom of Information Act, and other
      relevant employment law

   2. producing and maintaining the school’s Disaster Recovery Plan

   3. monitoring and implementing the requirements of Health and Safety at Work
      legislation and ensuring compliance

   4. the employment and terms of service of all staff

   5. the school’s administrative and reprographic service

   6. supervising the school’s insurance in all forms and dealing with all insurance

   7. managing the ICT Network Manager thereby ensuring the ICT infrastructure provides
      the services required by the school.

   8. ensuring the ICT strategy is continually reviewed in order that the best solution for the
      school is provided taking into account financial constraints.

   9. managing of all aspects of the Management Information System, including the
      application of the Data Protection Act, acting as Data Controller responsible for data
      security and compliance

   10. managing purchases within the purchasing policy and ensuring value for money.

   11. overseeing and arranging the tendering process for and monitoring of external
       contracts (e.g. cleaning, major ICT procurements ).
   12. maintaining records of contracts, guarantees and documentation relating to the
       upkeep of the buildings and the frequency cycle of statutory checks which are not
       annual e.g. fixed test installation.

   13. acting as correspondent for the Department for Education and any other Government
       agency and being responsible for the records and returns required by them e.g.
       workforce and pupil census.

   14. acting as Director of Support TGS Company and The Kitbag.

   15. maintaining contact with the Statutory Authorities and with other organisations

   16. establishing appropriate working relationships with all staff, including all teaching staff
       and especially with the Headteacher and Governors

   17. dealing with day to day matters relating to non-academic staff.

Premises and Facilities. Working with the Site Manager where appropriate, the DFO
has overall responsibility for:

   1. preparing long terms plans for the effective and efficient use of school premises
      including the Community Sports Centre

   2. developing a costed, prioritised asset management plan which informs the programme
      for maintenance and capital works for the school

   3. maintaining school buildings, preparing maintenance schedules and keeping records
      and managing the cleaning, whether through contractors or directly employed staff

   4. drawing up outline specifications for new buildings, obtaining tenders, planning
      permission, and liaising with architects to ensure best value and any building programs
      are met within budget and on time

   5. overseeing of all building work undertaken at the school, including managing small
      builds commissioned directly by the school in line with Construction (Design and
      Management) Regulations

   6. liaising with a range of outside agencies as appropriate e.g. planning and building

   7. commissioning, using and interpreting conditions and suitability surveys

   8. the security of the Academies’ premises

   9. the installation and maintenance of equipment for protection against and escape from
      fire or other emergency

   10. the maintenance and efficiency of the installation and plant for electrical supply,
       heating, domestic hot water, cooking, water-softening, etc.

   11. the supervision of the lighting and ventilation of the school buildings

   12. monitoring all statutory Health and Safety contracts
13. the upkeep of playing fields, gardens, all-weather surfaces, astroturf and tennis courts

14. the maintenance of boundaries, footpaths and roads

15. the management of the school’s catering facilities, either through the use of specialist
    contractors or by directly employed staff

The DFO may be required to undertake any other duties than those specified within
this job description as required by the Headteacher.

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