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									2010 Hoosier Horse Fair

Indiana State Fairgrounds Event Center- Indianapolis, Indiana

April 9, 10, and 11, 2010

Nick Karazissis Hunter/Equitation Demostatration Clinic

Nick Karazissis Bio
Nick and his family are one of the cornerstones of the West Coast Horse Show Industry.
Their Far West Farms is one of the oldest and most successful Hunter/Jumper businesses
on the West Coast. Nick with his brother Kost, sister-in-law Jenny, daughter Cassandra
have consistently had Far West riders and horses win PCHA, Zone 10 and USEF Year end
awards over the last 35 years. Far West riders have also won major Equitation Finals on
the West Coast as well as having strong finishes and wins in National Finals.
Nick is a USEF R judge and has held his judges card for over 3 decades. He also has
given clinics throughout the United States for over 20 years. Some of the places he
presently has on clinic schedule are places that he has given annual clinics for the last 10
When he is not judging, giving clinics, training, or attending shows with Far West clients:
Nick is busy donating his time with the governance of the sport. He is presently on the
CPHA and PCHA board of directors as well as being USHJA Zone 10 chairman. Nationally
Nick is on USHJA Hunter Council and the USHJA Official’s Education Committees. He
also serves on the USHJA Equitation Task Force and is also on the USEF’s Continuing
Education Committee. Nick’s latest contribution to the sport is organizing, producing and
writing the New “Get Connected DVD” which is one of the main clinic tools used for all
USF Hunter/Equitation Clinics. This Non for Profit DVD will be available at the event and
all proceeds go to future educational projects.

For more information about becoming a member of IHC or IHJA.
Indiana Hunter & Jumper website is www.ihja.org
Indiana Horse Council, Inc. website is www.indianahorsecouncil.org

*********Registration Form*********

Clinic session for 2 hour for each day of the HHF weekend; 4 to 6 riders for each group.

One day clinic session at $165 for IHJA Members; $200 for non IHJA members $________

Two Day clinic session at $275 for IHJA Members; $310 for non IHJA members $________

Three Day clinic session at $390 for IHJA Members; $425 for non IHJA members $-------------

____Stalls Friday thru Sunday $70.00.                                            $________

         All horses participating in the clinic must have a stall!

______Bags shaving at $8.00/bag                            $_______________
______Advanced tickets are $12.00 for the day              $_______________

Checks for clinic sessions alone payable to Indiana Hunter & Jumper Association.
Checks for stabling, shavings and tickets alone payable to the Indiana Horse Council, Inc.



Phone___________________________Other Phone________________

Experience of Rider_________________________________________

Experience of Horse__________________________________________

Name of Horse______________________________________________

Breed of Horse_____________________________________________

Sex of Horse________________Age of Horse___________________

USEF_______ IHJA_____IHC_______4-H__________Pony Club_______

Clinic Fence height will be 2’6” to 3 feet
Group size 4 to 6 riders.

Demonstration Topics
______ April 9: “The Common Things All Good Riders Do When They Ride a Course Over
Fences and How Gymnastics Improves the Form of Horse and Rider”
In this session, Nick will spell out the tools all winners use to achieve consistency and
success on course. He’ll take you through the routine that creates a balanced horse in the
opening circle, and maintains that balance throughout the course, keeping the round
smooth and even.

______ April 10: “The Cornerstones of Creating Balance and Connection and The Three
Basic Seats of Hunter Seat Equitation: Form Follows Function; Function Follows Form”
All sports have their own special dynamic dictated by the physical laws of mechanics,
motion, and gravity.
In this session, Nick will work with year’s volunteer riders and demonstrate the
relationship between a rider’s position and the horse’s balance, while highlighting the
adjustments the rider needs to make as the horse goes through the natural gaits and

______ April 11; “Everything You Wanted to Know About Judging and Were Afraid to
If you have ever exhibited your horse in front of a judge; it’s normal to walk away and
wonder what the judge was thinking and how the judge determined the results.
In this session, Nick will discuss the main principles and philosophies Hunter/Equitation
Judge’s employ when judging a class. After answering audience questions, Nick will ask
our live participants to perform in a series of classes while he and the audience are invited
judge. As time permits, Nick will line up the contestants and discuss his choices and be
happy to take questions and comments.
Lecture Topics
The Lecture Topics are designed to be part lecture, part discussion and part question and
answer. These sessions will fortify the live demonstration held on the same day, inviting
the attendees to delve deeper into the underlying concepts. For those who may not have
attended the demonstrations, these sessions will be a valuable and informative
introduction into the principles that on needs to enhance their understanding of the
Hunter/Jumper Sport and improve their individual performance.

April 9: “The Six Commandments of Jumping”
In this session, Nick will discuss the What, Where, Why and How of a proven system of
riding designed to create consistently successful rounds. This proactive system greatly
improves a rider’s confidence and understanding of how to ride their horse around a
course, while at the same time creating a balanced and disciplined horse.

April 10: “Why ‘Forward, Straight, Up and Frame are the Cornerstones of Balance’”
“Creating balance is critical in every horseback riding discipline.”
In this session, Nick discusses the What, Where, Why and How a rider needs in order to
achieve a balanced Hunter/Jumper, both on the flat and over fences.

April 11: “The What, Why and How of the 19 USEF Tests Judges May Use to Test Riders in
In any discipline that includes equitation as a division, a judge has certain tools that may
be used to further test the riders’ individual experience, knowledge, strength, feel and
In this session, Nick will discuss each of the Hunter Seat discipline’s 19 tests to help the
audience understand What the tests are, Why they are used and How to execute them

I have enclosed $_______ (Check) as payment for this clinic. No later than March 1, 2010
Need insurance signed wavier from rider or guardian to accompany the application.
In case I am unable to attend the clinic session, I understand that there will be no refunds
of the clinic fee unless there is another rider who will take my place in the clinic.

________________________________            __________________________

Signature                                  Date
________________________________           __________________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian             Date

Mail To: Ingrid Schoenlein
         6304 South, 450 East
         Lafayette, IN 47909
           (765)586-1952, (765) 523-2938 or (765) 494-8777

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