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									                                         School Council Meeting – Sir Oliver Mowat
                                              Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Attendance: Tom Lazarou (Principal), Mary Soye (Chair), Darlene Cross (Vice-Chair), Nancy McCutcheon (Treasurer), Lil Iantorno
(Secretary), Anne Fealy, Barb Butler, Beverly Myatt, Donna Turnbull, Francis Giovannone, Janet Yoshida, Karen Holmes Degen, Linda
Rahmoun, Linda Sinclair, Lois MacInnis, Nancy Dobson, Ravee Selva, Alison Brown (Office Administration), Marios Tenentes
(Curricular Leader – Student Support/Guidance), Brian Lister (Teacher, Photography/Co-op), Ruth Burden (Assistant Curriculum
Leader – Special Education), Peter Tombler (Curriculum Leader – Music, Drama), Hilary Mattok (Teacher, Business Department),
Louise Boyden (Teacher, English and Credit Recovery)
Regrets: Mardi Adams, Donna Goulet-McCartney

Approval of Agenda – approved

Chair:              Mary Soye
Vice-Chair:         Darlene Cross
Secretary:          Lillian Iantorno
Treasurer:          Nancy McCutcheon

Student Report – SAC President, Brittany Adamac
 Grade 9 SAC elections underway
 Trinity Leadership Group – started last year and has continued again this year
 Eco Team activities have started
 This year’s musical is ‘Seussical’, based on the books of Dr Seuss. It will be presented on December 4, 5 & 6 (includes a
    Saturday matinee).
 Some sports teams have already started up
 ‘Freshie Follies’’ wrapped up on Monday September 22 and was well received. There are pictures displayed in front of the
 Halloween dance is scheduled for Thursday October 30th
 Two semi formals are being planned this year. A decision was made to increase to 2 this year so as to raise more money for
    charity. The first semi formal will be held at the end of the Christmas Cheer activities. If there is enough interest, then a second
    semi formal will be held in the spring – ‘Spring Fling’
 Super Council hosted by Tom Lazarou, is underway. There will be a Leadership retreat at Camp Robinhood on October 11th.
 Mid term reports will be distributed October 17th and will provide a rating of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory on each subject.
 Last year there was no spirit assembly, this year they did a slide show for Grade 9 in place of the spirit assembly

Principal’s Report – Tom Lazarou

A. Important Dates
 Grade 9 Curriculum Night – September 25th – 7:00 p.m. Auditorium. School Council representatives will be present to provide
   refreshments and distribute handouts to the Grade 9 parents.
 University Fair Friday September 26 to Sunday September 28
 University Visits (Grade 12 given priority with Grade 11 attending if space available)
    September 15th – Trent
    September 30th – Carleton
    October 2nd – University of Toronto
    October 7th – Ryerson
    October 14th – Laurier
    October 15th - York
 College Fair October 23rd at Mowat
 Leadership Retreat – October 10th

B. Staffing 2008-09
 Student Enrolment is 1166 and our projection for this school year is 1151 (additional staffing is unlikely)
 We are currently working through number of course sections with the Department leaders and staffing committee to identify large
   class sizes. Four new classes have been created for grade 9 – Applied Math, English, Science and Geography. These classes
   will start Monday September 29th. Some smaller senior classes were collapsed to accommodate these new classes.
 Guidance has worked with each grade level with program changes.
 A total of 8 new teachers to Mowat
C.   School Based Safety Data
    September 2005 - August 2006 113 total suspensions (6.5% of 1129 student enrolment)
    September 2006 – August 2007 64 total suspensions (4.4% of 1147 student enrolment)
    September 2007 – August 2008 71 total suspensions (4.98% of 1144 student enrolment)
    Administration continues with their approach whereby, in most cases, suspended students are required to attend school and
     teachers work with them in a designated room in the Office area. This approach worked quite well last year by keeping the
     students connected to the school while working through their suspension period.

D. Credit Recovery 2007-2008

    The focus of the program will continue in the area of Literacy and Numeracy. Ms Boyden in English (and Geog, Civics, History…)
     and Ms. Maclean in Math. Both teachers will be working with Guidance to identify students who have multiple failures in order to
     recover credits.

E.   EQAO Numeracy Results Spring 2008 – Handout

    The rate for students above the provincial standard in the academic stream is 77%, an increase of 15% over last year and 5%
     above the Board average of 72%
    The rate for students above the provincial standard in the applied stream is 21%, an increase of 7% over last year and 2% above
     the Board average of 19%
    Having the test during the June exam period helped keep students focused. The grade 9 students used a workbook which helped
     them concentrate on the areas required for testing.
    85% of last year’s Grade 9 students achieved 8 out off 8 credits – it was a strong grade 9 class
    Math EQAO results are being distributed to students in class likely by the end of this week.

F.   School Budget 2008-09

    The current allocation to the school is $335,919 with full time student enrolment at 1151 – this is up slightly because the
     enrolment went up, the budget is spent completely each year
    $100,000 of it goes to the Curriculum Leaders. $50,000 to transportation for class outings, sports trips, music trips

G. Facility Initiatives

    Gyms 1,2,3, & Cafeteria painting funded through the LEEP program. This is separate from the School Budget mentioned in item
    Tiles in the Resource Centre
    Locker painting
    Front Hall Tiles
    Mould was discovered in the Music room. This was the result of a roof leak. The room was cleared and cleaned and damaged
     instruments are being replaced or repaired. Churchill Collegiate was kind enough to lend a number of string instruments which
     they are not using. There are enough instruments for the Sheldon Retreat September 25 and 26.

H. Principal/Vice-Principal Profile 2008

    The Council is responsible for updating the Principal/Vice Principal profiles each year, the Profiles are used by the selection
     committee in the hiring of a Principal and/or Vice-Principal, in this way the parents are involved in the selection process
    This year there is a new template for the Profiles
    The Council Executive plus some other will review the new template to determine what changes have to be made to the existing
     Profiles. The changed profiles will be distributed to the email list along with the minutes to the next meeting and the profiles will be
     discussed and finalized at the next meeting.

I.   Report Card Distribution

    The plan at the end of last year was that once the report card pick up period ended, the remaining report cards would be mailed
     the end of the second week in July. A problem came to light relating to an incorrect median number, initially with the Grade 11 U
     courses, but on further review, it appeared more wide spread. As a result, the remaining report cards were not mailed until
     August. It turned out that the Board got back to Colin MacNeil, a VP at Mowat, in August saying the only median that was
     incorrect was grade 11 University English.
    Discussion ensued regarding ‘hold back’ of the report cards if text books have not been returned. Books are quite costly so it is
     important that they be returned so that they can be used again. If anyone has any text books at home that are not in use, they are
     to be returned to the office, no questions will be asked
J.   Discussion

    Hilary Mattok spoke to the following items:
     o Equity Council – Mission is to improve the environment in the school to make every student feel comfortable. Fund raising
            has taken place to support a variety of areas, for example 3rd world countries. In the past, there was an information campaign
            for Black History month with a multi cultural cabaret. The group has moved forward expanding the types of issues addressed
            including anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-classing, equity disabilities, etc. The focus will be on the ‘Me to We’ Campaign (a
            Craig Killberger initiative). Jolie Featherstone did a very good job last year as the President and they are currently looking for
            a new President for this year – there are scholarships available for people involved in these types of activities
     o Update provided on the website. It has been moved to the TDSB hosted site. Looking at getting student publishing and
            acquiring information for the site. Advised to feel free to provide information. Mary indicated that several parents had
            requested to see more information regarding team tryouts and club start dates on the website.
    Ruth Burden spoke to Special Education and providing the opportunity for equality of outcomes so all students can become
     successful – it fits in with the Equity Council initiatives.
    Tom indicated the Ministry announced that there is no extra money for textbooks. The Superintendent suggested a hold be put on
     textbook expenditures. The school will continue to use the current books. Supplementary handouts associated with the existing
     books have been purchased.
    An article from the Globe and Mail published June 12/08 was passed around to the group. ‘One school rides wave as TDSB sinks
     a little’ is a story regarding Mowat’s success on the Grade 10 Literacy test, with a pass rate of 94%, up from 89% last year and
     above the Board overall rate of 80%. Follow this link for the full story

Curriculum Report – Music/Drama, Peter Tombler

    An application was made to CARAS MusiCan for a $10,000 grant to enhance the music program. While it was not successful, Mr.
     Tombler will likely re- apply this year.
    A mailing was sent out to parents last year requesting taxable donations. There was a response from 73 parents with a total of
     $4200 raised. The money has been spent on purchasing instruments. Thank you for your support!
    This year there are 400 students in music and 300 students in drama
    Moisture issue in music room has been fixed (Refer to Principal’s Report – Facility Initiatives)
    ‘Seussical’ the musical (refer to Student Report). Consideration is being given to inviting feeder schools for matinee performance
     on the Thursday/Friday afternoons of the performance days. It was mentioned that Friday is an elementary school PA day.
     Wednesday will be looked at as a possible alternative. Approximately 70 students are involved in the production.
    The Board has indicated that they will be redoing the stage. Timing is to be confirmed. Hopefully it will not be started until January
     – after the Musical

What would you like to see covered at future meetings – Mary Soye

    It was raised that there should be more on what is happening at the school. There is a report by the students each meeting with
     information about their area. The principal does an “important dates” section which is focused on academics. Mr. Lazarou has agreed
     to add a section providing more important dates for the extracurricular activities

Correspondence – Mary Soye

    The “2nd Annual Parent Involvement Makes a Difference – Impacting Student Success Conference” is being held on Saturday,
     November 15, 2008 from 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. at the Toronto Congress Centre, 650 Dixon Road, Toronto. You can register at More information can be found there about the topics and the speakers.

Community Events – Darlene Cross

    Community Day at West Rouge was held Saturday September 13th from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
    Winterfest is being planned for January 2009
    Mary Helen Hartman Hayes, a VP at Mowat, spoke to the Partnership in School Safety presentation to be held at Borden on
     October 2/08. Topics will include Cyber-bullying/On-Line Safety, Non-Violent Conflict Resolution, Student Engagement, and What
     you need to know about gangs. Child care will be available. She hopes to see many of the parents out at this worthwhile event.
     Flyer attached.
New Business

   Darlene Cross will organize and run the ski club again this year. It involves 6 sessions of downhill skiing at Lakeridge
   Yearbook – an item was raised regarding the grade 12 Grad pictures – apparently if a grad picture (with gown – sitting fee) was
    not taken, the grad did not have a picture in the grad section of the yearbook. It was suggested that the start of school picture
    could be used instead. It was also mentioned that there were some pictures in the yearbook that were very blurry. Tom will take
    both issues back to the Yearbook Committee.
   Marios Tenentes of Guidance provided information sheets on University and College Applications, Scholarships, the list of
    scholarships can be found at under “Guidance”, “Scholarships” – you can click on a link for the list
   A question was raised regarding how to keep parents informed of when clubs or teams are starting, when practises or games are
    scheduled etc. It is on the announcements. If the students miss the announcements they can go to the office and look through the
    announcement binder. There is a board in the PhysEd area with tryout dates but it may not be as up-to-date as it could be – this is
    being looked into by Mr. Lazarou. While someone suggested posting this information on the Mowat internet site using an
    “Upcoming Events Calendar”, it was indicated that there are times when things change very quickly and the turn around time for
    posting on the site would not be timely. The technology is there but regular and timely input is required by coaches and group
    leaders. As well, the ‘Bull’ (weekly bulletin) is posted every Monday with details for the week. Refer to the Mowat site under the ‘What’s Happening’ Tab, ‘This Week at Mowat”. Tom Lazarou will also expand on important dates
    as part of the Principal’s Report and will discuss with coaching staff to see how to better update information.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

                                       MEETING DATES 2008-2009
                                            Wednesday, October 22
                                             Tuesday, November 25
                                            Wednesday, January 14
                                             Tuesday, February 24
                                              Wednesday, April 8
                                               Tuesday, May 26
                           All meetings are held in the Resource Centre at 7:00 p.m.

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