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					Earn Extra Money: Nursing Home Amusement Provider
I worked for many years as a possible Outreach Librarian. During this time we developed a number of
very successful programs/activities for Nursing Home along with Senior Housing residents. There isn't
a other audience out there that's as appreciative and inviting as our seniors.
Studies have shown nursing home people that are provided with stimulating routines not only have a
much more rewarding experience at the nursing amenities , but these activities stimulate their brains
and stave off depression.
I'd like to share a number of my best programs with you and give you the information you need to
convert this into a great in their free time or full time business of your. Nursing homes and senior real
estate , especially those with higher costs are always looking for entertainment because of their
residents. By contacting an elderly care facility Activity Coordinators and working inside their activities
budget you may just find your self in a fresh rewarding career.
The first step to starting your new business is know your clients. Your clients are not only the an
elderly care facility residents, but the staff along with administrators of nursing homes.
Activities directors at nursing facilities are always on the look out for cost-effective entertainment.
Their jobs are to deliver interesting activities that induce the minds and bodies of their residents on a
daily basis. NO easy task and one they'd rather share with you, if you can work within their budgets.
Budgets differ based upon your region. In a tiny town you're looking at $50 to $100 per functionality or
activity and more living in larger cities.
You'll want to scope the nursing facilities in your area along with consider how far you would visit offer
your services. Compile a directory of nursing homes and contacts to ascertain your range. Start with
no less than 50 facilities so that you can pitch your services. With 50 diverse contacts you'll build your
base. The great thing about nursing home activity directors is that they talk to each other and if you
give a great service phrase will spread.
It's extremely important to know your audience , especially if you are planning an activity. NOt every
nursing home residents have the same skill sets. Ask you contacts concerning your typical audience
to be able to gear your service to the specific needs of their residents.
Ok, this is the fun part. There are literally thousands of ideas to your service. Whether your
advantages lie in singing, grooving , or even crafting, this is your opportunity to shine.
Music Performances
Seniors love to hear songs , music and see live entertainment and the best thing is you need not be a
professional singer. I'm speaking from experience. I once did a valentine's program where I sang
"that's Amore" and a couple other valentines songs of that period and I am not a excellent singer. It
was the conversation along with the singing that addicted my audience. Act silly , really put yourself
out there and your audience will love you.
Great programs offer rousing activities and lots of humor. NEver hurts to add a great costume at the
same time. For singing performances i would opt for an evening gown or perhaps attire that goes
along with the program. If singing programs seem like fun, be sure to gear your music to the era of
your respective audience. Songs from their youth and teenage years are the perfect fit, especially if
you inspire the audience to sing alongside. I promise you'll get empty stares if you try a Lady coo act,
keep it relevant to the target audience.
Great ideas pertaining to musical performances:
Musical numbers--think Judy Garland, south Pacific and keep it peppy!
Lounge act--think classy evening gown, or suit -no reason to leave the guys out here. View some of
the best lounge acts from the forties and 50's--Dean, Frank, and many others. A must for this one is
audience interaction with some key phrases along with jokes from the era. (yahoo and google lounge
singers and you'll get more than enough ideas)
Vaudeville numbers- this one offers a plethora of vibrant along with fun skits and shows that you can
adapt to entertain along with amaze your audience. (yet again , good ole Google can provide relief
with a simple search involving "vaudeville acts", there are even movies of great acts on the market )
Instrumental performances : do you play piano, violin, flute or even the spoons (i understand a
country jug music group that enthralls the mature audience). Whether your specialty is classical
music or perhaps silly songs you're sure to be successful with a musical program.
NOTE: there is some competition here, local churches and individuals will you are not selected with
music programs. The important thing here is to provide something it doesn't and give it a selling point.
Your competition is mostly gospel music/hymns, if you steer clear of that style you'll be fine. Free is
obviously more attractive, so you must supply a quality service.
I love activities with seniors! it will take a great deal of patience. Again be sure you know your
audience because this is vital to any activity program. Activities also present a tad bit more of a
challenge because you will also be providing supplies for your activity. I liked to provide a funny story
from other era, favorite poems, or perhaps an anecdote to entertainment while they crafted.
Craft Activities
Craft activities might be great fun for your audience which enable it to be geared to their level of
function. You'll want to keep it simple actually for the higher functioning people and be prepared to be
completely hands on. I purchased a lot of my craft supplies via Dollar stores and asian Trading
Company. Keep your homemade projects small. Remember that nursing home people have very little
room pertaining to extras.
Here are a few things that worked well for me :
Doorhangers(simple homemade projects to hang on doorknobs)--these take up very little space along
with residents enjoy creating decorative elements for their rooms. Make sure keep this one within the
level of skill of your residents.
Windbox Gardening (small herb garden that may fit on their window sills)- for this one you may need
small window boxes, tiny herb plants, soil along with spoons. While residents plant I read garden lore
along with home remedy uses about each and every herb. Usually 3 or 4 herbal products per box.
Decorative Photo Frames--Visit any money store and pick up support frames and chach keys to
epoxy onto the frames. We liked to go with themes, getaways , etc. Bring examples along with photos
of your family. They will love to see your children, grand kids and it makes for great dialogue.
Just Plain enjoyable Activities
I love enjoyable and you'd better too if you need to pull off fun activities. 3 of my best loved programs
ended up very simple, but had the game directors calling me rear for more.
Halloween get together and Cornshucking contest--male along with female residents alike cherished
this one. Supplies consist of amusing Halloween music, large tarpaulin or plastic, bushel involving
corn and a few prizes for optimum costume and quickest shucker. Add in a few classic halloween
tales and you've got a winner
Spring Festival/Carnival- Supplies consist of easy games. Bean Bag chuck , Balloons, ring a
container , Hoola Hoop toss as well as a Hoola Hop tournament...but go easy. A couple of prizes, a
few fair foodstuff snacks (diabetic alternatives are fantastic ) and you're set for fun.
Hawaiian Luau--Get your turf skirt out and practice the particular Hula. You're going to teach your
audience a seated hula dancing. Great exercise and they will love watching you try to hula dancing as
well. I learned an extremely basic Hula, with an great quantity of arm movements. Share the
meanings of each movement and provide some interesting facts about Hawaii. This one's perfect for
bleak winter months. You'll need some Hawaiian themed music, a couple of decorations (Oriental
Trading company ). You can even provide grass dresses and coconut drink servings if the budge
If you have never performed in front of a crowd , and there is no more forgiving audience than
seniors, you might think about volunteering your services to a few nursing facilities to build your skills
and get your reputation out there among the activity directors. Let them know that you are starting an
enterprise and you'd like to try out a course. They'll jump at the chance and if they like the program,
they will add it to their paid applications.
There are many more ideas out there for excellent programs and if you inform yourself a little on
seniors, actually talk to a few to get ideas of what interests them , you'll have no problem finding
exclusive and entertaining programs.
Just one program and you'll realize how fulfilling offering entertainment to seniors might be. I fell in
love with the particular residents and they with me. Somewhat time, effort, and caring goes a long
way toward's an advisable entrepreneurial venture.


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