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									                        How to Remove Credit Report Errors?

Credit reports are very important when it comes to applying for a credit card, buying a house or
a car, applying for a loan or a job and many more. In order to get the best of your credit report, it
has to be clean and free of errors. Although credit report errors are common, it still shouldn’t be
left on it to longer. What you have to do is remove it.

Here’s how to fix your credit report errors

      Check for credit report errors- you have to know what to fix before taking anything into
       action. You can ask for a freecredit report to the three big credit agencies every year or
       you can pay for it and order one. As soon as you get it, make sure to check everything
       thats on it. Any wrong item in it should be removed because it may hurt your credit score
       and future activities.

      Items to be disputed- if you find items that are false, you have to file a credit dispute to
       your credit agency to get them removed. Example of these are late payments that were
       actually on time, exceeded credit limits or balances accounts that aren’t your etc.

      File a dispute- there are several ways for you to file a dispute, it can be through the
       phone, by mail or by writing a letter. If you do through mail or online, you will only get the
       results online along with a confirmation number. You also have to mail in any papers or
       proof that will support your dispute. Make sure that you dispute is brief yet concise, then
       give 30-45 days for investigation. Expect a few more days if you disputed it through mail.

      Proof- you have to submit enough proof if you are going to file a credit dispute. If there is
       something wrong with your name or address or any other personal information, send a
       copy of your ID or your drivers license, billing statements or anything that has your
       information on it.

      Wait for the response after 30-45 days, your credit dispute should have creditors
       deleting false items in your credit report already. They may even insert previous items if
       they are verified through the investigation but make sure that they notify you. After this,
       the credit bureau will show you the results with another free copy of your credit report if
       changes have been made.

      Items that are hard to remove- items such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, declined loans
       and other serious cases are difficult to remove and it’s something that you have to wait
       for a couple of years maybe.

Don’t let credit errors stop you from having healthy credit report, get them removed immediately
and keep your credit report and score healthy.

Improve your credit score by checking free credit scores regularly, making payments on time,
using tax refunds to manage debt & managing your finances efficiently.

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