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									Beautiful Old Salt Mine in PolandiaWednesday, July 04, 2012 7:00
PMMenurut saga, a daughter of Hungarian spoken by King Krakus (Cracow /
Krakow) from Poland. Krakus recorded historically ruled in the early 12th
century. Well, as a wedding gift, Hungarian princess, Kinga, ask for a
gift on his father's salt mines.

Along the way, in the early 1900s, Kinga Chapel was built in the mine.
This is a room full of relief the Bible (Gospel / Gospel) are large.

Since then, over the centuries tini salt mines continue to operate (since
the 13th century) and is one of the world's oldest salt mine still in
operation. Meanwhile, the oldest is in Bochnia, Poland, 20 kilometers
from the Wieliczka has been mined since prehistoric times.

Total area of ??the mine reaches 200 square kilometers, and consists of
seven levels. deeper than 198 meters below ground surface and consists of
excavation spaces, amounting to 2000 pieces. The mine is located 68-237
meters below the Wieliczka city has 9 floors.

Today, the salt mine has become a wonderful tourist attractions. When we
visited there for the tourists will see the path along the 3 km, starting
at the first level.

To get there, visitors had to descend 380 steps. Visitors do not need to
worry with these steps because it is updated and made of sturdy solid

For centuries, miners have established a tradition of carved stone
statues of the original salt. In the 19 th century, a giant chandelier
made of salt were installed to illuminate the underground complex. By
getting adequate lighting, sculpture and monuments of salt that is in the
cave looks beautiful. This is what makes the famous Wieliczka salt mine
in Europe.

Air temperature in the mine reaches 13 to 14 degrees celsius. In addition
to salt blocks are carved into the hallway and the rooms, mine
construction supported by a wooden timber. Here and there also appears a
small rail, a cart track and a train carrying salt.
Wieliczka in Poland is a symbol of human technological progress. But not
this alone that makes it famous for its salt mines miners have been
slowly turning a dark cave into a magnificent royal locations.

At present, tourists from around the world will be guided through a
strange maze of mine tunnels, with a beautifully detailed sculptures,
chapels, and even restaurants.

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