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					July 9, the Day of Resurrection internetWednesday, July 04, 2012 8:00 PM
Could it be the 9th of July all the internet world will be totally dead,
what and why?

According, the FBI stated that they were responsible for the
deactivation of the internet on the 9th of July. The FBI said today as
the Internet doomsday Doomsday or the internet.

What on earth? That is because the report of a trojan attack that will
wipe out all of the internet world like a tsunami. DNSCharger Trojan
called Trojan is a creation of cybercriminals from Estonia. This Trojan
will infect all Windows-based PC and Mac as well as damage the router is
connected to the internet.

Now this notes, there are 4 million computers and
routers connected to the internet. Trojan has also been crippled
DNSCharger approximately 500 thousand PCs and Macs in the year 2007.

Anticipation is the best cut off all connections from the Internet
computer or gadget on the 9th next. Despite rumors that the news was just
another mere issue. However, there's nothing wrong alert.

Suggested other ways such as the FBI is doing a three-step anticipation,

A. Check out all the settings on the computer.
2. Using or allowing the best antivirus in a computer device
3. Checking the computer system connected to the internet

Do not forget, yes ...

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