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					The 12 who perished AllahWednesday, July 04, 2012 9:00 PMDalam the
Qur'an, many people told stories of the past have been destroyed by God
because they deny messengers and perform a variety of aberrations that
have been banned. These are the families of the perished.

A. The Noah
Noah preached for 950 years, but who believe only about 80 people. Belie
his people and make fun of Noah. Then, God brought a great flood, and
drowned those who disbelieve, including children and wives of the Prophet
Nuh (QS Al-Ankabut: 14).

2. The Prophet Hud
Prophet Hud was sent to people of 'Ad. They denied prophethood of Prophet
Hud. God then brought powerful winds accompanied by thunder that boomed
until they are buried in the sand and eventually perish (QS Attaubah: 70,
Alqamar: 18, Fushshilat: 13, Annajm: 50, Qaf: 13).

3. The Prophet Saleh
Allah told Prophet Saleh diutuskan Thamud. Prophet Saleh was given a she-
camel of a miracle that out of the crack rock. However, they killed the
she-camel that God inflicted punishment to them (QS ALhijr: 80, Huud: 68,
Qaf: 12).

4. The Prophet Lut
Famous people of Prophet Lut deviant act, which is only willing to marry
same-sex couples (gay and lesbian). Despite being warned, they would not
repent. Wrath of God finally gave them a great earthquake, strong winds
and hail to the houses of them. And, the people of Prophet Lut was
finally buried under the rubble of their own homes (QS Alsyu'araa: 160,
Annaml: 54, Alhijr: 67, Alfurqan: 38, Qaf: 12).

5. The Prophet Shu'aib
Prophet Shu'aib diutuskan to the Madyan. The Midian was destroyed by God
because they love to commit fraud and cheating in trade. When buying, ask
them if selling is always exceeded and reduces. Allaah will punish them
in the form of extreme heat. Although they took refuge in the shade, it
was not able to release heat. Finally, they perish (QS Attaubah: 70,
Alhijr: 78, Thaaha: 40, and Alhajj: 44).

In addition to the Madyan, Prophet Shu'aib also sent to residents
Thicket. They worship a piece of prairie land is very lush trees. These
people according to some commentators called the worshipers are dense
forests (Thicket) (QS AlHijr: 78, Alsyu'araa: 176, Shaad: 13, Qaf: 14).

6. Pharaoh
The Children of Israel are oppressed by Pharaoh. God sent Moses and Aaron
to warn Pharaoh will Wrath of God. However, even Pharaoh claimed as gods.
He eventually died in the Red Sea, and his body was rescued. Until now
still can be seen in the museum mummy in Egypt (Albaqarah: 50 and Yunus:

7. Ashab Al-Sabt
They are the party of the wicked who live in the City of Eliah, Elat
(Palestine). They violate God's command to worship on Saturday. God
tested them by giving the fish a lot on Saturdays and no fish on other
days. They asked the apostle of God to divert worship on another day,
except Saturday. They ultimately destroyed the accursed of God into apes,
despised (Surat al-A'raf: 163).

8. Ashab Al-Rass
Rass is the name of a dry lake water. The name of Al-Rass addressed to a
people. That said, the prophets sent to them was the prophet Saleh.
However, there is a mention of the Prophet Shu'aib.

Meanwhile, others say that the emissary named Handzalah bin Shinwan
(those that refer to bin Shofwan). They worship the statue. There is a
mention, because their offenses are sent envoys to dump them into the
well so that they destroyed God (Qs Alfurqan: Qaf verses 38 and 12).

9. Ashab Al-Ukhdudd
Ashab Al-Ukhdud are a folk who dug trenches and reject faith in God,
including the king. Meanwhile, a group of people who believe in plunged
into a ditch that had been burned, including a woman holding a baby yanga
center. They were cursed by Allah (QS Alburuuj: 4-9).

10. Ashab Al-Qaryah
According to some commentators, Ashab Al-Qaryah (a country) is a resident
Anthakiyah. They rejected the messengers sent to them. God destroyed them
with a very loud sound (QS Yaasiin: 13).

11. The Tubba '
Tubaa 'is the name of a king of Himyar who believe. However, his people
are very bad-faith in God to go beyond the limit. So, God inflicting
punishment to them to perish. They are very advanced civilization. One is
the dam water (QS Addukhan: 37).

12. Saba
They were given a variety of pleasure gardens, wooded to the prosperity
of the people of Saba. Because they are reluctant to worship God even
though they had been warned by the Prophet Solomon, God finally destroyed
by massive flooding dam Ma'rib (Al-Arim) (Surah Saba: 15-19).

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