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					Facts The Amazing Spider-Covert ManWednesday, July 04, 2012 10:00 PMFilm
The Amazing Spider-Man started playing today, the star no longer Kirsten
Dunst and Tobey Maguire, but Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. By two
different actors, whether the "New Spiderman" This shows the other

First, let's see the synopsis of The Amazing Spider-Man before discussing
it further.

The story begins with Peter Parker's parents are suddenly gone and left
little Peter with Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (Sally Field),
until Peter was a teenager. So far, only knew his father was a scientist,
one day, Parker finds a mysterious document his father until he decided
to meet with Dr. Curt Connors, a former colleague of his father, a key
figure in the mahacanggih Oscorp laboratories.

We know, in situ Parker bitten by a spider which converts it into a human
superkuat, superfast and ...... superlengket. Parker, who was interested
in his school friend, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), into two new worlds at the
same time: falling in love and become superhero defenders of virtue.
Stacy's father at a loss when he was captain of police who forcefully
eradicate Spider-Man, because people consider it disturbing.

Adds serious problem when Dr. Connors was too desire to 'fix' themselves
and mankind. He was fiddling with the magic fluid, transformed into The
Lizard, man-sized lizard of the building 30 floors, and spread
Well, when the Spiderman 1,2, and 3 Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) faithful
to the story of his love for Mary Jane Watson aka MJ, on the last movie
Parker (Andrew Garfield) chose turned to Gwen Stacy.

The second difference, when it used to be centered on the life of his
college and early work, it is now more talk about the young Peter Parker
who turned out to save a lot of surprising things.

Now about the costumes. The color of the costumes worn Andrew did seem
brighter than the costumes worn Tobey. But yan cool design on the costume
Tobey proved able to make it look more masculine.

See photos ala Spiderman Maguire Andrew and below, which you think is
better looking.

Problem fact Andrew
A. Andrew Garfield is a lifelong fan of Spider-Man. He remembered an old
photograph at the age of 3 years of being dressed as Spider-Man for
2. Andrew Garfield tried to make him more muscular with a personal
trainer Armando Alarcon. He exercises six days a week for six months to
prepare for the role of Spider-Man. Garfield is also working with the
action coordinator Andy Armstrong and his team, do the movements on the
trampoline, playing basketball skills, martial arts, gymnastics, parkour
and skateboarding skills. Andy Armstrong and his stunt team to training
camp in a warehouse near the Sony Pictures Studios.
3. Costume designer Kym Barrett collaborated with director Marc Webb to
accomplish its mission in Spider-Man suit to reflect the silhouettes,
more slender and athletic. Perhaps that is so the reason why "New
Spiderman" is more streamlined look, yes.

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