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									              Are You in Your 60's? 10 Steps to Manage Finances

No matter what age you are in, having debts is a common thing. Even people who are in their
60’s or older owed money which means that even retirees need help in managing their finances.
Here are steps for you to manage finances easily.

      Set your priorities- you should really take some time for this area. Be sure to determine
       which goals to pursue and to stick to your goals to avoid messing your plan up.

      Preparing for retirement- retirement planning should be well-planned and you have to
       have a goal retirement date. You have to determine how much money you are going to
       need and how much more you will get from other sources such as your SSS and other
       income sources. You have to be ready for whatever is going to happen especially if you
       quit too early. If you can work part-time or for a year or two may help you boost your
       savings and it can add up to your retired income as well.

      Your home- find out where you want to live and how much you’re willing to spend for
       your rent or mortgage. Are you going for a smaller place or are you going for a cheaper
       area? Can you afford an expensive house or is a condo unit enough for you?

      Compare expenses- not all retirement plans work the way you want it to. Consider other
       options and go for downsizes the may free home equity for other investments.

      Financial help- try to seek a professionals help when it comes to your financial planning
       this will help with your credit score and your credit report.

      Invest in bonds- bonds can be a steady and secure source of income and it does good
       to your record as well

      Long term insurances- get the best coverage for your health. The best age may be for
       ages 65 and above but its best to be sure and purchase it early.

      Manage your debt- a retirement living means that you have to control your spending and
       manage your debts. You no longer have a job and you have to spend your savings
       wisely, if possible, finish all debts and check credit score regularly and avoid borrowing
       money from people.

      Banking and saving- do some canvassing and get the best offers, deals and prices out in
       the market.

      Taxes- this may be one of the most hated things in the world, and even one of the most
       understood. But it is necessary to pay these regularly and on time. This will give your
       score a boost and the tax refund may even help you out with your savings.

Managing finances shouldn’t be difficult especially if you are on the age for retiring. Follow these
tips and make preparing for your retirement easy and problem-free.
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