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									Salinas Bankruptcy Attorney

It wasn't that long ago that filing for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 didn't require the services of any legal
authority including a Salinas bankruptcy attorney. If you recall, those were the days of "I can handle all this
paperwork myself" mantra. Those of you who missed that "easy way out" boat are out of luck today. That
ship has sailed, and there is a new sheriff wearing a badge, with a whole new set of bankruptcy rules to
adhere to; like it nor not.

Today, there is a garage full of specific federal requirements and paperwork in the new Chapter 7 and
Chapter 13 filings that your tablespoon of legal knowledge can't even begin to touch. They include items
like credit counseling, means test, filing a petition and schedules with the bankruptcy court, as well as
knowing the difference between a debt discharge and bankruptcy dismissal. Fortunately for you a Salinas
bankruptcy attorney already has stashed away all of this new complicated knowledge, and is ready to assist
you anytime you're ready and help point you in the direction of the blue skies and green lights.

If you're filing choice is a Chapter 7 your first contact is a Salinas attorney who specializes in bankruptcies.
They will explain that a Chapter 7 is only available to those who meet all of the new filing requirements.
We're not indicating you won't achieve your goal; just that you will have to jump through a bunch of hoops
and minefields to accomplish the task. In your consultation meeting with a Salinas bankruptcy attorney they
will explain the basis of a "means test", along with the necessary credit counseling requirements through an
approved agency. Also, they can help you in gathering up all your paperwork that's on the government
checklist, as well.

If you're filing a Chapter 13, which is generally the path to take for sole proprietors and individuals with a
stable or disposal income, things will get a bit easier and less cumbersome. However, it will still require
reams of paperwork. A Chapter 13 has some distinct advantages over a Chapter 7, like being able to save
your home from any foreclosure proceedings, and even, over time, deleting any delinquent mortgage
payments. To summarize for you, a Chapter 13 sort of acts like a consolidation loan. Anyway, it's going to
be a bumpy road out there folks, so here's the deal in solving which ever bankruptcy filing path you choose.
All this requires tons of legal knowledge. A Salinas bankruptcy attorney has it; you don't

Bankruptcy Attorney in Salinas

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