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The 8 Most Popular HAIRcuts of 2012

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 MAY   The 8 Most Popular HAIRcuts of 2012
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       2012 is a crazy year. We all have to keep on dancing till the world ends this year. Fortunately, I know the
       most popular haircuts of 2012, and I am going to share them with you.

       In this article, I am going to teach you about a scene cut, graduated bob, blunt “Zooey Deschanel” bangs,
       side-swept bangs, pixie cut, waves with long layers, angled bob (like Jennifer Aniston’s new hair) and a side

       8. Scene Cut

       The first popular haircut is my personal favorite haircut. In fact, it is how I cut my hair! I think it is so super
       cute on anyone! However, I put it at the top of my list because it is more of a 2010-2011 hair cut. It is still
       very popular though. To achieve this look, you need a LOT of short layers cut with a razor. Scene cuts
       usually have side-swept razor-cut bangs but this year I have seen it cut a lot with straight, blunt bangs. It is
       important that your layers blend all the way down, otherwise it will look like you have a mullet. To style this
       haircut, you will need a lot of backcombing, a lot of hairspray and a good flat-iron. Flat iron all of your hair
       first, and then tease up your hair all in the back and on the sides. Spray like, half a can of hairspray (I
       like BigSexyHair Spray and Play) to keep it looking good and big.
       7. Graduated Bob
These haircuts have also been popular for the last few years. Nevertheless, they are still in style. A
graduated bob is one that is shorter in the back and gradually gets longer as it moves toward the front, with
an A-Line perimeter. This type of haircut is cut very close along the nape of the neck, and angles towards
the front. The person having the haircut needs to touch their chin to their chest (look down) to create an
“undercut” effect. The layers are to be stacked in the back of the head, and gradually get longer, with the
length. To style this popular haircut, blow-dry the back of the head with a round brush, and then flat-iron
all of the hair, slightly curling it under at the ends.

6. Blunt “Zooey Deschanel” Bangs

These bangs are pretty simple, and a lot of us had bangs like this in the 80′s and 90′s. Good thing someone
as cute as Zooey Deschanel brought them back. To achieve this look, cut the fringe pretty straight across,
but angling them slightly downward around the sides of the face. I always like to pull each part of the bangs
up to a 90 degree angle and point-cut into them to give them a softer, layered look. To style them, blow-dry
them with a round brush, and then flat-iron them down. Pretty simple.

5. Side-Swept Bangs

I personally think these type of bangs are flattering on almost anyone. I learned a cool trick on how to cut
these bangs. You part them to the opposite side that you want them to part on, and then you angle your
finger from the outer corner of the eye up to the temple, and cut that whole point off. When you part them
back to the side you want them to be parted on, they look perfect. I personally think these type of bangs
look best when textured with a razor. To style them, like the above cut, blow dry with a round brush and
flat-iron if needed, slightly curling them under. I highly recommend hairspray.
4. Pixie Cut

This popular haircut is pretty easy. It is short, but not too short around the edges. The ears are cut out, and
the back is tapered. All around the edges should be really “fringy”. This whole haircut needs to be super
textured, preferably with a razor. There is not really too much you need to do to style it. In Rihanna’s case,
it looks like it has been flat ironed (if it is long enough.) If it is shorter, I would just comb it forward in the
front and blow-dry it if you need to. As a styling aid, I would spray Paul Mitchell Spray Wax in my hand,
rub your hands together, and work it through the hair.
3. Waves with Long Layers

A popular haircut like Ms. Kardashian’s hair is pretty basic. Her hair has a lot of long, soft, blended layers. I
would imagine they are slightly textured, either by point-cutting or texturizing shears. I like to cut these
type of layers by “slide cutting” so they look softer and more blended. To style it, she has loose curls with a
bigger barrel curling iron, more towards the ends of her hair.
2. Angled Bob

This type of haircut is very basic and low maintenance. It is also EXTREMELY popular in the hair world
right now. In the picture, it has a kinda messy look (which I LOVE). To perform this type of haircut, the
whole head is cut with an undercut (the outer layers are slightly longer than the underneath layers). It
slightly angles longer around to the front. The front also needs to be undercut so it will curl under. A good
way to do this is have the client look to the side and slightly tilt their head back. This type of haircut needs
to be very accurate, as it is so blunt and every uneven piece will show. No layers are needed. To style it, just
blow dry it under with a round brush, and flat-iron as needed.

1. Side Cut

In my opinion, this is the most creative, fun and popular haircut right now. I had my hair cut similar to this
around the end of last year, before it became super popular. Now my hair is pretty much grown out, but I
am seeing it everywhere. To do this, decide what side you want to part your hair on, because it looks best
when parted to a side. Comb all of your hair over to that side, section off a parting from the crown of the
head to the ear. You don’t want to shave anything past that imaginary line, because it will look goofy. You
can either leave the front inch or so along the hairline long, or you can shave it too, like Ke$ha. Next you
just shave that one area with about a quarter-inch blade. You can do a lot of cool things with this. I see a lot
of girls color leopard print where it is shaved and it looks super cute and fun. Make sure to use little clippers
to edge out around the ear. I will tell you, if you haven’t shaved your head before, it feels really crazy. There
is not much different about styling this type of haircut, except you should part it all over from the line where
the long hair meets the short hair.
Now you are ready for a new “do” in 2012!

Have you had your hair cut like one of these popular haircuts? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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