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      As highly unlikely and hypothetical as this is, if God came to me tomorrow and said “Hollee, you can pick
      only one hair product to use for the rest of your life,” I know which one I would pick. Yeah, I think about
      some weird stuff in my spare time. Anyways, my most awesomest, favoritest hair product in the WORLD
      isPaul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum.

      Since 2005 (When I was in beauty school), I have always had a bottle of Super Skinny Serum (sometimes
      more than one bottle) of this in my bathroom.

      The main thing I love about Super Skinny Serum is that it smells better than anything I have ever smelt in
      my LIFE. I think that it smells like sour apples.

      What is it?
      It is a lightweight serum that leaves your hair feeling soft, and shiny, and it eliminates frizz. I love to use it
      after I blow-dry my hair.

      What are its benefits?
      Super Skinny Serum smooths, conditions and seals hair strands. It leaves hair shiny, smooth and frizz free
      in any type of weather. Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Complex penetrates into the hair to displace water and
      constrict the hair to cut down the time it takes to blow-dry your hair. Less blow-dry time means less
      damage. It contains a lightweight silicone to smooth, condition and seal hair with added shine.

      How much does it run?
      A 5.1 oz bottle of Super Skinny Serum retails for somewhere around 20$. I’ll tell you though, that a bottle
      of that size will last you fo a year or more. You only need about a dime-size amount everyday. Remember
      not to buy it at a drug store. Paul Mitchell products always say on the back in BOLD lettering:“Guaranteed
      only when sold by a professional hairdresser, otherwise it may be counterfeit, old or tampered with.”
      If you love Super Skinny Serum as much as I do, please let me know in the comments.
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