; A Trick for Leopard Print HAIR | hwh<3
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A Trick for Leopard Print HAIR | hwh<3


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									2   MAY   A Trick for Leopard Print HAIR | hwh<3
          Do you want to know a cool trick for doing leopard print hair?

          Let me tell you how I discovered it:

          My cousin is somewhat new in the Cosmetology industry and after a bad experience working for a
          corporation, he decided to try a different avenue. He is now an apprentice for one of the most well-known
          hair stylists in our town. I am super excited for him!

          Anyways, his new boss told him that his hair was boring. He told him to come up with something creative
          and fun. We decided to do leopard print on his hair! The first time I did it, I just free-handed it. While that
          was going on, my cousin told me a trick he had learned at beauty school. A good way to do leopard print
          color, is to use CELERY. Yes, celery, as in the yucky vegetable that tastes somewhat decent when you
          smother it in peanut butter.

          So anyways, I thought that was a brilliant idea, and decided to try it. We first had to bleach the previous
          leopard print out of his hair after we cut it.

          Next, after his hair was lightened, we just took a bag full of different sized celery sticks, dipped them in
          black hair color (PM Shines is what I used), and then stamped them on his head. You have to use different
          sizes so it looks natural, and play around with them. Be creative!

          To see my more detailed video on youtube about doing leopard print hair, go to

It’s an awesome trick to do perfect leopard spots… and it doesn’t take very long. Here is a pic of when it was

So now you know how to do leopard print hair!

Do you have any neat tricks for hair color that you would like to share? Leave them in the comments.

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