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					One of the basic principles of the Promotion Marketing-Mix. If you want
to be known, company or organization, then you would not want to spend
the cost of promotion or advertising. Promotions are usually divided into
two, namely Above the Line and Below The Line.

A. Above The Line. Usually interpreted as a promotional or advertising
activities with media such as TV ads, radio, magazines and newspapers.

2. Below The Line. Usually interpreted as a promotional or advertising
activities by means such as exhibitions, roadshows, Bazzar, test
products, etc..

The high competitive world of business to any company is usually the cost
of promotional / advertising is high in its operational budget. It is
argued that the higher the cost of your advertising spend, the more
popular your product anyway, means it will be more up your sales.

Though not all companies can afford to pay high advertising. In addition,
the opinion is not entirely true. Because if you are able to choose the
appropriate means of advertising and cheap, of course you do not need to
pay high, but the products can be recognized by the appropriate target

One right solution to reduce the cost of advertising is WEBSITE.

Website, including advertisements in the category of Above The Line. But
the website is much cheaper than advertising on TV or newspapers /
magazines. For example, if you want your ad to appear on TV in prime time
show, you have to pay hundreds of millions to appear only for 3 minutes.

Or if you want your ads appearing in newspapers with full-page, at least
300 to 500 million should you spend. And these ads are usually only
appear during the time that you specify, just 3 minutes on TV, or one day
only if the newspaper.

Similarly, billboards or advertising boards on the road. At least
hundreds of millions of dollars must be spent to pay for the installation
of billboards in strategic locations. Rent rose only 3 months for

By using the website, then there are several advantages, namely:

A. International coverage. Website can be accessed by all Internet users
in the world. The information presented on your website can be accessed
and read by all your website visitors from around the world. Not only in
Jakarta alone, or Indonesia alone.

2. Lifetime useful. As long as your website is active, then the
information that you want to, you can access. Unlike television,
newspapers or magazines. Your advertising in conventional media will only
appear for 3 minutes, or one day only.
3. Complete. Information that you want to be more comprehensive and
complete when using the website as an advertising medium. Company
profile, product pricing, branch / representative, the promotion /
campaign / discounts, etc.. While due to space constraints and cost, then
the ads on TV and newspapers, are usually very brief.

4. Database. Can be used as a tool to get the customer database.

5. Cost Saving. Cheap. Yes, the website is much cheaper when compared to
advertising on TV or newspapers.

Well, low cost of advertising through the website and the internet, of
course, is a business opportunity for those who want to learn internet
marketing. Because this time, many people or companies, are already aware
that the internet is an effective media campaign and inexpensive.
Moreover, the market potential of Internet users continues to increase
every year.

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