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					Ok this is tips on how to maximize the visibility Fan Page SEO or you in
the eyes of search engines. as we know, that visitor traffic through
search engines is very important for a website or blog. so too it is with
the fan page, you can get more fans on your fan page through search
engines. for that there are a few tips from me to maximize the visibility
of your Fan Page in the eyes of search engines. let us consider one by

Use the brandname, product or brand your web / blog as the name of your
Facebook fanpage: When you create a fanpage for the brand / product, the
first important thing you should do is choose the best name. Choose a
name that resembles your business page. I would advise you to use your
brand name and not a name that contains many keywords and look like spam.
One more thing to remember, when you choose a name Fanpage, try not to
change it. Facebook uses the page name on the top of your page title (the
name that appears at the top of your browser), and this will affect the
indexing of search engines like google.
Choose a user name for Fanpage: Username or your facebook URL is like a
web site domain name. Therefore, it is important to register a user name
and URL of your page. To register a username tone must have a minimum of
25 fans first. to register please click here and again I suggest to
choose the same URL with a brand name or business name.
Iframes application installation to create an additional tab: We all know
that the default tab page Fan page offers a limited selection of such a
wall, info, photo, video, notes, etc., but by installing the application
IFrames, you will be able to create and maximize display additional tabs
fan page. with Iframe you can place text, images, links, videos and even
pages on the web site fan page so that your page will increase the
overall value of the content. This will help to create more opportunities
for your fan page is picked up by Google search.
Use the "about" or the "about" page optimization for your fan page:
"About" is a text box located below the profile picture. You can use this
text box to put your important keywords related to your business. This
text box actually has the highest place in the structure of the CSS of a
page fan page. text box "about" this has a limited number of characters,
so choose your words wisely.
Use the tab "Info" to put the keywords with high-density, link text and
high-priority: Facebook fan page provides tab "Info" on your page. You
can use this tab to your SEO benefits by putting the important
descriptive metadata about the page. This will help you to enter a
keyword or keywords is important, links from other sites or social sites
which in turn will increase your chances of getting higher rankings in
search engines.
Create fresh content on a regular basis: the same thing with web or blog,
content is king. Status updates, Wall posts, events, and other records
and is now displayed on Facebook. By updating the flow of fresh content
on the Wall, can significantly increase your chances of gentleness in the
highest search on Facebook.
You tube video attach: We all know that You Tube is owned by Google, so
the search algorithm is also integrated in the video as one of the
highest factors for search rankings. So attach a video on our fan page
will create a positive effect on Google's search results.
Post direct links or other related sites on the Fan Page: Update your
status with a direct link to your website or other related sites which in
turn will help you to increase the value of links from web pages and your
fan page as well. but keep in mind that you should not be exaggerated,
because the later might be considered spamming.
Include photos with captions and events to the description: You can send
photos with descriptions of key words to make a good SEO your Fan Page
and make you more attractive.
Get more inbound links to pages Fan Page: As we all know that a lot of
inbound links to improve PageRank website. This is the same in the case
of Facebook Fanpage, the more inbound links to pages Fan Page you mean
more chances to get a higher PageRank. You can increase this by posting a
direct link on your website or create a badge or like box on your
Well this is a little tip from me to increase the visibility of seo or
your Fan Page in the eyes of search engines and increase your fan page
page to a higher level.

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