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           (*Revisit June 28, 2012) Dumb Blonde, by TIGI Bedhead, has been one of my favorite shampoo /
           conditioner duos for quite some years. I regret to inform you that while doing some research on bad
           chemicals in shampoo (for an article I haven’t finished yet), I learned that Dumb Blonde shampoo is one of
           the worst types of shampoos you can use on your hair. Let me rephrase that: The new formulation of
           Dumb Blonde is horrible and I would not recommend it for anyone. It contains Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
           (ALS), which is the harshest of sulfates used in shampoos. It will dry out your scalp and cause a lot of
           problems (like respiratory irritation) if used long-term. It really broke my heart to find this out. I have not
           touched the bottle in my shower since, and in fact, I’m going to throw it away. On a good note, the Dumb
           Blonde conditioner is still one of my favorite protein conditioners around and I still use it all the time.

           Original Article:
           So as my boyfriend is attempting to install a screen door in the front doorway of my house (We are night-
           owls… I swear my neighbors think we are tweakers), I decided to take a break from helping him and
           contribute my daily 2 cents to my blog (:

           Tonight, I want to tell you about Dumb Blonde.
           I bleach my hair. A lot. My poor hair has gone to hell and back. As indecisive as I can be, I’ve committed a
           sin in the hair world, taking my hair to black, back to platinum, back to black again and back to platinum
           again. I would never advise anyone to do this. It wreaks havoc on your hair to bleach it so much, especially
           since black is the hardest color to lift out of your hair.

           My poor hair was completely fried off for a while. I went through a period where my bangs were so short, I
           had to constantly wear a headband to try to keep them from standing up. After some time, I realized that I
           am happiest when my hair is blonde, so I decided I was going to keep it that way forever. Now, let me give
           you a chemistry lesson on hair:
           Hair is composed 88% of protein known as keratin. When you lighten your hair, it removes the color
           molecules in your hair, leaving it a pale yellow color (which is the natural color of keratin.) It also removes
           some of the protein (and moisture) from your hair.
           Another thing bleach does, is opens up the cuticle on each hair shaft. The more you lighten it, the less your
           cuticle will close. This is why a lot of people like to bleach their hair before adding punky colors, or why
           bleached hair turns green with chlorine. When the cuticle is open, hair becomes porous like a sponge.

           It’s funny, because as messed up as I think my hair is, people ALWAYS tell me that it looks like it is in such
           good condition. Here is the trick: I spend a lot of time trying to repair my hair.
Anyways, the purpose of this post is that my favorite shampoo that I use EVERY DAY to help repair my hair
is called “Dumb Blonde” by Bedhead. I absolutely love it! It makes my hair feel so good. It also smells
really good. My old boss used to say it smelled like “funfetti”. The main thing that Dumb Blonde
shampoo/conditioner does is helps restore the protein in your hair by adding Pro vitamin B-5, wheat and
soy. It also helps with the porosity and moisture issue, and helps balance the pH of your hair.
Dumb Blonde is not just used for blondes though…. it can be used to protein treat any type of hair. It says
on the back of the bottle: “Not just for Dumb Blondes- it’s for Racy Redheads and Buxom Brunettes too.”

Have you tried this shampoo / conditioner? Comment about your experience with it.

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