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									Disease and Therapy Review: Epilepsy

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The Epilepsy Disease and Therapy Review provides an overview of the disease and related
conditions, with incidence and prevalence numbers and percentages for major countries
worldwide, information on diagnosis, and an overview of treatment. Dosing and treatment cost
information is provided for various treatment types. General information on the epilepsy market,
as well as sales of leading drugs and therapies are provided.

Disease and Therapy Reviews were developed to provide a basic understanding of the key facts
about a disease and market in a quick, easy-to-read format. These reports are prepared by the
senior market research team of Timely Data Resources. Each Disease and Therapy Review
provides a concise analysis of the most important information about a particular disease, its
treatment, and the market opportunities. Reports begin with an overview of the condition, and
also contain tables that summarize the available worldwide incidence and prevalence data for the
condition, a review of current diagnosis strategies and treatment options, general information
about the market size, and information about important market trends. The data contained in
these reports comes from key industry secondary data sources, such as the Timely Data
Resources Incidence and Prevalence Database, and Lange's Current Medical Diagnosis and
Treatment. This information is supplemented by reviews of analyst reports, company reports,
and medical websites. Sources and references are provided.

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