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           Candy Fixations is the newest hair product line from TIGI Bedhead. I am obsessed with them. I bought
           them for the hair salon I work in, right after I laid eyes on them. Every single product in the Candy
           Fixations line smells like sugar and candy. They will make your mouth water on impact.

           Whether you are looking for volume, body, texture, a tousled beach look, smoothing, shine or height, one of
           the five Candy Fixations products will help you achieve the style you want.

           In this article I discuss the benefits of Totally Baked (volumizing and prepping hair meringue), Sugar
           Shock (hair bodifying sugar spray), Mega Whip (whipped marshmallow hair texturizer), Glaze Haze (semi-
           sweet smoothing hair serum) and Sugar Dust (invisible micro-texture root powder), as well as Sugar Shots,
           which is a neat hot oil treatment.

           1.TOTALLY BAKED
           <volumizing and prepping hair meringue>
First off, this stuff smells exactly like lemon meringue pie, so I really don’t care what it does. It is probably
my favorite smell in the Candy Fixations line. In fact, I usually have everyone smell it in the shop. It adds
humidity-resistant, long-lasting, weightless volume and movement to any style. It works on any hair type
and texture. It gives the hair a light hold, and is designed to enhance your other hair products. To use,
apply to damp hair and then style as desired.

<bodifying sugar spray>

Are you looking for the tousled beach bum look? Then, this stuff is for you! It is a lightweight spray that
will give your hair body, hold, fullness and texture without weighing it down or tangling. It also happens to
smell like peppermint. Maybe because it is specially formulated with real sucrose. For a tousled look, mist
onto dry hair, or layer throughout your hair for texture, volume and hold

<whipped marshmallow hair texturizer>
With a tub shaped like a marshmallow, it’s hard not to show interest in this product. Did I mention, it also
smells like marshmallows? It’s lightweight formula makes it easy to whip into your hair, leaving it full of
texture. It allows you to mold your hair into any shape you desire. The light matte texture allows for
layer definition and separation. It works excellent on thick and coarse hair. To use, rub between fingers
and then whip it throughout your dry hair.

<semi-sweet smoothing hair serum>

This product helps each strand of hair fight humidity, while reducing drying time. It also reduces fly aways
and adds mega shine to your hair while making you smell like fresh creme brulee. I personally think most
people need to apply a serum to their hair on a daily basis, and since this stuff smells so good, why not give
it a shot? To use, place a small amount in wet hair (not at the scalp) before blow drying, and work through
<invisible micro-texture root powder>

If you are like me, and you HAVE to have big, teased hair every day, then this product will work really well
for you. It gives your hair lift and volume. This product is supposed to smell like grape tarts, but it is hard
to smell since it consists of very tiny powder molecules. To use, lift roots and sprinkle it on dry hair. Tease
your hair after for added lift.

This last product is called Sugar Shots, and it is not really part of the Candy Fixations line. However, it is
made by TIGI Bedhead, it’s similar, and I sell it in my salon, so I also decided to list it here. These are very
straightforward and simple. They are a hot oil treatment, for use on dry hair. To use, place one pod in hot
water for a minute. Then apply to hair. Let sit for about 5 minutes and then wash/condition/style your
hair as usual.
I like the smell of Totally Baked the best! What is your favorite smell in the candy fixations line?

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