Please complete any bus inventory changes on the J 143 form supplied by CDE note by 1yrySd


									October 20, 2004                                                                            Bulletin No. 05-031

TO:             Chief Business Officials (K-12)
                San Bernardino County School Districts

SUBJECT:        Annual Report of School Buses for Fiscal Year 2003-04
                DUE TO BAS OCTOBER 26, 2004

Please find enclosed the following information and forms for the completion of the District’s School Bus Report:

   Report of School Buses for 2003-04 Computer Listing
   Form J-143 Report of School Buses for 2003-04 –Additions/Deletions/Changes

        (Note word file available at )

   CDE Form No. J-143 Instructions

The Report of School Buses is an annual report that is collected by our Office and then forwarded to CDE by October 29,
2004 for the update of the statewide school bus data files. Please complete any bus inventory changes on the J-143 form
supplied by CDE (note: the document can be downloaded from the site above plus we have attached it to the email version
of this Bulletin). If NO CHANGES are needed to the 2003/04 Computer listing provided by the state, please write NO
CHANGES on the J-143 form and submit. A copy of the state’s cover letter is also included for your information.

If your district has entered into any Transportation Transfer agreements, CDE has provided Form J-141 T. Please
complete this form ONLY if you have an agreement with another LEA to transfer a portion or all of your Transportation

If you have any questions, please call me at (909) 433-4638. Please send completed Form J-143 to our office to the
attention Lupe Saldivar on or before October 26, 2004.


Herbert R. Fischer, Ph.D.
County Superintendent of Schools

Betty Richards
Betty Richards, Program Manager
Business Advisory Services

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