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 HOOSIER                                  LOCAL NEWS & INFORMATION
                                         EVENT FOR MARCH 17TH MASTERPIECE CLASSIC CARS
 Inside this issue:                      WHITELAND, INDIANA                A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN “LOOK & BUY”
                                         SEE WWW.               FOR INFORMATION ON THIS LOCATION

NATIONAL BOARD   2                          LOCATED AT: 675 N. US 31 Whiteland, IN 46184
MEETING. FLORIDA                            TIME: 11:00 AM Saturday         March 17th        Old Fashion Diner +Restorations Etc.
TOURING CAR                      3       We will meet up with the: “Vintage Thunderbird Club of Indiana” to tour this Classic Car location.
                                         For details of this event see their WEB SITE: (Vintage Thunderbird Club of Indy)
BOB THOMAS        4
RESTORATION SHOP.                        A lunch location in the area will be announced as soon as available, or at the event location.

PHOTO OF CARS                    5       This combined event happened as both EDITORS of their clubs newsletter are Ham Radio Opera-
AT COLLECTION                            tors and Lincoln Club found out that the Thunderbird Club was also planning a trip on March 17th,
2012 EVENTS                      6       After some quick E-Mails between Joe Columbe, our Events planner and Jeff Alden, President of the
LIST…..LCOC                              Thunderbirds group, they offered us to meet with them on their scheduled date of March 17th.
CONTINUED                        7       We all are looking forward to this joint event.   Please come and join us on this Saturday.
                                         Reminder: This newsletter is SENT Quarterly to all members. It is also available on the WEB
3300 CAR MUSEUM                  9       Hoosier Region WEB Site: WWW:HOOSIERREGIONLCOC.ORG (Best photo’s)
                                         (Thus you can see photo’s in color and print any pages you wish for your use)
CAR ADD’S                        10
                                           Also available on: LCOC National WEB: LCOC.ORG under “Newsletters Hoosier Region”.
CLUB OFFICERS                    11
                                                                                           DIRECTORS MEETINGS:
                                                                                           CHANGED DATES & LOCATION: NOW
 Get a friend or Lincoln Car fan
                                                                                                2ND MONDAY OF MONTH.
 to one of our events or to join the
                                                                                           NEXT MEETING: 6:30 PM -DIRECTORS
     “Hoosier Region“ LCOC“                                                                MARCH 12TH , 2012 & APRIL 9TH
   The local and National needs                                                                 MURPHY’S STEAK HOUSE
                                                                                                4189 N. KEYSTONE AVE
           more NEW members.
                                                                                                SO. OF FALL CREEK E. SIDE
   Plan to attend one of our next                                                               317-716-5555 Paul Cell.
  events, or a Board of Directors
         Meeting in Indianapolis.
Page 2                                          THE L INCOLN L OG .                                 Vol um e 28 , I ss u e 1

                                      January 28, 2012 LCOC Board Meeting
                                                   Darren Klingler

Paul Temple and Darren Klingler attended the recent LCOC board meeting in Orlando, Florida. Paul held the proxy for
Gary Stapleton as Regional Director, Darren as national At-Large Director. It was in the 80s every day!

We started the meeting with a moment of silence for Past LCOC President Doug Mattix and Executive Vice President Art
Whitmire. They both passed away since the last full board meeting.

The national and world economic conditions have hit us all, including our Club. That contributes to the biggest issue for
LCOC, our membership has gone down – again. This puts even further strain on LCOC’s budget. We need your mem-
bership and for you to get new members. So, renew your LCOC (and Hoosier Region) membership and refer prospec-
tive members to for membership application. Speaking of web site, check it out for details on plans for
2012 national meets and to request meet packets/registrations. Last year’s meets were profitable and were discussed
at the board meeting. The Foundation was highlighted, make your donation now! We have matching funding available.
If you are interested in getting involved with LCOC management, consider running for a national board seat – filing is
due by April 30th to Carol Mattix (Elections Clerk). Not many judging issues were discussed this year – unusual! The
main judging change was the creation of “Youth Concours Judging Class” for those 24 and under. This was approved
and will start in 2013. The purpose is to entice younger members to show their (or parent’s) Lincolns and be recog-
nized separately. The LCOC will have its own Facebook posting and try Google AdWords to increase visibility and get
those younger potential and current members involved. But the main concern was getting LCOC membership back up!
In addition, other routine issues were discussed.

Over all, this meeting and the two days of committee meetings prior were very productive. Thanks to LCOC President
Glenn Kramer and Executive Vice President Gary Birk’s leadership in making the meeting one of the best in years. Plans
for the next January board meeting have just started for San Antonio – any member is welcomed to attend. Hoosier
Region members should plan to attend the Chattanooga, TN and/or Bloomington, MN meets this year. Of course, the
meet in Concord, CA will be great too, but not sure if any of us will drive to the West Coast! Watch for more details in
an upcoming edition of Comments.

By Paul Temple Membership Chair
At our February 13, 2012 Board Meeting, the Board approved to:
   1) Extend all current paid Hoosier Region Memberships through December 31, 2013

   2) Offer a complimentary membership to all new LCOC National members that list their residence within the
      State of Indiana

   3) A onetime complimentary Hoosier Region Membership to all current LCOC members residing in Indiana.

Regional membership requires that the members are current paid National LCOC Members. The Board reached
this decision due to the urgent need to campaign for membership both at the Regional and National levels. The
LCOC as well as our Region’s membership continues to decline. Our club needs everyone to help increase mem-
bership and get involved with your organization. If every member could recruit just one member and attend just
one event or meeting, it would be huge for your club.            Continued Page #3 >
Page 3                                                   THE    LINCOLN LOG .                                Volume 28, Issue 1

Continued from Page #2
In this issue is a list of planned and suggested National and local events and meetings. Please contact any of the
Board Members if you have any questions or suggestions. Also remember the LCOC .ORG website has loads
of information on National as well as links to all the regions. The site continues to expand and will soon have a
members only section. See HOOSIERREGIONLCOC.ORG under Newsletter on left side.

                                               Walk thru with Owner Bob Thomas
                                                       February 25, 2012
On a cool Saturday morning at 11:00 AM about 20 members and guests met at the Olive Garden just off of I-465 (East) and Wash-
ington Street in Indianapolis for a lunch before going to the Bob Thomas Car Collection.
Soon we were all talking of car experiences and getting to know some new visitors and
guests. Discussions of driving on old tires and having them blow-out before reaching an
important destination seemed quite popular, especially in the older cars. Swapping ideas
and questions is a helpful time to find out how or what to do next on your favorite car, or
restoration project. A little after 1 PM we drove just a few blocks to: Capitol City Ford.
8623 E. Washington St. 4 blocks East of I-465 South Side.
It was amazing to see so many cars in this large building. Parked door handle to door
handle, sometimes with just room to walk thru was an overwhelming experience. After a
quick look, Bob Thomas ( owner of Capital City Ford) gave us a super explanation of
each car as he walked thru the collection. Giving how or why he purchased the car, its
year, engine size, mileage and special reasons he had wanted the car. Sometimes it was a car for each of his three daughters when
they were in High School, one of his 1st cars, or a first or rare car due to model or engine size etc. He also added if it was a good
driver, fun or fast to give you a real feel for each car. His knowledge of the collection was outstanding and each car had a personal
meaning to him and justified its purchase.
Some of his description: Ruth Lilly 49 Ford, 396 Vet 90,000 Mi traded on new Cobra Mustang, 55T Bird (early), 64 Riviera
w/motor driven head light covers, 63 Vet – good driver, Etc. On and on
with interesting experiences.
TR-4 owned by the “TV Cranbury” guy on the commercials, Eldo 13,000
Mi 500 CC engine, Jag wifes car gray, 71 T-Bird 23,000 Mi, 62 Continen-
tal Teal, Blue Mark was Jerry Flanary mothers car, 68 Cougar 427, MC
GT 6 cyl purchased in Oregon at an Air Show (drove home), Mark IV
silver 10,000 Mi, 57 Jag 140 MC white (was Grey new top), 66 Ply-
mouth Sport Fury Convt, Jag series II E 1969, 70 Boss 302, 71 Mark III
40,000 mi., Jag 73 V-12 15,000 Mi – Fast Smooth Fun to drive etc.
All of these cars are DRIVERS, no trailer queens. (But they look like it)
Keeps batteries charged at least monthly so they will start. Being into Air
Planes suggests using 100 Octane AV gas that is (NO Lead) and has un-
limited life unlike standard pump gas which has ethanol.
(Search on WEB… some gas stations can be found that sell “Non ethanol
gas” for older classics or muscle cars.)
                                                                                    CONTINUED PG # 4 >
Page 4                              THE L INC O L N L O G .                                                      Vol um e 28 , I ss u e 1

We also toured his restoration building and he is working on the Actual Serial Number, his first car a JAG he found doing a search
on the WEB. It is totally apart and being restored to original condition. A neat project. Various other projects are lined up for future

The restoration never ends for many car people. Bob Thomas is one of them to keep an eye on. Thanks Bob…..for a very interest-
ing and informative tour of your low mileage, one owner special Car Collection!

There were 19 LCOC members and guests at the collection after the lunch, they were:
Eleanor Columbe & Joe, Gary Stapleton, Bob Osterhous, John Unger, Mark Fredland, George Odom, Jim Browley, Robert
Columbe, David Columbe, Charles Griffith, Becky Griffith, Julie Temple, Rhett Silbaugh ( Newest Youth Member of LCOC),
Rafe Silbaugh, Paul Temple, Jack Pecsok, Mike Bowman and Bob Thomas.
Page 5        THE L INC O L N L O G .                                 Vol um e 28 , I ss u e 1

         Photo’s continued of: BOB THOMAS COLLECTION - INDIANAPOLIS
Page 6                                                   THE    LINCOLN LOG .                                 Volume 28, Issue 1

Hoosier Region – Lincoln & Continental Owners Club
Joe S. Columbe, Activities Chair
765-562-4900 Cell

Schedule of Events for the remainder of 2012

Please let me know if any member has a suggestion or dislike. Any member may take a month and plan an event. In fact that is en-
couraged!!! The more members that are involved in the planning of our activities the better our club will be.
All other Hoosier Region Club events are tentative. (Subject to change)

February: (Sat) 25th 11:00 a.m. Meet at the Olive Garden at 8155 East Washington Street, Indianapolis, for lunch. At 1:30 p.m. we
will be at Mark Motors, which is behind Capitol City Ford, to visit the Thomas Collection.

         Whiteland, Indiana See details on Cover Page.     See T-Bird WEB Site for Newsletter & details.
(Sat) 11:00 a.m., Meet at Masterpiece Classic Cars located at 675 North, US 31, Whiteland. Bring a sack lunch to enjoy in their
50’s style dinner. (they do not offer food). We could also have a late lunch if we decide not to bring a sack lunch at a local restau-

April: 21st. (Sat) 10:00 a.m. meet at (?) to caravan to have lunch at the Story Inn in Story, Brown County, Indiana. Then on to Nash-
ville or back to our homes.

May-17th (Thurs) to the 20th LCOC Eastern National Meet at Chattanooga, Tennessee. (Some of our members will be attending)

May:19th (Sat) or 20th 10:00 a.m. Meet at the Mecum Spring Classic Car auction at the Indiana State Fair Grounds on 38th Street in

May-19th (Sat) Delta Faucet Car Show, Carmel, Indiana

June 1st (Friday) to the 3rd Auburn, Indiana Spring Classic Auto Auctions.

June 9th (Saturday) New Albany, Indiana, Car & Motorcycle Show

June: 23rd & 24 (Sat – Sun) Overnight event. Meet at 9:00 a.m. at (?) to caravan to New Harmony, Indiana. Stay at the Red Gera-
nium Hotel and tour New Harmony Saturday and Sunday. Sunday afternoon head back to our homes.

                                                                                  Continued on Page # 7
THE    LINCOLN LOG .                                                    Volume 28, Issue 1                          Page 7

Continued from Page # 6

         Lincoln City, Indiana 9:00 AM—12:00 Check-in Show 12:00—3:00 PM Classic cars “emphasis 1950-60’s.”
         Contact Stephanie (812-937-4541      e-mail

July: 14th (Saturday) Meet at 10:00 a.m. at (?) to caravan to Columbus, Indiana. (Should be a good day for the convertibles.)
Lunch at Zwanzig Pizza. Tour the Miller House and the other architectural sites. Finish the day at Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor and
Museum in downtown Columbus. Head back to our homes in the late afternoon.

August: 4th (Saturday) Noon. Second Annual Picnic at the Columbe’s in southwest Rush County, Indiana. Meet at (?) to caravan
down to the Columbe’s. Pitch-In Dinner, host will provide the meat and drinks. Come to relax, swim, row boating, fishing, hiking,
Covered Bridges near by. Possible side trip (1 ½ miles away) to the Don Miller Museum. He worked on the Manhattan Project dur-
ing WWII. His collection is of historical nature not auto related. Set this up for 10:00 a.m. before our picnic.

August 15th (Wed) to the 19th LCOC Mid-America National Meet, Bloomington, Minnesota.

August 30th (Thur) to Sept-2nd      Auburn Indiana Fall Collector Car Auction

September: 15th (Saturday) Greenwood, Indiana. Meet at 11:00 a.m. for lunch at (?) then tour Skillman Classic Car Business and
Museum. Located behind Skillman Ford on US 31.

September 26th to the 30th LCOC Western National Meet, Concord, California.

October: 20th &21st Overnight event: 10:00 a.m. meet at (?) to caravan to French Lick / West Baden, Indiana. Stay at the casino
and visit sights, train ride, golfing, gambling, probably have a show on this weekend. Back to our homes (if we have any $ left) Sun-
day PM.

November: 11th (Sunday) Noon: Lunch site to be determined.
Annual Membership Meeting.
(How About the Iron Skillet?) Veteran’s Day.

December: Annual Christmas Party: December 8th (Saturday) @ PAUL’S Office, INDIANAPOLIS.
(Final Time, date to be advised.)


THE    LINCOLN LOG .                                      Volume 28, Issue 1                                         Page 8

                            The 2013 Lincoln Highway 100th Anniversary Tour
                                                         By, Paul Temple

We are in the early stages of gathering info and will in the future be looking for participants who wish to join in on the tour. The web
site for this event is . There are two tours, one leaving from New York City to Kearney, Nebraska
and the second leaving from San Francisco to Kearney, Nebraska.

The Eastern Tour leaves June 21, 2013 from NY and ends on June 30th in Kearney, NE. It is a total of 1,575 miles.

Participants are welcome to sign up for the whole journey or can pick up a day trip from a location near you to the next day’s stop.

This may end up being the “Lincoln Event of 2013”, as there are no National Meets planned for 2013 as yet.

The Tour will enter our Region just east of Ft. Wayne on June 26th with a lunch stop planned there. This would be a great point for
our Hoosier Region members to join in as the tour passes through IN. It would be great to see our members participate for part of the

At the Annual Meeting of LCOC, I volunteered to help promote this 100th Anniversary Tour. I will be making sure you have the
itinerary in the future, but for now I want you to consider being part of it. I am hoping that we will have some symbolic torch to
carry and pass on to the next group so as to get it to Kearney and to San Francisco on their return home.

Please check The Lincoln Log continuing discussion of this event.

Various simple driving habits can save wear & tear on your car and save gas.
Try looking way ahead on RED LIGHTS, and lifting off the gas. Don’t really slow following traffic but coasting to a light can save
gas and your brakes.
Starting off slowly, and accelerating slowly can be easy on your transmission, and your gas mileage. Keep your tire pressure at or
near the rated PSI on your door post marker. Turn off air conditioning and only crack windows in mild weather.
Find economical places to gas up: On 3-5-2012 N.E. INDY… $3.99 at Shell & most others. Sams Club …$ 3.69 (-.30cents)
Try Cosco , Krogers or others etc. Driving your car can be easier on your wallet and your car.

Bob Osterhous was recognized for his continuing efforts and dedication as the Hoosier Region Newsletter Editor
during the Annual National 2012 Board Meeting. Hoosier Region Assistant Director, Paul Temple, accepted the
award on Bob’s behalf which was then given to Bob at the Hoosier Region Board Meeting on February 13, 2012.
Congratulations and thank you to Bob for his hard work on our region’s newsletter. (See photo on back cover)
THE   LINCOLN LOG .                                  Volume 28, Issue 1                                     Page 9

TACOMA, Wash. - This month, construction will wrap up on a one-of-a-kind museum to show off the one-of-a-kind
collection from a one-of-a-kind man.

KOMO News got a sneak preview of Harold Lemay's cars - and how they're changing the face of Tacoma.
Somewhere during the course of a long lifetime, Lemay fell head over heels in love with the automobile - and he started
collecting them. His wildly successful garbage collection business made money a non-factor. He couldn't stop buying
cars - amazing cars.
"I'm like an alcoholic - I can have one more," Lemay said back in 1998, when he was still collecting autos.
The car collection grew and grew until it filled 52 buildings and warehouses all over Pierce County. It is considered the
largest privately owned collection of automobiles, motorcycles, trucks and other vehicles in the world.
"I have 17 grandchildren, and they're all favorites. So that's kind of the way the cars are," he said before his death in
His dream was to show his cars to the world in a Tacoma-based museum. He didn't live long enough to see it, but Amer-
ica's Car Museum will soon open right next to the Tacoma Dome. The field next to the museum will be used for car
shows and drive-in movies.

And inside - they're currently moving in the largest car collection in the world.
About 3,300 cars, which is insane - insanely wonderful," says David Madeira, president and CEO of the museum. He
admits it is the one of the coolest jobs in the world.

"Yeah, other than having to raise all the money to keep this place alive - getting to do this is so fun," Madeira says.
It's all there at the museum - fuzzy dice, tailfins, hood ornaments, hot wheels, duece coupes, Duesenbergs, Corvettes,
Cadillac's - all kinds of cool.

What the museum really aims to showcase is the unique relationship between the automobile and America. The mu-
seum isn't going to be about one-of-a-kind million-dollar European sports cars. Instead, the idea is to celebrate the cars
that made this country great.

"Yeah, there's more exotic and important collections in terms of wealth and rarity - but this one's America," says Madeira.
"It's Smithsonian."

On display are street rods, muscle cars, classics (including a 1927 LaSalle), ugly ducklings - the works.

"This museum is designed to show cars, store cars and move cars," Madeira says.

The challenge is to not only preserve and celebrate these machines - but to keep them "alive."

"Our motto is 'Celebrate America's love affair with the car.' And so this is an active place that we're having fun. We're
doing car events and we're doing dances, we're doing movies, and we're racing - and the kids are playing," says Ma-

Car lovers will actually be able to store their cars here for a fee. They can also hang out in a special clubhouse with other
gear heads.

And everywhere, there will be gorgeous curves, classic lines - the artistry of a nation addicted to, in love with and end-
lessly fascinated by ... the automobile.

"No, this isn't just your father's car museum," says Madeira. "This is new and modern and forward-thinking and always

America's Car Museum has already had a few public events, but the official opening will be on June 2.
 THE L INC O L N L O G .                                               Vol um e 28 , I ss u e 1                                    Page 10

                                                    CAR ADS & MISC.

Three Lincolns for sale:

   1. 1948 Lincoln Continental Sedan, Black exterior, original tan cloth and red leather
interior. All new wiring in the mid 90's. Same family since 1950. 71,000 miles, $24,500.

   2. 1963 Lincoln Continental Sedan Black/black. All new interior, new trunk interior,
engine compartment detailed, plus new wiring.   92,000 miles, $12,800.

    3.     1997 Lincoln Mark VIII, Black exterior/ tan interior.                                  Moon roof, 10 disk CD .
           93,700 miles $4,900. Contact: Ellsworth Wente III,                                     2772 E. Plateau Place
           Bloomington, IN            47401      Home:      (812) 824-9578, cell (812) 325-7901

1978 Mark V 18,600 miles, 460 engine, Perfect Original Condition ,
99/100 pt winner Lincoln Trophy, Ruth Trophy
See p. 44 Cont. Comments March April for color picture. Apricot Metal-
lic Ext. Velour Int. Driven to Lincoln Meets
Asking…...$19,900.00 Call John Lower 636 745 8393 Mo.

1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible. Cream in color, cream interior. Car is a very straight original car,
Needs total restoration. Owner is asking ….$4850.00
Please contact      Gary Stapleton Hoosier Region Director:           317-856-7922
               Lincoln Log

Full Power—All Options Power seats both sides. Tinted Windows, Michelin WW. Light brown saddle leather interior.
Like new not driven in rain or snow for last 10 years. ( Exercised) All original no body, paint or upholstery work ever!
Double floor mats. Tailgate has full size rug cover. Mobile 1 oil since new, posi-traction , trans & radiator flushed regularly.
LT-1 Corvette Engine. 9 passenger will hold 4’ x 8’ plywood with tail gate closed.
Detailed engine, treated leather seats, waxed ready to enjoy and show. 90,500 mi Asking..$5295.00 OBO (make offer)
Contact: Robert Osterhous 317-842-0034 E-Mail
(Selling do to health reasons)     Purdue Engr     Car newsletter writer.
              THE L INC O L N L O G .                            Vol um e 28 , I ss u e 1                     Page 11

BOARD OF MANAGERS …                                                    MAIL RESPONSE TO
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NOTE: THIS NEWSLETTER IS SHOWN ON BOTH                          * Auburn Museum & NATMUS           - AUBURN

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