DC 2012 internship application package Final Revised Oct2011 by 1yrySd


									                                       Guide for Dietetic Internship Application


Candidates who wish to apply for a dietetic internship must be graduates of a Dietitians of Canada (DC) accredited
undergraduate program or have been assessed for academic equivalency to meet accredited program standards.
Applicants must also be Canadian citizens, landed immigrants, or international students at the time of application.
International students are only eligible to apply in the year of their university graduation (See
http://cic.gc.ca/english/study/work-postgrad.asp under "Working After Graduation" for further information).

I.   Applicants Needing Upgrading
     If you graduated from a DC accredited program, and it has been more than 3 years since you graduated, you must
     first obtain an academic assessment from DC or from a DC accredited undergraduate program. For example, a
     graduate of May 2009 who applies in February 2012, does not require an assessment for upgrading purposes.
     However, if that graduate applies in February 2013, an assessment for upgrading will be required. To obtain a DC
     assessment, please refer to the DC website at:
     http://www.dietitians.ca/Downloadable-Content/Public/Cdn_assessment_info_sheet.aspx . Your DC assessment
     must be submitted to the DC office no later than November 15, 2011.

II. Applicants from Canadian Degree Programs Not Accredited by DC
    If you completed a Canadian degree program that was not accredited by DC, you must contact a DC accredited
    undergraduate program to inquire about the process required to meet academic equivalency to apply for dietetic

III. Applicants from Non-Canadian Degree Programs
     If you completed a non-Canadian degree program, and have been assessed by a Provincial Dietetic Regulatory
     Body as requiring a dietetic internship, you must be assessed for academic equivalency to apply for a dietetic
     internship. In order to be eligible for the 2012 internship match, your request for a DC assessment must be
     submitted to the DC office no later than November 15, 2011. To obtain a DC assessment, please refer to the DC
     website at http://www.dietitians.ca/Downloadable-Content/Public/outofcountry_assessment_info_sheet.aspx

     Rather than applying for internship, you may be eligible to complete a program specifically developed to assist
     Internationally Educated dietitians to meet registration requirements. For information on these programs refer to
     the DC website at: http://www.dietitians.ca/Career/Internationally-Educated-Dietitians.aspx
     Before undertaking one of these programs, you should check with the Provincial Dietetic Regulatory Body to
     ensure that the program is acceptable to them.

If you have been assessed by DC, your assessment letter specified any courses you must complete to be eligible to
apply for an internship position. Before you can apply for internship, you must provide written confirmation that the
academic requirements specified in your DC assessment have been or will be met. Any courses in progress must be
completed before the internship program begins. The confirmation process is described on pg. 3-4 and all documents
must be submitted to the DC office no later than January 4, 2012 in order to have your Confirmation of Completion of
Academic Program forms signed. These forms must be included in each of your internship application packages.


Application packages are available by mid-October from your university course director or can be downloaded from
Dietitians of Canada website:
The application package contains the forms necessary to make application and a Summary Listing of Dietetic
Internship Programs. Obtain program brochures from your university program director or consult the DC website at

for condensed versions of the information.

You may apply to 3 programs. Be sure to apply only to those programs from which you would accept an internship
position. Completed applications must reach the directors of each dietetic internship program no later than February
1, 2012. It is advised that you send your application packages to the internship programs well in advance of the
deadline. Upon receiving your application package, the director will confirm with you if your application is
complete or whether information is missing. It is your responsibility to ensure that any missing documentation
is received by director no later than February 1, 2012. You must also register in the DC web-based computer
system prior to February 1, 2012 in order to be included in the internship selection (see page 5 for detailed


DC uses a web-based computer system for internship selection. This computerized selection process allows student
applicants to enter the 3 internship programs to which they have applied, and permits dietetic internship programs to
enter a listing of ranked applicants whom they will accept. The system then matches the student and program lists, and
makes offers to successful applicants up to the number of positions available. Some students will receive more than
one internship offer, from which they must choose, resulting in program openings. The selection process then
continues to move down the program’s list of ranked applicants, notifying successful applicants until all positions have
been filled. For this reason, it is important for applicants to monitor their emails on an ongoing basis.

Applicants enter their internship selections via a web-link and receive notification of position acceptance by email. To
apply for internship selection, an applicant must pay an Internship Selection fee. This fee allows the student to access
the computer system to input their internship program choices. The deadline for application to this selection process is
February 1, 2012.

It is your responsibility to submit each of the following items to your 3 internship program choices, with the exception
of those items asterisked* and noted below.
 Personal letter
 Résumé
 Transcript of Marks
 Dietetic Internship: Applicant’s Contact Information Sheet
 Confirmation of Completion of Academic Program (Note: If you had a DC assessment, this form must first be
     signed by DC’s Professional Affairs designate. A copy of your signed confirmation form must then be sent to each
     internship program. Note: some internship directors may also request verification of courses in progress. A copy of
     the assessment letter must also accompany your application).
 Confidential Report on Dietetic Internship Application
 Dietetic Internship Acceptance Form (Only if accepted)*
 Any other material requested on the Internship Brochure for the individual program


Personal Letter
Your reasons for selecting the internship program should be included in this letter to each director. Check the
individual internship brochures for requirements that are specific to each program.

Your résumé should include your education, paid and volunteer employment experience, and any relevant
extracurricular activities.
Transcript of Marks
Your document must be an official transcript bearing the university’s seal or a notarized copy. For students in DC
accredited degree programs, transcripts must include marks for all courses completed by the end of the first semester
of the current academic year. For students assessed by DC, transcripts must include marks for all courses completed at
the time of application. Be sure to order your transcript(s) early as it may take a few weeks for processing by the
university. When you graduate, you must also forward an official transcript of your marks to the internship program in
which you are enrolled.

Dietetic Internship Applicant’s Contact Information Sheet
This contact sheet will be an important reference for the internship director. Make sure it includes your present and
permanent contact information. If any of the information changes, notify the director. A copy must be included in
each internship application package. You will need an extra copy of this form if you need your Confirmation of
Completion of Academic Program form signed by DC’s Professional Affairs designate.

Confirmation of Completion of Academic Program

If you’re completing your degree in a DC accredited undergraduate program:
This form confirms that you have met or will meet DC’s academic requirements. Fill in your name, the degree(s) you
completed or will be completing, the name of the university/ies at which you completed or are completing your
degree(s), and the date(s) of your graduation. Ask your university program director to sign one copy of this form for
each internship program you are applying to.

If you had a DC academic assessment:
This form confirms that you have met or are working to meet the academic requirements. Follow the instructions
below and send these forms to the DC office for signing by the Professional Affairs designate.

Note that all of the following must be submitted to DC before your forms will be signed.

1. Complete 4 copies of this form – the 4th copy will be used for second round application. Fill in your name, the
   original degree(s) you completed, the name of the university/ies at which you completed your degree(s), and the
   date(s) of your graduation.

2. Submit a copy of your DC assessment letter. Remember to include a copy of this letter in each internship
   application as well.

3. If your surname has changed since your DC assessment, you must submit verification of this name change.

4. Submit official transcript(s) or notarized copies that confirm completion of your degree(s).

5. Submit official transcripts or original documents on university letterhead (not photocopies or forms downloaded
   from the internet) that confirm completion of any courses required to meet academic requirements. Be sure that
   the documents specify the course name(s). If you have not completed the required courses, provide written
   verification from the university (not photocopies or forms downloaded from the internet) that you are registered
   in the course(s).

6. Submit written descriptions for any courses that you have completed or registered in since your DC assessment was

7. Submit one copy of the Dietetic Internship Applicant’s Contact Information Sheet to enable DC to contact you for
   further information.

8. Submit all of this documentation to the DC office (address on page 6), Attention: Professional Affairs, no later
   than January 4, 2012. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope that will be large enough for the return of the
   items listed above. If you wish to have these items returned by courier, please include a self-addressed, prepaid
   Canada Post Xpresspost or Priority Courier envelope. If you live in Toronto, you may wish to pick up your
   confirmation package from the DC office. Please contact Jenna Smith at 416-642-9315 after January 9, 2012 to
   arrange a suitable pick-up time.

   Note that DC’s Professional Affairs designate will sign these forms by January 9, 2012. Please do not contact the
   office before January 9 to inquire about the return of your items.

9. Note: If you cannot meet this deadline, you must notify the DC office before January 4, 2012. An extension may
   be arranged with payment of a $50 administration fee. Extensions will only be granted for compelling reasons, and
   will not be granted unless DC is notified prior to January 4, 2012, and unless all forms are received no later than
   January 12, 2012. Please note that if you are granted an extension, the signed forms cannot be picked up at the DC
   office. You must include a self-addressed, prepaid Canada Post Xpresspost or a Priority Courier sized envelope to
   have them returned to you.

Confidential Report on Dietetic Internship Application

You must provide 3 references for each internship program you apply to. Your 3 referees must complete the
Confidential Report on Dietetic Internship Application. Include 1 copy of this report from each of your 3 referees in
each application package.

Be sure to choose your referees carefully. Referees should know you well enough to judge your performance in most,
if not all, of the areas specified on the report form. It is preferred that at least one referee be a DC member. Others
referees should include those you know you in a professional, student, or business capacity, for example, a university
faculty member, a previous or current employer, and a supervisor of a volunteer work experience. Referees must be
impartial. While the use of employers who are relatives is not recommended, instruct them to fully disclose their
relationship to you on their referee form.

Ask your referees to return each of their 3 completed forms to you in sealed envelopes that carry their signature across
the flap. Photocopies of the confidential report will only be accepted if the signature is original.

Note: The information in the Confidential Reports is for the use of the internship program only and cannot be
released to the applicant or any other party at any time, including after the completion of the application

Dietetic Internship Acceptance Form
DC sends you notification if you have been accepted into an internship program. Once you have entered the computer
system to accept the position, you must return this form to the director immediately – by mail or fax. If you fax the
form, you must also mail the copy to the internship program. If you should subsequently decline a position, you must
send written notification of your decision to the director as soon as possible.

DC also notifies each university program coordinator of applicants from their academic programs who were
successful and unsuccessful in the internship application process. DC will assume an applicant’s consent to the
release of this information unless non-disclosure is requested from Jenna Smith at jenna.smith@dietitians.ca no
later than April 1, 2012.

Please note: This package includes a copy of each form required for Internship Application , as well as a list of
available internship program positions. Please ensure that each of your internship applications contain the following
forms, properly completed:

        Dietetic Internship Applicant’s Contact Information Sheet - 1 copy
        Confirmation of Completion of Academic Program – 1 copy
        Confidential Report on Dietetic Internship Application – 3 copies, one from each referee

Important: It is recommended that you obtain an additional copy of your transcripts, Confirmation of Completion of
Academic Program form, and referee forms in the event that there is a Second Process Round (see page 6).
Internship selection is completed through a computerized process managed by DC. In addition to entering program
choices into this computer system, applicants must send their completed packages directly to the internship programs.
DC will notify applicants of the results of the internship selection process by email only.

Application for Internship Selection:
 Registration information for payment and access for the Internship Selection process will be available on January
   4, 2012 at: www.dietitians.ca/Internshipmatch Applicants must pay the fee of $141.25 including HST. Payment
   must be by credit card or PayPal (no other form of payment is accepted).
 Once the payment has been processed, applicants will be emailed information about how to enter the system using
   their email address as their USERNAME. A DC PASSWORD will be provided.
 An instruction page is provided once an applicant enters the system. Applicants are required to complete a
   personal profile of contact information and to select, from a drop down menu, the 3 internship programs they
   have/will apply to. The 3 choices are equal and are not ranked according to preference (i.e. first, second, third).
   Please note: Payment must be processed and applicants must enter their data into the system no later than
   February 1, 2012 to be eligible to apply for the internship selection. Applicants can make changes to their
   personal profile at any time but are not permitted to change their internship selections after the February 1,
   2012 application deadline. Failure to register in the computer system or to enter your program choices in the
   system prior to the deadline will disqualify you from the computer selection process even though you have
   submitted your applications to the internship programs.

Selection Process- First Process Round:
 Prior to the start of the First Process Round, Internship Programs will enter a list of all applicants whom they are
    willing to accept in the numeric order of choice (i.e. #1 is first choice). This list is generated from those applicants
    who have applied to their program, have created a profile, and have entered their program choices in the system.
 In the First Selection Round of the First Process Round, internship program selection choices are only considered
    down to the total number of positions that the program has available.
 The First Selection Round will begin on March 12, 2012.
 An email notifies all applicants, whether successful or unsuccessful, of the results of the selection process. Some
    successful applicants will receive more than one offer.
 Successful applicants must enter the system to accept a position by 5:00 p.m. March 13, 2012. If a successful
    applicant does not enter the system within the deadline period, they are disqualified from this selection process but
    may be offered a position in a subsequent Selection Round. An applicant who declines a position may also be
    offered a position in a subsequent Selection Round . An applicant who is offered a position but decides not to
    accept an internship this year, has the option of declining all positions offered in this and subsequent rounds.
 For programs that do not fill all of their available positions in the First Selection Round, subsequent selection
    processes will occur by moving down the list of applicants still available on that program’s ranking form. Each
    subsequent selection will follow within approximately 2 days of the previous notification. Offers will be sent by
    email to the next applicant on the program list. Successful applicants will be given a response deadline
    (approximately 2 days). Be sure to monitor your emails on an ongoing basis over the internship application
 The selection process for the First Process Round will continue until all programs have filled their available
    positions. If a program runs out of available applicants, a Second Selection Round may be required.
    Please note: After successful applicants accept a position through the computer selection process, they must
    send the Dietetic Internship Acceptance Form directly to the internship program within 48 hours of

Selection Process- Second Process Round:
 If a Second Process Round is required, all unsuccessful applicants will receive an email to inform them of the
    application process and the deadline for application. Only applicants from the First Process Round are eligible to
    apply, and an application can only be made to one program. Those who have accepted an internship position in the
    First Process Round are not eligible to apply for the Second Process Round.
 An application package for the Second Process Round will be made available for download on the DC website.
    The package will contain available internship program openings and the dates for the Second Process Round
 Applicants apply directly to the Dietetic Internship Program of their choice. All parts of the application package
    must be supplied by the applicant directly to their Second Process Round program choice. No documents will be
    transferred from a First Round program to a Second Round program.
 Once applicants have submitted their internship package to the program, they must go into the internship selection
    program and enter the program they have applied for. There is no additional charge for the Second Process Round
 Successful applicants will be informed by email of the program that has selected them. They must then enter the
    computer system to verify acceptance of the program, by the date specified in the email. Please note: The
    applicant must send the Dietetic Internship Acceptance Form directly to the internship program within 48
    hours of acceptance.

Completion of Annual Internship Selection:
 Once all internship positions are filled, an email will be sent to the remaining unsuccessful applicants informing
   them that the internship selection for 2012 has been completed.


Contact your university program director or faculty advisor or the DC office:

Dietitians of Canada
604 - 480 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1V2
Telephone: 416-642-9315
Fax: 416-596-0603
Email: jenna.smith@dietitians.ca
Website: www.dietitians.ca

                                                 Dietetic Internship
                                        Applicant’s Contact Information Sheet

                  First name                      Middle name                                Surname

Internship Program:

Present Street Address:

City/province/postal code:

Present Phone:                                             Valid until:

Present Fax:                                               Valid until:

Present E-mail:                                            Valid until:

Permanent Address:

Permanent Phone:

Permanent Fax:

Permanent E-mail:

I certify that the information contained in this application package is true, correct, and complete to the best of my

Signature                                                                                    Date

                                Confirmation of Completion of Academic Program

This form confirms that                                                                            ,
                                                   Name of applicant

who will graduate/graduated with a                                                             ,
                                                           Name of degree(s)

from _____________________________________________, in _____________________________,
         Name(s) of university/ies                         Date(s) of graduation

will complete/has completed the Dietitians of Canada’s academic requirements.

Signature of University Program Director                                                Date


For those assessed by DC:

Signature of DC Director of Professional Affairs                                 Date
or Designate

                                Confidential Report on Dietetic Internship Application

Applicant completes this area before forwarding to referee.

Name of applicant: ____________________________________________________________________________

University: ___________________________________________________________________________________

This report will be viewed only by the internship selection committee.

Referee completes the remainder of this report.

Circle the number that best describes the applicant’s performance in each of the following areas. The scale from 1 to 7
represents a continuum from left (low) to right (high). You can also circle “unable to judge.”

        1         2            3        4         5         6         7 unable to judge
Needs close supervision,                                                                  Needs minimal
has difficulty meeting commitments                                                        supervision, is consistently

        1         2            3        4         5         6         7 unable to judge
Follows instructions                                                               Independently initiates
but does not act                                                          activities, seeks new
independently                                                                      opportunities

Organizational/planning skills
        1         2            3        4         5         6         7 unable to judge
Needs help developing                                                     Develops sound, logical
plans for routine tasks                                                   plans, considers details

Leadership qualities
        1         2            3        4         5         6         7 unable to judge
Has difficulty generating                                                         Promotes enthusiasm,
enthusiasm & directing others                                                     can direct others

Time management
        1         2            3        4         5         6         7 unable to judge
Has difficulty                                                            Consistently manages
managing time                                                             time effectively and efficiently

Decision making skills
        1          2          3         4    5        6         7 unable to judge
Decisions often made                                                Makes sound, timely
without adequate thought                                                   decisions, understands outcomes

Critical thinking skills
        1          2          3         4    5        6         7 unable to judge
Has difficulty analyzing                                            Analyzes & integrates
& integrating information                                                  information to make
to make sound judgements                                                   sound judgements

Application of knowledge
        1          2          3         4    5        6         7 unable to judge
Has difficulty applying knowledge                                           Easily applies knowledge

Team skills
        1          2          3         4    5        6         7 unable to judge
Has some difficulty                                                                 Outstanding team member,
working with others                                                         helps others

Oral communications
        1          2          3         4    5        6         7 unable to judge
Has difficulty conveying                                                     Conveys information
information effectively in                                                   effectively in all
all situations                                                      situations

Written communications
        1          2          3         4    5        6         7 unable to judge
Has difficulty writing                                                      Writes clearly, concisely
clearly, concisely, accurately & logically                                          accurately & logically

Response to feedback
        1          2          3         4    5        6         7 unable to judge
Unable to accept                                                             Accepts constructive
constructive criticism                                              criticism, develops plan
& develop a plan for                                                         for improvement

How would you evaluate the applicant’s commitment to the dietetic profession?
        1          2          3         4    5        6         7           unable to judge
        Poor                                        Excellent
                                                                            …. Continued Next Page

Use this section to elaborate on your ratings above or to describe strengths and special
contributions of the applicant.

Describe the professional, student or business capacity in which you have known the applicant, including the period of
time upon which your assessment is based.

Name of referee                          Signature                                 DC number if applicable
(Print or type)

Name of organization/business                             Department                              Position


Phone                                             Fax                              E-mail

Instructions for REFEREE: Please make 3 copies of this confidential report. Sign each copy and place in
sealed envelopes. Write the name of the applicant on the front of each envelope. Sign your name across the seal
on the back of each envelope. Return the sealed envelopes to the applicant for submission to his/her 3 program

                                     Dietetic Internship Acceptance Form

Please return this form immediately to the Internship Director, at the facility where you have been accepted, by
mail or fax. If you fax the form, please also mail it to the Internship Director.

Do NOT send this form to the DC office.

        First Name                            Middle Name                           Surname


Phone Number:

I confirm acceptance of an internship appointment with:

Name of Internship Program                            Location

Signature of Applicant                                Date

Dietitians of Canada                                    Accredited Internship Programs Participating
604-480 University Ave                                          in 2012 Internship Selection
Toronto, ON M5G 1V2                                             Updated September 26, 2011

                                                                             Languag      Preference        Program      Entrance        No. of   Registration
                                                                                e       (see legend at      Length -       Date         Interns       Fee
                                                                                           bottom)           Weeks
                                                                             Required                       (includes
Yukon First Nations Dietetic Internship                                       ENG        b (Preference      47 weeks    Early October     1          $175
Whitehorse, YT                                                                             Regional)                        2012
Jennifer Eskes, Manager
Nutrition Services                                                                            and
Yukon First Nations Dietetic Internship Program
Whitehorse General Hospital                                                             d ( Preference
5 Hospital Road                                                                         First Nations)
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 3H7 E-mail: jeskes@wgh.yk.ca
867 393 8786                       Fax 867 393 8942
Manitoba Partnership Dietetic Education Program                               ENG       c ( access to car   41 weeks     September        3          $350
Winnipeg, MB                                                                            recommended)                       2012
Alison Cummins, Internship Manager
Nutrition and Food Services                                                                   and
Manitoba Partnership Dietetic Education Program
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority                                                       d (Aboriginal
345 DeBaets Street                                                                        Ancestry –
Winnipeg, MB R2J 2V6 E-mail: acummins@wrha.mb.ca                                         WRHA self-
204 654 6554                Fax 204 943 6278                                              declaration
www.wrha.mb.ca/prog/dietetic/index.php                                                     procedure

                                                                            ENG   c (access to car   44 weeks       Late       4   $250
Grand River Hospital
                                                                                  may be required)               September
Kitchener, ON
Hannah Marcus, Dietetic Internship Coordinator                                                                     2012
Clinical Nutrition Services
Grand River Hospital Dietetic Internship Program
835 King Street, West
P.O. Box 9056
Kitchener, ON N2G 1G3         E-mail: Hannah.marcus@grhosp.on.ca
519 749 4300                   Fax 519 749 4317
North York General Hospital                                                 ENG   c (access to car   42 weeks   October 2012   4   $500
Toronto, ON                                                                       recommended)
Voula Christofilos, Professional Practice Leader
Professional Practice, Research and Education
North York General Hospital
4001 Leslie St.
Toronto, ON M2K 1E1                 E-mail: dieteticinternship@nygh.on.ca
416 756 6000 Ext. 4398              Fax 416 756 6956
St. Michael’s Hospital                                                      ENG          a           46 weeks    September     8   $500
Toronto, ON                                                                                                        2012
Mary Keith, Coordinator of Nutrition and Dietetic Education
Associate Scientist, Keenan Research Centre in the Li Ka Shing Knowledge
St. Michael's Hospital
209 Victoria Street,
5th Floor , Student Centre - Suite 588
Toronto, ON M5B 1W8            E-mail: keithm@smh.ca
416 864 5551                   Fax 416 864 5414

Sunnybrook & Women’s College Health Science Centre                      ENG           a           44 weeks   October 2012   6   $500
Toronto, ON                                                                    (car is helpful
Katherine Vandenbussche                                                       but not required)
Professional and Education Leader, Clinical Nutrition
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and the New Women’s College
Hospital Dietetic Internship Program
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
2075 Bayview Ave., Room EG49
Toronto, ON M4N 3M5 E-mail:
416 480 4222                 Fax 416 480 6743
ARAMARK Healthcare – ONTARIO                                            ENG   c (access to car    47 weeks    September     3   $0
Toronto and area, ON                                                             preferred)                     2012
Angela Cuddy, Coordinator
ARAMARK Dietetic Internship Program
ARAMARK Canada ltd.
811 Islington Ave
Toronto, ON M8Z 5W8                 Email: angela_cuddy@aramark.ca
416 255 6131 ext.3312
ARAMARK Healthcare – ATLANTIC                                           ENG      b (Atlantic      47 weeks    September     1   $0
Gander and Grand Falls Windsor, Nfld                                             candidate                      2012
Angela Cuddy, Coordinator                                                        preferred)
ARAMARK Dietetic Internship Program
ARAMARK Canada ltd.                                                                 and
811 Islington Ave
Toronto, ON M8Z 5W8                 Email: angela_cuddy@aramark.ca            c (access to car
416 255 6131 ext.3312                                                            required)

ARAMARK Healthcare - WESTERN                                              ENG     b (Western        47 weeks    September     1    $0
Manitoba                                                                           candidate                      2012
Angela Cuddy, Coordinator                                                         preferred)
ARAMARK Dietetic Internship Program
ARAMARK Canada ltd.                                                                   and
811 Islington Ave
Toronto, ON M8Z 5W8                Email: angela_cuddy@aramark.ca               c (access to car
416 255 6131 ext.3312                                                              required)
University Health Network                                                 ENG   c (car is helpful   44 weeks   October 2012   6   $500
Toronto, ON                                                                     but not required)
Sandy Rothberg, Coordinator, Dietetic Internship and Education
Clinical Nutrition
University Health Network Dietetic Internship Program
University Health Network
200 Elizabeth Street, Eaton Building, EC 4-301
Toronto, ON M5G 2C4               Email: sandy.rothberg@uhn.on.ca
416 340 4800 Ext. 3813            Fax 416 340 3279
Hamilton Health Science Corporation                                       ENG          a            47 weeks    September     6   $1000
Hamilton, ON                                                                                                      2012
Helen Toews, Dietetic Internship Coordinator
Hamilton Health Sciences Dietetic Internship
Administrative Assistant
Professional Affairs
Hamilton Health Sciences
Room 104, Southam Building
Chedoke Hospital
Sanitorium Road
Hamilton, ON, L9C 1C4           Email: toews@hhsc.ca
905 527 4322 ext. 44923         Fax 905 577 1494

Southeastern Ontario Dietetic Internship                                  ENG   c (car required)    43 weeks      September 4,      6         $700
Kingston, ON                                                                                                          2012
Marie Traynor, Internship Coordinator / Research Coordinator
Research and Education Division
Southeastern Ontario Dietetic Internship Program
Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington (KFL& A) Public Health
221 Portsmouth Avenue
Kingston, ON K7M 1V5         E-mail: mtraynor@kflapublichealth.ca
613 549 1232 Ext. 1576        Fax 613 549 7896
London Health Sciences Centre                                             ENG     Minimum B         42 weeks     October 2012       8         $300 –
London, ON                                                                         average                                                   currently
Leslie Harden, Manager Clinical Nutrition Practice & Dietetic                                                                              under review
Internship Program
Comprehensive Graduate Dietetic Internship Program
London Health Sciences Centre
E3-002 Victoria Hospital
800 Commissioners Rd E
London, ON N6A 5W9            E-mail: leslie.harden@lhsc.on.ca
519 685 8500 Ext 52481        Fax 519 685 8472
Mount Sinai Hospital                                                      ENG   Car is helpful for 44 to 45 weeks      Late       4 to 6      $500
Toronto, ON                                                                        some sites                     September or
Roula Tzianetas, Coordinator, Dietetic Internship, Education &                                                    early October
Research                                                                                                              2012
Nutrition and Foodservices Department
Mount Sinai Hospital Comprehensive Dietetic Internship Program
Mount Sinai Hospital
600 University Ave, Room 202
Toronto, ON M5G 1X5               E-mail: rtzianetas@mtsinai.on.ca
416 586 4800 Ext. 5023            Fax 416 586 8464

Northern Ontario Dietetic Internship                                              ENG         e (Northern      46 weeks    September         12        $220
Sudbury, ON                                                                    (Bilingual    and/or Rural                    2012
Denise Raftis, Program Manager                                                  an asset)    communities
Northern Ontario Dietetic Internship Program                                                    an asset)
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
East Campus, Laurentian University                                                                and
935 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury ON P3E 2C6             Email: draftis@nosm.ca                                       c (car required)
705 662 7167                   Fax: 705 662 7140
Hospital for Sick Children                                                       ENG               a           45 weeks    September          4        $0
Toronto, ON                                                                                                                  2012           and 2
Jennifer Buccino, Clinical Educator                                                                                                      Masters/In
Department of Clinical Dietetics                                                                                                          ternship
The Hospital for Sick Children Graduate Dietetic Internship Program                                                                      combined
The Hospital for Sick Children                                                                                                            program,
555 University Ave.                                                                                                                      see note at
Toronto, ON M5G 1X8 E-mail: jennifer.buccino@sickkids.ca                                                                                 end of list
416 813 7654 Ext 1029       Fax 416 813 7849
The Moncton Hospital                                                             ENG               a           48 weeks   October 2012       4         $25
Moncton, NB
Nadya Savoie, Manager Nutrition Services (and Dietetic Intership
Food & Nutrition Services
The Moncton Hospital Graduate Dietetic Internship Program
The Moncton Hospital
135 MacBeath Ave.
Moncton, NB E1C 6Z8             E-mail: Nadya.Savoie@HorizonNB.ca
506 857 5408                    Fax 506 857 5621

Capital Health Dietetic Internship                                            ENG     b (Preference for    47 weeks       September         11        $100
Halifax, NS                                                                              graduates of                       2012
Deborah Everett                                                                       Atlantic Canada
Manager Clinical Nutrition and Dietetic Internship                                      Universities)
Capital District Health Authority
Food & Nutrition Services
Capital Health Graduate Dietetic Internship Program
Room 2353 Veterans Memorial Building
5955 Veteran’s Memorial Lane
Halifax, NS B3H 2E1          E-mail: deborah.everett@cdha.nshealth.ca
902 473 2254                 Fax 902 473 5660
Eastern Health                                                                ENG        b (50% of         45 weeks       September         4         $25
St. John’s, NL                                                                         positions filled                     2012
Joy Barker                                                                               within the
Department of Allied Health Professional Practice                                        province)
Eastern Health Dietetic Internship Program
Eastern Health , Office 705                                                                  and
Seventh Floor, Southcott Hall, 100 Forest Road
St. John’s, NL A1A 1E5 E-mail: joy.barker@easternhealth.ca                             c (car an asset)
709 777 8112                   Fax 709 777 8113

Column 3: Legend Re: Preferences
           a)   no preference
           b)   preference within region, province or territory
           c)   access to car required for some portion of the program
           d)   preference given to Aboriginal students
           e)   preference given to students with interest in practicing in urban, rural and remote communities

    Additional placements available through the Combined Internship/Masters Program. Call St. Michael’s or Hospital for Sick Children’s Internship
     Director for more details. These additional positions are NOT part of the DC selection process.

    DC WEBSITE AT WWW.DIETITIANS.CA. Note: Information subject to change at discretion Internship Director.


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