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									                   Maniac Minutes
                      A Publication for Employees of BR Associates, Inc. & Sidal, Inc.
                                                     June 2009

                                                      Owner Al Ruckriegel, Director of Operations Craig Banser, and Rally’s
                                                      District Managers recently represented Sidal, Inc. at the
                                                      Checkers/Rally’s convention in Las Vegas.
                                                      Back row (left to right): Al Ruckriegel, Craig Banser, Nancy Woolen,
                                                      and Mark Burns; front row: Al Welling, Vance Reed, Gloria Reed,
                                                      and Paula Burns

At right: Director of Operations Craig Banser proudly pointed out “Sidal, Inc.”
displayed as a “Million Dollar Restaurant” at convention. Rally’s Broadway in
Gary, Indiana, reached the million dollar mark. Congratulations!


    Long John Silver’s teams celebrated milestones

      Leah Ricketts, General Manager at Long John                                             General Manager Wilma Vanover (center) and
      Silver’s on Hwy. 62, in Evansville, Indiana,                                            Larry Foster, Chris Muffet, Rachael Florez,
      accepted an award from District Manager Daniel                                          Andrea Bickwermert, Jody Heart, Amanda
      Griffin for conquering 2,500 days accident-free                                         Light, Teresa Troutman, and Kristina Harteneck
      for her and her team. Congratulations!                                                  from Long John Silver’s Wesleyan, in
                                                                                              Owensboro, Kentucky, recently celebrated
                                                                                              2,000 accident-free days. Great job, team!

                Der Büro Komplex • 4201 Mannheim Road, Suite A • Jasper, IN 47546
                        812-482-3212 • Fax 812-482-4013 •
  Several participated in car shows

 The crew at Grandy’s in Henderson, Kentucky, hosted                                                                                The crew from Denny’s Diner on Elpers Road in
 car shows in April and May and will continue to do so                                                                              Evansville, Indiana, hosted a car show in April.
 one time each month through September.

 Above: (l to r) Team Member Derek Bessette, General                                                                                  Above:      Vintage autos filled the Denny’s
 Manager Tim Casey, and Car Show Host Mike manned                                                                                     parking lot.
 the registration table during the event.

 Below: The car show was a big hit and drew many
 guests.                                                                                                                              Below: The car show generated a large crowd.

Wendy’s manager awarded for participation   Wendy’s recognitions

                              Linda Snow, General                                                                                   Wendy’s District Manager Neil Elkins wants to congratu-
                              Manager at Wendy’s in                                                                                 late his teams at Jasper and Ferdinand, Indiana, for their
                              Greencastle,   Indiana,                                                                               record weeks ending on Sunday, June 28, 2009.
                              accepted the award for                                                                                Jasper recorded sales of $21,798 and Ferdinand
                              Interdisciplinary                                                                                     $55,958. Great job, teams!
                              Cooperative Education
                              (ICE) Employer of the                                                                                 Wendy’s District Manager Chris Lindsey would like to
                              Year at Greencastle High                                                                              thank his stores for the great year thus far.       They
                              School.                                                                                               expected to be at the half million mark at the end of
                                                                                                                                    June. This is by far the most outstanding year they have
                              At left: Team Member                                                                                  ever had in their district. Thanks, team!
                              Deseray Watson, GM
                              Linda Snow, and
                              ICE      Director
                              Teresa McKee.
Long John Silver’s extended drive-thru hours

                                                 The teams at Long John Silver’s in Flint and Saginaw, Michigan,
                                                 extended their drive-thru hours to 11 pm weekly and 10 pm on
                                                 Sundays. This extension has generated an extra $100 per day
                                                 between 10 pm – 11pm, and they’re expecting even more this summer.
                                                 Thanks, team!


  Several participated in taster’s party
  The teams from Denny’s and Long John Silver’s in Beaver Dam, Kentucky, participated in The Taste of Ohio County
  taster’s party. Thanks, Maniacs in Motion!


                                                                                                      Thanks to General Manager Verna Halcomb
                                                                                                      and team members Karen Funk, Hannah
     Thanks to Assistant Manager Sarah Daniel and                                                     Pafford, Amanda Reik, and Katy Funk, from
     Cook Eddie Childress from Denny’s in Beaver                                                      Long John Silver’s in Beaver Dam, Kentucky, for
     Dam, Kentucky, for representing the company well                                                 their participation in The Taste of Ohio County
     at the taster’s party. The event was a success!                                                  taster’s party. They dressed the part for “My Old
                                                                                                      Kentucky Home” themed booth and served 250
                                                                                                      samples of Baja Fish Tacos

Wendy’s sets new speed of service record                                                             Wendy visited school

                                                                                                     Wendy and the team from Loogootee, Indiana, visited
Wendy’s in Tell City, Indiana, set a new weekly pick up                                              Shoals Elementary School to deliver kid’s meals and
window speed of service record. They recorded 108                                                    coupons. Thanks for your community support, Maniacs
seconds from the time the customer arrived at the
speaker until they exited the window with their food. The
record was set week ending April 26, 2009.
Congratulations to Managers Stacy Patton, Rhonda
White, Ryan Patmore, Melinda Smith-Jacobs, Tony
Richardt, Angie Lutrell and the entire team!
Long John Silver’s showed creative side during contest
Long John Silver’s corporate, Yum!, recently held a decorating
contest to promote the Lobster Key Event. Our own associates
submitted some very creative entries! Great job, teams!

                                                                        Long John Silver’s in Lake Station, Indiana,
                                                                        created a large paper mache’ lobster to hang in
                                                                        their dining room. “Leo the Lobster” has been
The crew from Long John Silver’s on Gratiot Avenue in Saginaw,          quite a hit with young and old alike and he is
Michigan, decorated their window for the event. They have enjoyed       helping boost sales! Great job, Maniacs!
the compliments they have received and are excited to show guests
they have a fun, friendly staff, and guests can expect a good dining
experience in their restaurant. Great job, team!

                                                                       Long John Silver’s in Merrillville, Indiana,
                                                                       enlisted the help of their community to design
                                                                       their window. Andrean High School students
      The team from Long John Silver’s in                              designed and painted their display. Should
      Hammond, Indiana, created two exterior                           they win, the team from LJS plans to donate
      murals, an interior lobster sign, and several                    their award to the high school. Looks great!
      ceiling danglers to get in the spirit. Their
      exterior murals have attracted new guests and
      allowed them to enjoy a 1.5% sales increase.
      Congratulations, team!


   Corporate office hosted a group from Junior Achievement
   The corporate office in Jasper, Indiana, hosted several young
   members from Junior Achievement. The group shadowed
   the marketing department and gave a presentation to Bob
   and Lovella to show their designs for invitations for the 45th
   anniversary celebration and read press releases they

   At right: Director of Marketing Melanie Powell, Lovella
   Ruckriegel, Bob Ruckriegel, Chief Operating Officer Mike
   Sullivan, and CEO/CFO Jason Kelly posed with the group.
  Papa John’s participated in taster’s party

  The team at Papa John’s in Crown Point, Indiana, recently
  participated in The Taste of Crown Point. They provided pizza by
  the slice and ice cold Coca-Cola in the town square. Thanks,

Long John Silver’s manager was a true Maniac in Motion!

The Jasper Office received a complimentary call after Diane Rose, Assistant Manager at Long John
Silver’s in Connersville, Indiana, provided great customer service and went beyong the call of duty. The
caller’s mother became very ill while dining at LJS and called her daughter from the restroom. Her
daughter then called the restaurant and expressed her concern with her mother’s health. Diane immed-
iately called an ambulance and then stayed with the guest until help arrived. Diane also called the emergency room and
checked on the guest later in the day. The caller wanted Diane to be recognized for going above and beyond. Thanks,

   Wendy’s donated frosties                                                                               Papa John’s participated in parade

    The team at Wendy’s in Greencastle, Indiana,
    was recognized in their local newspaper for their
    numerous donations of Jr. Frosties to 1st, 2nd,
    and 3rd grade students at Covington                                                                    The crew from Papa John’s in Crown Point,
    Elementary School to celebrate their reading                                                           Indiana, sold pizza and Coca-Cola during
    accomplishments. Thanks for your community                                                             Crown Point's July 4th festivities and participat-
    involvement, team!                                                                                     ed in the 4th of July Parade, the largest in the
                                                                                                           state. Thanks, Maniacs!


Papa John’s earned great pizza scores

                    District Manager Kim Vajner sends congratulations to the teams at Papa John’s in
                    Schererville, Indiana, for a pizza score of 9.65 and Papa John’s in Valparaiso,
                    Indiana, for a score of 9.8 during a recent inspection. Great job, teams!
Wendy’s released results from annual positional contest
Wendy’s held it’s second annual positional contest during the 1st quarter of 2009. The general managers held a contest
in each restaurant to determine the best grill operator, sandwich maker, register operator, and fry person. The district
managers then had to select one contestant for each category, from each district, to compete in the Wendy’s divisional
contest. Competition was fierce this year and all district winners did a fantastic job! Congratulations to the overall

                     Melvina Carter - Grill Winner              Andrea Graham - Repeat Sandwich Winner
                    Hwy. 41, Henderson, Kentucky                            Ferdinand, Indiana
                   Jo Olubummo, General Manager                      Rick Durbin, General Manager
                    Chris Lindsey, District Manager                    Neil Elkins, District Manager

                                                   Best District
                                                  Performance -
          Loreda Elliott - Fry Winner             Chris Lindsey                 Brian Fuqua - Register Winner
             Leitchfield, Kentucky                  and team!               Frederica Street, Owensboro, Kentucky
        Mark Ruddy, General Manager                                               Tom Murray, City Manager
        Chris Lindsey, District Manager                                         Chris Lindsey, District Manager

  Long John Silver’s is excited about new Baja Fish Tacos
  On Tuesday, July 14, 2009, Long John Silver’s restaurants across the nation gave away FREE Baja Fish Tacos to all
  guests. BR Associates gave away 35,712 tacos in our 103 locations during the four-hour event. The best part ~ store
  sales that day were up over 20% from one year ago. Our teams got very involved with the event by decorating
  dining rooms and dressing the part!             It was great customer service and products that made
  this event such a positive one!

                                          The following customer comment was
                                          received by LJS in Holland, Michigan,
                                          following the free Baja Fish Taco Day:
                                          “Hello. My experience at LJS was
                                          exceptional. Crystal, my cashier,
                                          couldn’t have been any nicer! She
                                          was very pleasant and was on the ball
                                          with everything I asked her. I also
                                          appreciated the free fish taco - I love
                                          the sauce! My experience was a ‘7’
                                          the highest ranking. Thank you very
                                          much!” Great work, Crystal!
Wendy’s manager presented “pickle” awards
Linda Snow, General Manager at Wendy’s in Greencastle, Indiana,
presented “pickle” awards during a recent team meeting. Sticking
with the “Give ‘Em The Pickle” video theme, Linda recognized
associates who have provided great customer service. Great job,

                                                                            Seth Paxton, General Manager Linda
                                                                            Snow, Brittany Adams, and Matt
                                                                            Blauvelt posed with their “pickle”

   Jasper 8 Theatres kicked off the opening of Transformers with a bang
   Jasper 8 Theatres worked on building sales and excitement by cross-promoting the movie Transformers with
   Uebelhor’s Chevrolet dealership in Jasper, Indiana. Uebelhor’s had a 2009 Camaro, a replica of Bumble Bee in the
   movie, on site during the opening of the movie.

  Shift Manager Mike Vest and associates Ashley                        Assistant Manager Brad Craig and
  Brush, Lauren Hoten, Susan Sanders, Sarah                            associates Josh Tobin and April Mehringer
  Goeppner, Shift Manager Megan Gray, and                              posed with the car.
  Sarah Christianson posed with the Bumble Bee.

Congratulations on the following well-deserved promotions:
CEO/CFO                Jason Kelly             Corporate

Shift Managers         Miranda Church           Wendy’s Wabash, Terre Haute, Indiana
                       Kris Izzi                Wendy’s Newburgh, Indiana
                       Nathan Foddrill          Wendy’s Bedford, Indiana
                       Brandon Mosher           Wendy’s Central City, Kentucky

Welcome to newly-hired management team members:
General Managers       Scott Squires           Wendy’s Ferdinand, Indiana
                       Monique Dollins         Wendy’s Ferdinand, Indiana
                       Chris Bebee             Denny’s Jasper, Indiana

Assistant Managers     Michelle Duff           Wendy’s Greencastle, Indiana
                       James Hickman           Wendy’s Greencastle, Indiana
                       Amy Barrett             Wendy’s Boehne Camp Rd., Evansville, Indiana
                       Jonnie Murphy           Denny’s French Lick, Indiana
                       Carl Ehmann             Denny’s French Lick, Indiana

Shift Manager          Kunta Smith              Wendy’s Walnut, Terre Haute, Indiana
White Glove 2009

  To everyone in the BR/ Sidal family ~ we want to thank you for your hard work and great efforts in the 2009 White
  Glove contest. Each year we do this to ensure our restaurants are in tip-top shape for the busy season. We want
  to especially congratulate the winners and everyone who achieved a 90% and above. All restaurants scoring above
  90% received plaques for their success. All of the management teams received a monetary prize to use for a
  maniac party of choice with their crews. This year we will be taking the top winners to Chicago, Illinois, on
  September 16 - 17, 2009, for two fun-filled days. Winners and guests will be treated to a Chicago Cubs game in a
  private suite with fantastic food and drinks. The second evening will be spent at Gino's Pizzeria for dinner and
  drinks in a private room and balcony.

  Thanks for everyone's shining efforts!

                                              The winners are . . .

      Denny’s Winners
      #392 Terre Haute, IN - 94.90%
      District Manager - Gloria Butler               At right: Director of
                                                     Operations      Ron
      Honorable Mention                              Ison      presented
      #262 Oakland City, IN - 92.41%                 District Manager
      #351 Vincennes, IN - 92.41%                    Gloria Butler with
      #397 Evansville, IN - 91.14%                   her prize.

                                                At left: General Manager Connie Archer (second
                                                from left) and her team at #392 Denny’s in Terre
                                                Haute, Indiana, were excited to learn about their


                                                                             Grandy’s Winners

                                                                             #365 Rockport, IN - 93.57%

                                                                             Honorable Mention
                                                                             #243 Jasper, IN - 90.70%

                                                       At left: Shift Manager Cheryl Ketchum, General Manager Jeff
                                                       Bowles, team member Travis Bittle accepted the award at
                                                       Grandy’s in Rockport, Indiana.
                                                               LJS Central Division Winners

                                                               #315 New Castle, IN - 97.35%
                                                               District Manager - Steven Burge

                                                               Honorable Mention
                                                               #10 Oxford, Indianapolis, IN - 90.53%
                                                               #26 Crawfordsville Road, Indianapolis, IN - 92.05%
                                                               #46 Frankfort, IN - 92.80%
                                                               #48 Noblesville, IN - 91.19%
                                                               #16 Mitthoefer, Indianapolis, IN - 90.91%
  Above:     General Manager Belva Tungate                     #17 Holt Road, Indianapolis, IN - 92.42%
  (second from left) and crew from #315 LJS New                #20 Beech Grove, IN - 92.05%
  Castle, Indiana, claimed 1st place in the central            #393 East Washington, Indianapolis, IN - 94.25%
  division.                                                    #32 LaSalle, Indianapolis, IN - 93.18%
                                                               #35 Crawfordsville, IN - 90.15%
                                                               #38 Brazil, IN - 94.32%
                                                               #56 Mooresville, IN - 93.49%
                                                               #366 Raceway, Indianapolis, IN - 90.91%
                                                               #37 Martinsville, IN - 93.94%
                                                               #97 Southeastern, Indianapolis, IN - 94.70%

                                                      At left: Steven Burge, District Manager,
                                                      received the highest score in the central


 LJS Northern Division Winners

 #45 Merrillville, IN - 96.5%
 District Manager - Gary Sloan

 Honorable Mention
 #42 Ireland Road, South Bend, IN - 96.1%
 #220 Genesee, Saginaw, MI - 95.7%
 #219 Union Road, Bay City, MI - 95.7%
 #370 Wyoming, MI - 94.9%
 #222 Bay Road, Saginaw, MI - 94.9%
 #367 East 28th Street, Grand Rapids, MI - 94.1%
 #369 Alpine Walker, MI - 94.1%
                                                               Above: (left to right) Team Member Velmer
 #137 Hammond, IN - 93.7%
                                                               Trambles, General Manager Rebecca Wagner,
 #224 Midland, MI - 93.7%
                                                               and Assistant Manager Diane Hill were excited
 #144 Stevensville, MI - 93.7%
                                                               when they learned of their 1st place finish.
 #209 Pierson Road, Flint, MI - 92.9%
 #44 Niles, MI - 92.5%
 #225 Linden Road, Flint, MI - 92.5%
 #40 Western Avenue, South Bend, IN - 92.2%
 #98 Woodland, Elkhart, IN - 92.2%
 #39 Michigan City, IN - 92.2%
 #52 Lake Station, IN - 91.8%
                                                       At right:        District
 #61 Schererville, IN - 91.8%
                                                       Manager Gary Sloan
 #373 Portage, MI - 91.8%
                                                       (left) had the highest
 #143 Chesterton, IN - 91.4%
                                                       score in the northern
 #221 Gratiot Avenue, Saginaw, MI - 91.0%
                                                       division. He is pictured
 #382 Warsaw, IN - 91.0%
                                                       with     Director      of
 #55 Plymouth, IN - 90.6%
                                                       Operations Phil Chase.
   LJS Southern Division Winners

   #198 Frederica Street, Owensboro, KY - 98.72%
   District Manager - Daniel Griffin

   Honorable Mention
   #6 Tell City, IN - 93.77%
   #27 Beaver Dam, KY - 92.95%
   #82 Wesleyan Park, Owensboro, KY - 92.33%
   #83 Parrish Avenue, Owensboro, KY - 91.73%
   #84 Hwy. 60 East, Owensboro, KY - 93.25%
   #383 Jasper, IN - 90.89%
   #2 Henderson, KY - 96.50%
   #264 Morganfield, KY - 93.77%                           Above: General Manager Rick Dukes and team
   #1 Madisonville, KY - 92.00%                            members from #198 LJS on Frederica Street in
   #4 Green River Road, Evansville, IN - 96.01%            Owensboro, Kentucky, accepted the award for 1st
   #14 First Avenue, Evansville, IN - 90.00%               place in the southern division.
   #24 Central City, KY - 98.00%
   #29 Hwy. 62, Evansville, IN - 97.51%
   #31Eastland Mall, Evansville, IN - 94.80%
   #339 Hopkinsville, KY - 94.50%
   #8 Princeton, IN - 92.25%
   #13 Washington, IN - 94.51%
   #22 Linton, IN - 91.27%
   #34 Wabash Avenue, Terre Haute, IN - 90.25%
   #47 Plaza North, Terre Haute, IN - 90.52%               At right: District Manager
   #58 4th & Ohio, Terre Haute, IN - 91.39%                Daniel Griffin took top
   #7 Bedford, IN - 97.75%                                 honors in the southern
   #194 Highland Village, Bloomington, IN - 92.25%         division.
   #239 Ellettsville, IN - 90.18%
   #388 Seymour, IN - 92.00%

                                          Honorable Mentions . . .

                                       Below: The team from #7 LJS in
                                       Bedford, Indiana, placed 3rd in the

Above: The team from #24 LJS in
                                                                              Above: The team from #29 LJS on
Central City, Kentucky, claimed 2nd
                                                                              Hwy. 62 in Evansville, Indiana,
place in the contest.
                                                                              accepted the 4th place finish.
  Papa John’s Winners

  #380 Patriot Plaza, Springfield, IL - 99.36%
  District Manager - Jim Adkins

  Honorable Mention
  #204 Sheridan Drive, Peoria, IL - 90.59%
  #234 E. Peoria, IL - 91.90%
  #205 Bourland, Peoria, IL - 97.49%
  #320 Galesburg, IL - 92.48%
  #206 Pekin, IL - 90.35%
  #344 Canton, IL - 92.00%
  #265 Lake Station, IN - 93.23%
  #232 Michigan City, IN - 98.10%
  #230 Valparaiso, IN - 97.49%
  #334 Schererville, IN - 97.40%                 (Left to right) District Manager Jim Adkins and
  #311 Effingham, IL - 92.88%                    General Manager Eric Kappes from #380 Papa
  #207 Springfield, IL - 96.26%                  John’s on Patriot Plaza in Springfield, Illinois,
  #268 Chatham Road, Springfield, IL - 95.08%    accepted their 1st place awards from owner Sid
  #208 Jacksonville, IL - 90.34%                 Ruckriegel.

Jacqueline Snoder, (center) General Manager       Teresa McWhirter, General Manager at #232
at #230 Papa John’s in Valparaiso, Indiana,       Papa John’s in Michigan City, Indiana, was
was selected in the “second chance” top 10%       selected in the “second chance” top 10% pool
pool winners for a trip. She is pictured with     winners for a trip.
District Manager Kim Vajner and Owner Sid

Freddie Nunn, Jr., General Manager at #207        Nick Stambaugh, General Manager at #208 in
in Springfield, Illinois, proudly accepted his    Jacksonville, Illinois, was presented with his
store’s plaque for rating above 90%.              store’s plaque for rating above 90%.
 Rally’s Winners

 #301 Brazil, Indiana - 95.83%                                                                      District Manager
 District Manager - Mark Burns                                                                      Mark Burns cele-
                                                                                                    brated his top
 Honorable Mention                                                                                  honors in the
 #277 Jefferson Blvd., Ft. Wayne, IN - 95.78%                                                       Rally’s division.
 #238 South Holland, IL - 90.8%
 #202 Riverside, Terre Haute, IN - 90.4%
 #201 Wabash, Terre Haute, IN - 90.1%

                                                General Manager Narea Okpala (second from left) and her team at
                                                #301 in Brazil, Indiana, celebrated their first place finish in the Rally’s


                                                             Wendy’s Winners

                                                             #329 Hwy. 41 Henderson, KY - 97.7%
                                                             District Manager - Chris Lindsey

                                                             Honorable Mention
                                                             #190 Central City, KY - 90.53%
                                                             #347 Green Street, Henderson, KY - 97.25%
                                                             #394 Leitchfield, KY - 93.49%
                                                             #79 Princeton, IN - 90.15%
                                                             #328 Newburgh, IN - 92.42%
                                                             #327 Green River Road, Evansville, IN - 90.15%
                                                             #346 Boehne Camp Road, Evansville, IN - 92.13%
                                                             #81 Plaza North, Terre Haute, IN - 90.04%
                                                             #127 Linton, IN - 90.04%
                                                             #360 Mitchell, IN - 90.26%

      District Manager Chris Lindsey
      was awarded top honors in the
      Wendy’s division.

             Josephine Olubummo, General Manager at #329 on
             Hwy. 41 in Henderson, Kentucky, took top honors in the
             Wendy’s division.

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