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									 Dallas ICM
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Stage 1 Lessons

  July 24, 2008
Why ICM is needed in the US 75 Corridor

• DFW 5th most congested region in US (#1 worst region
  for growth in congestion)
• DFW population is 6 million and adding 1 million every 8
• US 75 is a critical, regional corridor
• Travel demand and congestion continue to grow
• No ability to expand freeway, arterials, or alternate
• Other freeways are scheduled for construction
• Significant employers in corridor
• Numerous special events throughout year
• Showcase for ITS integration in the region
US 75 Corridor Networks

• US 75 Freeway with
  Continuous Frontage
• HOV lanes on US 75 and
• Dallas North Tollway
• 167 Miles of Arterials
• DART Bus Network
  Including Express Service
• DART Light Rail
  – Red and Blue Lines
Description of Corridor

• Corridor Assets
  – Diverse transportation infrastructure
  – State-of-the-art freeway and frontage
    road system
  – Recently completed 5-level interchange
  – HOV, toll and SOV lanes
  – Parallel arterials
  – Two light rail transit lines
  – Bus transit
• Management Centers
  –   3 city TMCs
  –   state TMC
  –   transit TMC
  –   toll authority TMC
Corridor Summary Statistics

Freeways with Frontage Roads        272 Lane-miles
High Occupancy Vehicle Facilities   31 lane-miles
Light Rail Transit System (DART)    2 lines – 20 stations
Bus Transit System (DART)           30 bus routes
Dallas Signal System                500 signals
Plano Signal System                 196 signals
Richardson Signal System            120 signals
Arterials Streets                   167 center-line miles
Park and Ride Lots (DART)           9 lots
Pedestrian / Bike Trails            12 miles
Tollways (NTTA)                     105 lane-miles
                                                                    Koorosh Olyai, P.E.
                                                               ICM Pioneer Project Team Lead
                                                                  Dallas Area Rapid Transit

                                        Operating Agency Team                        Technical Support Team

 Dallas ICM Team
                                                Dallas Area Rapid Transit
                                           Abed Abukar – Operations Technology                  Texas Transportation Institute
                                                                                                      Chris Poe – Lead

• Agency Partners:
                                             Mahesh Kuimil – HOV Operations
                                             Timothy Newby – Bus Operations                        Ed Seymour – Standards
                                            Larry Gaul – Light Rail Operations
                                              Donnie Thompson – Paratransit
  – Dallas Area Rapid Transit (Lead)             Allan Gorman – IT Lead                         Southern Methodist University
                                                                                                  Khaled Abdelghany - Lead

  – Cities of Dallas, Highland Park,
                                                      City of Dallas
                                                Elizabeth Ramirez – Lead
                                              Mark Titus – Signal Operations                   University of Texas at Arlington
    Richardson, Plano, and University            Town of Highland Park
                                                                                                     Sia Ardekani – Lead
                                                                                                 Steve Mattingly - Evaluation
    Park                                         Meran Dadgostar - Lead

                                                                                                     Telvent Farradyne
  – North Central Texas Council of           North Central Texas Council of
                                                                                               Ahmad Sadegh – Program Manager
                                                                                                   Kevin Miller – ICM Lead
                                               Nattalie Bettger – ITS Lead
                                              North Texas Tollway Authority

  – North Texas Tollway Authority                  Yang Ouyang - Lead

  – TxDOT Dallas District
                                                       City of Plano
                                                     Lloyd Neal - Lead

• Technical Support Team:                          City of Richardson
                                                   Robert Saylor - Lead

  –   Telvent Farradyne (Lead)                    City of University Park
                                                  Bob Smallwood – Lead

  –   Texas Transportation Institute       Texas Department of Transportation
                                                          - Dallas
                                                Kelly Selman – Agency Lead
  –   Southern Methodist University        Andy Oberlander – Traffic Engineering
                                             Rick Cortez – Freeway Operations

  –   University of Texas @ Arlington                EMS Providers
                                                     City of Arlington
                                                       City of Dallas
                                                   City of Grand Prairie
                                                       City of Irving
                                                       City of Plano
                                                    City of Richardson
 Regional Support for ICM

• Regional ITS MOU executed
  in 1999
• Regional ITS Committees
  Will Provide Oversight
• Programmed Funding for
  Regional Integration
  – Regional communication
  – Center-to-Center (C2C) plug-ins
Regional ITS Elements in Place

•   Dallas Area-wide ITS Plan (1996, 2006 update)
•   Individual agency ITS Plans
•   Regional Architecture
•   Regional Concept of Operations
•   Regional Traveler Information Website
•   Regional Telecommunication
•   C2C Video and Data Sharing
•   Regional Data Archiving
•   Statewide interoperable tolling system
Regional ITS Elements in Place
Freeway System

• US 75 Corridor fully instrumented by 2007
• New DalTrans Transportation Management Center
  – Integrate TxDOT, DART, and Dallas County Sheriff’s Dept
• CCTV Cameras
• Detection Systems
• Dynamic Message Signs
  – With posted travel times
• Mobility Assistance Patrol
Arterial System

• Central Systems
  – All signals connected
  – C2C interface funded
  – 911 Integration
• Surveillance cameras
  – Video to wreckers
• Arterial DMS
  – Freeway integration funded
• Traffic Signal Priority
DART Transit System (13 member cities)

•   Light Rail Transit
•   Park-and-Ride Lots
•   Managed / HOV Lanes
•   Bus System
    – Local, Express
•   Commuter Rail Connection
•   Automated Vehicle Location
•   Centralized Transit Control
•   Passenger Alert System
•   Transit Signal Priority
•   300 Member Transit Police
US 75 ICM Vision

  Operate the US 75 Corridor in a
     true multimodal, integrated,
  efficient, and safe fashion where
  the focus is on the transportation
Physical Architecture
 Dallas – US 75 ICM Strategies

• Possible ICM Strategies:
  – Performance measure approach
     • Multi-modal and/or modal independent
     • Common measures across agencies and jurisdictions
     • Comparative measures shared with all agencies
  – Improved traveler information and operational
    strategies to promote modal shift
  – Enhanced data sharing among stakeholders and
  – Development of sophisticated tools
     • Modeling for evaluation
     • Real-time modeling for operational prediction and
Decision Support Tool
 Dallas – Goals for ICM Corridor

• Transportation Goals
  – Increase corridor
  – Improve travel time
  – Improved incident
  – Enable intermodal travel
• Community Goals
  – Encourage business
  – Sustain economic activity
                                Source: FHWA Urban Congestion Report
  – Enable emergency
Lessons Learned - Operational

• Only “extra” capacity in US 75 corridor is on rail transit
• Individual agencies operating their systems very well
• Operational opportunities exist with collaborative
  – May require penalizing one user group to benefit overall corridor
  – Example – Freeway incident
     • May require decreasing cross street arterial green time in favor of
       more arterial green time parallel to freeway for diverted trips
• Need for decision support tool to assess those
  operational trade-offs
• Need for better real-time arterial data
Lessons Learned - Institutional

• Good partnerships already in place
• Operational trust already exists from traffic management
  team, incident management cooperation, and HOV lane
• Build on existing agreements / MOUs
• Build on existing oversight
  – ICM reports to existing Regional ITS Committee
 Lessons Learned - Technical
• Need for enhancing regional data sharing
  – Must accelerate existing data sharing projects already scheduled
    for region
• Need to determine methods for comparing and measuring
  multi-modal information
• Need additional detection for better real-time arterial data
  – Travel times from toll tags may be most cost effective
• Need for detailed system engineering knowledge
  – Developing Concept of Operations and System Requirements
    was system engineering intensive
  – Use of consultants with experience was beneficial

• Individual agencies are operating their systems well
• Opportunities for advancement are in coordinated
• Need alternatives for travelers, especially transit
• Need common, reliable data platforms for decision
• Building on existing institutional arrangements was a key
  to building consensus
• Need to build trust with the public on accuracy and
  reliability of information

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