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					                               Complete yellow cells for the application.
                                   Complete rose cells for the report
                                     Complete orange cells for both
Please add ELLN to Part 4 as a goal. Complete this for the application and the report.
Please include exceptional children in narratives of goal status for annual report.
Please include needs per district on P2R tab in your district summary outcomes

Completed application on this template due to KDE by March 31, 2012.
Competed report on last years template due to KDE by July 17, 2012.
                               Kentucky Department of Education
                                 Office of Teaching and Learning
                            Division of Early Childhood Development
                                         500 Mero Street
                                  17 Floor Capital Plaza Tower
                                    Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

                            Application for Federal Assistance for the
                                   Individuals with Disabilities
                               Education Act (IDEA), Part B 619,
                                     Preschool Grant Funds

REGIONAL TRAINING CENTERS                                             SCHOOL YEAR 2012-2013
Project Number:     Total Amount Approved:
Project Period:

Signature (KDE Authorized Representative)                 Date Approved

Project Name:    Simpson County Early Childhood RTC

Project Director/Contact                    Bill Porter

Address:                    211 South Main Street, Suite 1 B
                               Franklin                    KY                       42134
                                 City                        State                  Zip

Telephone:                  270-586-2008           Fax:              270-586-2809

Applicant Agency:          Simpson County Board of Education

Agency Head:                         James Flynn

Address of Applicant:                        430 College Street
                               Franklin                      KY                     42134
                                 City                       State                   Zip

Telephone:                  270-586-8877

I certify that to the best of my knowledge, (1) the information contained
   in this application is correct and complete, (2) the applicant agency
     has authorized me, as its representative, to give the assurances
   contained herein and to file this application; and (3) this application
 has been reviewed by the applicant agency, parents, and the general
    public with comments received from this review having been given
           affirmative consideration in finalizing this application.

James Flynn                                                    28-Mar-12
Signature of Authorized Representative                  Date
Part 3: Public Notice

            Simpson RTC

1. Give the dates that the application was available for public review and
comments (must be at least 30 calendar days):

                 3/5/2012                     4/4/2012
Beginning Date                        Ending Date

2. Give the date that participating agencies were
notified of the availability of the application for
review and comment:                                        3/30/2012

                                        Regional Training Center Needs Assessment / Plan
                                                       Simpson            RTC
                                                           Goals and Objectives
Anderson                          Berea                Calloway              Simpson

Include a copy of instruments, procedures, results with application. Complete 'District Lists' question for your region and the Goals and
Objectives template below for 2012-2013. List all goals, including ELLN, that are being proposed for 2012-2013. Identify objectives/activities
planned to meet the goals. Include the source (why), KBE Goals, Proficiency Delivery Plan and School Readinss Theory of Action Plan,
anticipated completion date, collaborative partners, resources and support needed for completion. Be sure to utilize multiple methods of
delivery:face-to-face, webinars, web-based modules , regional trainings, etc. Please include evaluation/measurement indicators. In closing,
include a reflective narrative of how analysis of regional data shared by KDE was used to determine and identify professional development and
technical assistance needs, goals, and objectives for 2012-2013.

KY Board of Education Goals:
B1. High Student Performance
B2. High Quality Teaching and Administration
B3. Strong and Supportive Environment
B4. High Performing Schools and Districts

Proficiency Delivery Plan:
PDP1. Increase the average combined reading and math Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP) scores in elementary
PDP2. By fall of 2012, all children will be screened for kindergarten. 50% more children will be ready for kindergarten by 2014 based on 2012
baseline results.                                                                                                               PDP3. Third
graders will be proficient in mathematics and reading on the state assessment by 2015.

School Readiness Theory of Action:
SRTA1. Assist schools/districts and early childhood providers with collaboration to ensure all children experience effective transitions from
birth to school entry.                                                                                                            SRTA2. Assist
schools/districts with implementation of a common kindergarten readiness screener.
SRTA3. Support schools/districts and early childhood providers through Leadership Networks.

Goal 1:                                                            Students entering primary in the Simpson County RTC Region are ready for school and schools are ready for students.
                                                           KBE Goals,
                                     Source (Data     Proficiency Delivery
                                    Analysis, Needs    Plan, SR Theory of                  Collaborative     Resources/Support        Method of              Technical Assistance            Evaluation/
       Objectives/Activities:        Survey, etc.)           Action             Date        Partner/s             Needed              Delivery                  Intensity Level             Measurement

                                                                                                                                                                                             numbers of
                                                                                              Districts                                                                                     aware of and
       Objective: Ensure the                                                                 (Preschool                                                                                    using definition
          awareness and                                                                   Coordinators/Co                             Face-to-                                                of school
         understanding of                                                                    nsultants)   Copies of the definition,   Face,                                                 readiness as
        Kentucky's School                                                                   CCR&R, Child   training materials and     Electronic,      Low        Medium         High       measured by
       Readiness Definition                           B2,B3,PDP3,SRTA1                     Care Providers         website             Online         Intensity    Intensity    Intensity       survey.

     Activity: Embed definition
     of school readiness in                                                                                                                         Share
     training materials and                                                                                                                         Information
     provide linkages to the                                                 July 2012-                                                             and Provide
A.   particular training topic.                                              June2013                                                               Linkages
     Activity: Post definition of                                                                                                                   Information
     School Readiness on RTC                                                 July 2012-                                                             and Provide
B.   Website.                                                                June2013                                                               Linkages

     Activity: Distribute
     definition at Institutes and                                            July 2012-                                                             Share
C.   other related activities                                                June2013                                                               Information
                                                                                                                                                                                           Number of
                                                                                                                                                                                           prepared to
     Objective 2: Support the                                                                              Continuous Assessment                                                           implement
     implementation of School                                                                              Guide, Training                                                                 School
     Readiness approved                                                                                    Materials, Approved        Face-to-                                             Readiness
     Kindergarten Screener                                                                                 Kindergarten Screening     Face,                                                Screeners for
     throughout the Simpson                           B1, PDP2, SRTA1,                    KDE, School      Tools, Guidance from       Electronic,   Sharing                                2012-2013
D.   RTC Region               KDE Initiative          SRTA2                               Districts        KDE                        Online        Information                            School Year.
     Activity: Provide
     information, training/TA as                                                                                                                  Share
     needed on the                                                                                                                                Information
     recommended                                                           July 2012-                                                             and
     Kindergarten Screener.                                                June2013                                                               Resources
                                                                                                                                                                                            Attendance sign-
     Activity: Provide training                                                                                                                                                             in and number
     as needed on screening                                                                                                                                                                 of children
     and assessment tools as                                               July 2012-                                                                                                       screened/assess
E.   needed.                                                               June2013                                                                                                         ed.
Goal Met, Not met or in progress
Narrative of goal status

Goal 2:                                               Provide quality services to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders by implementing the goals and objectives of the Caveland Regional Autism Cadre
                                                     KBE Goals, Division
                                    Source (Data      Target Goals, SRB
                                   Analysis, Needs      Deployment                       Collaborative      Resources/Support       Method of              Technical Assistance               Evaluation/
       Objectives/Activities:       Survey, etc.)         Strategies          Date        Partner/s              Needed             Delivery                  Intensity Level                Measurement
     Objective: Simpson County
        will collaborate with
                                                                                                                                                                                               Pre and Post
          Caveland Special
                                                                                                                                                                                             evidence based
      Education Cooperative to                                                              Special                                                                                              practices
        provide districts with       State Autism                                         Education                                                                                         inventories, level
        current resources on       Planning and PD                                       Cooperatives,      Training Modules,                                                               of implementaion
          Autism Spectrum           Grant, Needs                           July 2012-    KATC, School        Personnel from       Face-to-            Low         Medium          High      of District Action
          Disorders (ASD).           Assessment       B3, PDP2, SRTA1      June 2013       Districts      Cooperatives and RTC's, Face              Intensity     Intensity     Intensity          Plans

     Activity: Participate in
     Quarterly Training Sessions
     to become knowledgeable
     of the goals and objectives                                                                                                    Face-to-
A.   of the Cadre.                                                                                                                  Face

     Activity: Provide
     Assistance and training as                                                                                                     Face-to-
     needed on ASD Evidence-                                                                                                        Face,
B.   Based Practices.                                                                                                               Electronic
     Activity: Provide resources                                                                                                                     Information
     and materials related to                                                                                                         Lending        and
C.   ASD                                                                                                                              Library        Linkages

     Activity: Support the
     Community Early
     Childhood Councils in                                                                                                            Lending
     providing training to Child                                                          CCR&R and                                   Library,
     Care Programs on                                                                     Community                                   Face-to-
     Developmental Milestones                                                             Early Childhood                             Face,
D.   and issues related to ASD.                                                           Council, QEI                                Electronic
Goal Met, Not met or in progress
Narrative of goal status

Goal 3:                                                 Promote the development of positive social-emotional skills and a positive enviorment for all preschool children in the Simpson County RTC Region

                                                      KBE Goals, Division
                                     Source (Data      Target Goals, SRB
                                    Analysis, Needs      Deployment                        Collaborative      Resources/Support       Method of              Technical Assistance               Evaluation/
          Objectives/Activities:     Survey, etc.)         Strategies          Date         Partner/s              Needed             Delivery                  Intensity Level                Measurement
     Objective: Support                                                                                       KISSED facilitators,                                                                l skills as
     Districts in meeting the                                                                                 Training Materials,                                                               reported on
     needs of students with                                                 July 2012-      RTC KISSED         Online Program         Face-to-          Low         Medium          High           survey,
     challenging behaviors.        Needs Assessment    B3, PDP2, SRTA1      June 2013       Facilitators         (Blackboard)         Face, Online    Intensity     Intensity     Intensity     Observation

     Activity: Training and
     technical assistance on
     supporting children with                                               July 2012- RTC KISSED                                     Face-to-
A.   challenging behaviors.                                                 June 2013 Facilitators          Training Modules          Face, Online
     Activity: Recruit KISSED
     Teams to participate in                                                July 2012 -
     KISSED Modules I-IV                                                    September
B.   Trainings                                                              2012
                                                                              September                                                                                          using the
     Activity: Implement the                                                  2012-June                                                                                          Universal
C.   Hybride KISSED Modules                                                   2013                                                                                               Checklist    Site Visits
     Activity: Evaluate and
D.   revise KISSED content                                                                                                                                                                    Evaluations
Goal Met, Not met or in progress
Narrative of goal status

Goal 4:                                                                                        Quality Preschool Services in the Simpson County RTC Region

                                                        KBE Goals, Division
                                     Source (Data        Target Goals, SRB
                                    Analysis, Needs        Deployment                      Collaborative      Resources/Support     Method of              Technical Assistance                 Evaluation/
          Objectives/Activities:     Survey, etc.)           Strategies          Date       Partner/s              Needed           Delivery                  Intensity Level                  Measurement

     Objective: Support and                                                                                                         Face-to-
     encourage Districts to be                                                              KDE, School     COE Application, ECERS- Face,
     identified as a Classroom       State Listing of                                      Districts, COE    R, ELLCO, KYECS, QSS, Electronic,
     of Excellence/Center of       Classrooms/Center                          July 2012-   Teachers and      KDE State and Federal Online, Site      Low          Medium            High        Increased
     Excellence                      s of Excellence            B4            June 2013    Review Team            Regulations       visits         Intensity      Intensity       Intensity   number of COE
     Activity: Disseminate                                                    August                                                              Share
     information to District and                                              2012- July                                                          Information
A.   recruit applicants                                                       2013                                                                and linkages
                                                                                                                                                                 Develop an
                                                                                                                                                                 action plan
                                                                                                                                                                 using both
     Activity: Provide Training                                                                                                                                  on-site and
     and TA on observation                                                    July 2012-                                                                         off site
B.   tools                                                                    June 2013                                                                          approaches

                                                                                                                                                                 contracts and
     Activity: Provide TA on                                                  July 2012-                                                                         review of the
C.   COE Narrative                                                            June 2013                                                                          narrative
Goal Met, Not met or in progress
Narrative of goal status

Goal 5:                                                                      Provide a lending library for Districts and other Agencies providing services to young children

                                                     KBE Goals, Division
                                    Source (Data      Target Goals, SRB
                                   Analysis, Needs      Deployment                       Collaborative     Resources/Support     Method of             Technical Assistance            Evaluation/
          Objectives/Activities:    Survey, etc.)         Strategies          Date        Partner/s             Needed           Delivery                 Intensity Level             Measurement

          Objective: To make
     available current resources
      to assist District/Agencies
      in the implementation of
           Developmentally                                                               RTC's, Special
         Appropriate Practice,                                                            Education                              Face-to-
       Intentional Teaching and                                            July 2012 -   Cooperatives,                           Face,            Low        Medium         High         Needs
         High Quality Services    Needs Assessment     B3, B4, SRTA1       June 2013         WKU                                 Electronic     Intensity    Intensity    Intensity    Assessment
     Activity: Provide current                                                                                                                Information
     resources on topics related                                           July 2012 -                                                        and
A.   to Early Childhood          Needs Assessment                          June 2013                                                          Linkages
     Activity: Provide an
     document listing items
B.   available

     Activity: Update and
     provide Screening,
     Assessment and Diagnostic
     Materials including the
     approved Kindergarten
C.   Readiness Tool .
Goal Met, Not met or in progress
Narrative of goal status
Narrative of regional data analysis:
 KEDS data revealed that our region needed additional information on accurate reporting on the KEDS system as well as discussion with Infinite Campus. Data analysis revealed we should provide
additional training and technical assistance on accurate data entry. Priority must be continued regarding accutate KEDS data, as well as accurate KEDS reporting. Additional training and technical
assistance on assessment instruments and reliable accurate data collection were determined. Teaching Strategies Gold is the assessment that will be utilized by 65% of the Simpson RTC districts.
Providing training and implementation of the new assessment is a priority for the 2012-2013 school year as determined by the Needs Assessment. The other 35% of districts will be using the Lap-3
(20%), COR and Work Sampling (15%). We will also continue providing additional training and technical assistance on those assessments as needed.

According to assessment data form the ELLN surveys, the challenges associated with assessment are time, meeting the individual needs of the children and organizing the data collected. Teachers
reported that collecting data is very time consuming and that the information is not "parent-friendly". Teachers also stated that the information collected is subjectived and repetitive. Those using
Teaching Strategies Gold said that the process was "too quick" and that they would like to receive additional training.

A needs assessment was conducted November 10, 2011. Results were compiled to assist us in determining the professional development needs for the 2012-2013 school year. The maority of the
training topics centered around assessment and accountablity methods, KEDS, P2R, ECERS-R, DIAL 4 and KSI/RTI. Other priority needs were Special Education Issues, Transition Activities and Early
Childhood Standards. The highest priority was Challenging Behaviors therefore we will actively recruit teams to participate in the K.I.S.S.E.D Modules. The goal of the RTC will be to continue to support
our districts by providing them with training, technical assistance, consultation and coaching.
Over 2818 persons have accessed the Simpson Co. RTC website. Over half of all training participants for 2011-2012 have used the website to register for trainings. We continually update the website
with suggestion from districts and collaborative partners. Our next priority is to develop a link to the lending library which will provide a list of major resources and materials to our districts. Data will
be collected from our needs assessment survey and training evaluations for the use of the website and information links. We will continue to offer materials, resources and assessment tools through
our lending library. Easy access and availability of an online lending library is a priority for the Simpson Co. RTC.

Please submit completed application to janis.logsdon@education.ky.gov by March 31, 2012
For questions please call Janis at 502-564-7056
                 Type of Follow-up
                 V=Visit (On-site)
Districts that   E=Email       M=Mail
participated     P=Phone
                 Type of Follow-up
                 V=Visit (On-site)
Districts that   E=Email       M=Mail
participated     P=Phone
                 Type of Follow-up
                 V=Visit (On-site)
                 E=Email       M=Mail
Districts that   P=Phone
participated     Mfg=Meeting
                 Type of Follow-up
                 V=Visit (On-site)
                 E=Email       M=Mail
Districts that   P=Phone
participated     Mfg=Meeting
                 Type of Follow-up
                 V=Visit (On-site)
                 E=Email       M=Mail
Districts that   P=Phone
participated     Mfg=Meeting
Please complete the shaded areas for your RTC region.

Did this district participate in the Needs Assessment?
Anderson RTC                                    Ashland RTC
Anchorage Ind                                   Ashland Ind
Anderson County                                 Bath County
Augusta Ind                                     Boyd County
Bardstown Ind                                   Breathitt County
Beechwood Ind                                   Carter County
Bellevue Ind                                    Elliott County
Boone County                                    Fairview Ind
Boyle County                                    Fleming County
Bracken County                                  Floyd County
Bullitt County                                  Greenup County
Campbell County                                 Harlan County
Carroll County                                  Harlan Ind
Covington Ind                                   Hazard Ind
Dayton Ind                                      Jackson Ind
Eminence Ind                                    Jenkins Ind
Erlanger-Elsmere Ind                            Johnson County
Frankfort Ind                                   Knott County
Franklin County                                 Lawrence County
Ft. Thomas Ind                                  Leslie County
Gallatin County                                 Letcher County
Grant Co./w Williamstown                        Lewis County
Harrison County                                 Magoffin County
Henry County                                    Martin County
Jefferson County                                Mason County
Kenton County                                   Menifee County
Ludlow Ind                                      Morgan County
Marion County                                   Paintsville Ind
Nelson County                                   Perry County
Newport Ind                                     Pike County
Nicholas County                                 Pikeville Ind
Oldham County                                   Raceland Ind
Owen County                                     Rowan County
Pendleton County                                Russell Ind
Robertson County                                Wolfe County
Scott County
Shelby County
Silver Grove Ind
Southgate Ind*
Spencer County
Trimble County                                  Please include short narrative explanation
Walton-Verona Ind                               for districts who have not participated in
Washington County                               the needs assessment for 2 or more
Williamstown Ind                                consecutive years.
Woodford County

Berea RTC                  Calloway RTC         Simpson RTC
Barbourville Ind           Ballard County       Adair County          Yes
Bell County                Caldwell County      Allen County          Yes
Berea Ind                  Calloway County      Barren County         Yes
Bourbon County             Carlisle County      Bowling Green Ind     Yes
Burgin Ind                 Christian County     Breckinridge County   Yes
Casey County               Crittenden County    Butler County         Yes
Clark County               Daviess County       Campbellsville Ind    Yes
Clay County                Dawson Springs Ind   Caverna Ind           Yes
Clinton County             Fulton County        Cloverport Ind        No
Corbin Ind                 Fulton Ind           Cumberland County     Yes
Danville                   Graves County        Edmonson County       Yes
East Bernstadt Ind         Henderson County     Elizabethtown Ind     Yes
Estill County              Hickman County       Glasgow Ind           Yes
Fayette County             Hopkins County       Grayson County        Yes
Garrard County             Livingston County    Green County          Yes
Jackson County             Lyon County          Hancock County        Yes
Jessamine County           Marshall County      Hardin County         Yes
Knox County                Mayfield Ind         Hart County           Yes
Laurel County              McCracken County     Larue County          No
Lee County                 McLean County        Logan County          Yes
Lincoln County             Muhlenberg County    Meade County          Yes
Madison County             Murray Ind           Metcalfe County       Yes
McCreary County            Owensboro Ind        Monroe County         Yes
Mercer County              Paducah Ind          Ohio County           Yes
Middlesboro Ind            Trigg County         Russell County        Yes
Montgomery County          Union County         Russellville Ind      Yes
Monticello Ind             Webster County       Simpson County        Yes
Owsley County                                   Taylor County         No
Paris Ind                                       Todd County           Yes
Pineville Ind                                   Warren County         Yes
Powell County                                   West Point Ind        Yes
Pulaski County
Rockcastle County
Science Hill Ind
Somerset Ind
Wayne County
Whitley County
Williamsburg Ind
Part 5: Personnel Employed with IDEA-Part B Funds for the
        Simpson         RTC

           POSITION                   NAME            FTE
Director                Bill Porter                         0.5

Consultant              Bill Porter                         0.2

Consultant              Nicki Rowe                           1

Consultant              Carla Brown                          1

Bookkeeper              Barbara Love                        0.5

Secretary               Carole Sindelar                      1
                                                                                   Preschool Program Review
                                                                                 Simpson                  RTC
                                                                           P2R Training/Technical Assistance/Follow-up

OVERVIEW: The purpose of the Preschool Program Review (P2R) is to fulfill the Kentucky Department of Education’s regulatory obligation, “A local school district preschool program shall be
subject to evaluation by the Department of Education to determine the effectiveness of the statewide preschool program” (704 KAR 3:410 Section 9 Program Evaluation (3)) as well as
provide districts with information and feedback that will support the continuous improvement of Kentucky’s Preschool Program services as part of KDEs strategic plan process for the School
Readiness Branch. The Division of Program Standards Target Goal (D4) “Kentucky students are ready for school and schools are ready for students,” is indicated through this work. The P2R
process supports the continuous improvement of Kentucky’s Preschool Program and higher quality teaching experiences and learning environments for the children of Kentucky.

EXPLANATION: In identifying the RTC activities that support the P2R process, list each activity planned for the 2012-13 year in the matrix below. Include the introduction activities, technical
assistance for both cohort and action plan districts, ECERS-R trainings, P2R Document sessions and other activities that support the P2R process. Introduction activities are those that
prepare for districts to participate in the P2R process. Technical assistance to districts is divided between those involving the cohort year districts and follow-up technical assistance or
activities for districts with Action Plans identified. ECERS-R activities include preparation, reliability trainings and "official" visits during the P2R process. The P2R Document activities include
compliance issues, TA or trainings concerning the completion of the form and submission of additional documentation. An "Other" category is included to record any activities not
previously included in the matrix. Identify the targeted audience (for example, district personnel titles or roles), resources needed, timelines and evaluation/measurement indicators for the
planned activities. (Since the form also includes report information, you may need to add activities throughout the year should the need arise for inclusion on the end-of-year report.)

Instructions for Data Entry:
Give an overview of planned activities in the appropriate section and complete the requested information for each activity on the matrix below. The cells are designed to wrap the text and
you may also add rows if needed so space should not be an issue. Complete only the yellow sections for the application. The rose sections are to be completed for the report only.
Continue until all P2R activities for your RTC region are entered. You will identify individual district plans in P2R Part 2.

                                                                                                                                                District Summary of
  P2R Goals                                    Resources and Supports                     Timeline          Evaluation/ Measurement
                 Targeted Audience                                                                                                                   Outcomes
Intro Activities

Webinars:          Preschool
Provide            Coordinators,
overview of        (Cohort 2, fall;                                                                  # of districts participating;
P2R Process;       Cohort 3, spring), KDE Staff, Intro to P2R PowerPoint, P2R Fall 2012 (cohort 2)   end-of-year survey data to
Q&A                others as requested Report, P2R Guidance Document          Spring 2013 (cohort 3) determine usefulness

overview of
P2R for
principals and                                                                                         Webinar Evaluations; End of
other district                                                                                         year survey to determine
leadership via     Building Principals,                                                                level of district
webinars or        District Leadership                                                                 administrative support
face-to-face       (Cohort 2 and 3),    Webinar service, PowerPoint and related Fall 2012 (cohort 2)   throughout P2R process; #
meetings           others as requested materials                                Spring 2013 (cohort 3) districts participating
districts with
materials for
use in
explaining P2R
process to
others in          Preschool
district           Coordinators,                                                                        Number of downloads, end-
(accessed via      Preschool Staff,    P2R print materials, links to recorded   July 1, 2012 - June 30, of-year survey data to
website)           others as requested webinars, RTC website                    2013                    determine usefulness+E19
TA to Cohort

Conduct base
observations or     Preschool staff,
walk-throughs       Preschool
to identify         Coordinators
strengths and       (Cohort 2,                                                              End of year survey to
areas for           Fall/Winter; Cohort                                                     determine usefulness;
improvement         3, Spring)          ERS Data System on tablet PC   August 2012-May 2013 improved ECERS-R scores

Provide district-
specific,           Preschool staff,
classroom-          Preschool
specific            Coordinators
technical           (Cohort 2,
assistance as       Fall/Winter; Cohort                                                     # of TA visits, emails, phone
needed              3, Spring)          Webinar, email, phone          July 2012-May 2013   calls, webinars

See also ECERS-
R Activities

TA to Action
Plan Districts
Provide phone,
webinar, or on-
site TA as
needed to help                                                                                         # of conversations/ meetings
districts          Preschool                                                                           related to reports/findings;
develop and        Coordinators,                                               Summer/Fall 2012        documentation showing
implement P2R      Preschool Staff    District P2R reports (from KDE), P2R     (Cohort 1); May-June    implementation of action
action plans       (Cohort 1 and 2)   action plans                             2013 (Cohort 2)         plans


Facilitate basic
training           Preschool Staff,
(overview of       District Raters,
P2R and review     Preschool
of each ECERS      Coordinators,
item), face-to-    (target Cohort 2                                                                    Training evaluations; ECERS-R
face and/or        and 3, others as   Training facility, training materials,                           Scores; End of year survey to
webinars           space allows)      webinar service                          Fall 2012               determine usefulness;

                Preschool Staff,
Facilitate      District Raters,
advanced        Preschool
training on     Coordinators,
targeted ECERS others as interested
items (face-to- (target Cohort 2
face and        and 3, others as    Training facility, training materials,                             Training Evaluations; ECERS-R
webinars)       space allows)       webinar service                            July 2012 - June 2012   Scores
Provide ECERS-
R resources
designed to
improve scores       All cohorts -
on specific          Preschool staff,
ECER-R items         Preschool
(e.g., tip sheets,   Coordinators,
emails,              District Raters, and
recorded             others as                                                                               End of year survey to
webinars, video      interested;                                                                             determine usefulness;
clips of ECERS-R     attendees of ECERS- ECERS-R resource materials, email, RTC                              improved ECERS-R scores; #
best practices)      R trainings          website, webinar service, flip camera      July 2012-June 2013     of downloads
training for                                                                                                 Training Evaluation; End of
designated        Cohort 3 District      Training facility, materials, RTC staff, site                       year survey to determine
district raters   Raters                 for practice observation                      Spring 2013           usefulness
                  Cohort 2 District
 Establish inter- Raters (Fall 2012),
rater reliability Cohort 3 District
with district     Raters (Spring                                                                            Achievement of 85%
raters            2013)                  RTC staff, onsite visits                    Fall 2012, Spring 2013 interrater reliability

Lending library:
Loan copies of
and other                                                                                                    # of checkouts; End of year
resources as     Cohorts 2 and 3,                                                    July 1, 2012 - June 30, survey to determine
needed           others as requested ECERS-R DVD                                     2013                    usefulness
"official" RTC
Observation (at
least 30% of                                                                    October 2012-
classrooms)     Cohort 2 Districts   RTC staff, onsite visits, ERS tablet       Feburary 2013   ECERS Scores

P2R Document

Introduction to
P2R Document
(KDE webinar);
use RTC
website to
provide related
materials and
links to
recorded                                                                                        End of year survey to
webinars        Cohort 2             KDE staff, RTC website                                     determine usefulness;
Provide TA as
districts                                                                                       End of year survey to
complete P2R                                                                                    determine usefulness;
documents, as                                                                                   completion of P2R
needed          Cohort 2             RTC staff, phone, email, webinar service                   documents

Participate in
P2R onsite
visits outside of
RTC region        Cohort 2           RTC staff, travel                          Spring 2013     Successful completion
Participate in
P2R Advisory
Activities                           RTC staff                                 Ongoing, as requested Successful completion

Invite Cohort 2
Coordinators to
participate in
P2R Advisory
Committee       Cohort 2 Preschool
Activities      Coordinators                                                   As requested               # of districts participating

Analysis of districts' P2R outcomes and ECERS-R data to identifiy regional and state-wide needs/trends:
Pilot 1     Anderson
Pilot 2     Ashland
2011-2012   Berea
2012-2013   Calloway

2013-2014   Simpson

                    A                     B                      C               D                  E               F              G                         H

  P2R-Part 2 Data Entry Instructions:
  List each district in your RTC region in the first column. (List districts by your preference, alphabetically or chronologically by cohort
  year.) In the next column, choose the appropriate P2R Cohort year from the drop down list. Indicate P2R activities planned for
  that district by placing Xs in the subsequent columns. Complete only the yellow section for the application. As the activities are
  completed throughout the year, replace the Xs with dates of activities for the report. Also complete the rose section for the end
  of year report by sharing a reflective district summary of outcomes based on the P2R process, activities, TA, support and
1 experiences of the district.

                                                                          TA to Districts
                                                                          (Indicate                           P2R
                                                                          Cohort or       ECERS-R             Document
3 District Name                 Cohort Year            Intro Activities   Action Plan     Activities          Activities   Other Activities District Summary of Outcomes

4 Hardin                        Cohort 1 (2011-2012)                      x (Action plan)

5 Ohio                          Cohort 1 (2011-2012)                      x (Action plan)
     Breckinridge                                                         X (Cohort,
6                               Cohort 2 ( 2012-2013) x (Fall)            Fall/Winter)      x (Fall/Winter)         x              x
     Campbellsville (Tylr)                                                X (Cohort,
7                               Cohort 2 ( 2012-2013) x (Fall)            Fall/Winter)      x (Fall/Winter)         x              x
     Cloverport(Breckinridge)                                             X (Cohort,
8                               Cohort 2 ( 2012-2013) x (Fall)            Fall/Winter)      x (Fall/Winter)         x              x
     Cumberland                                                           X (Cohort,
9                               Cohort 2 ( 2012-2013) x (Fall)            Fall/Winter)      x (Fall/Winter)         x              x
     Grayson                                                              X (Cohort,
10                              Cohort 2 ( 2012-2013) x (Fall)            Fall/Winter)      x (Fall/Winter)         x              x
     Green                                                                X (Cohort,
11                              Cohort 2 ( 2012-2013) x (Fall)            Fall/Winter)      x (Fall/Winter)         x              x
     Larue                                                                X (Cohort,
12                              Cohort 2 ( 2012-2013) x (Fall)            Fall/Winter)      x (Fall/Winter)         x              x
                  A                     B                      C          D                                   E                                        F   G   H
     Russell                                                       X (Cohort,
13                            Cohort 2 ( 2012-2013) x (Fall)       Fall/Winter)   x (Fall/Winter)                                                      x   x
     Taylor                                                        X (Cohort,
14                            Cohort 2 ( 2012-2013) x (Fall)       Fall/Winter)   x (Fall/Winter)                                                      x   x
     Barren                                                        x (Cohort,
15                            Cohort 3 (2013-2014)   x(Spring)     Spring)        x(Spring)
     Edmonson                                                      x (Cohort,
16                            Cohort 3 (2013-2014)   x(Spring)     Spring)        x(Spring)
     Elizabethtown (Hardin)                                        x (Cohort,
17                            Cohort 3 (2013-2014)   x(Spring)     Spring)        x(Spring)
     Glasgow (Barren)                                              x (Cohort,
18                            Cohort 3 (2013-2014)   x(Spring)     Spring)        x(Spring)
     Hart                                                          x (Cohort,
19                            Cohort 3 (2013-2014)   x(Spring)     Spring)        x(Spring)
     West Point (Hardin)                                           x (Cohort,
20                            Cohort 3 (2013-2014)   x(Spring)     Spring)        x(Spring)
     Todd                                                          x (Cohort,
21                            Cohort 3 (2013-2014)   x(Spring)     Spring)        x(Spring)

                                                                                       ave access to ECERS-R materials online and can participate in
22                            Cohort 4 (2014-2015)
     Bowling Green (Warren)
23                            Cohort 4 (2014-2015)
24                            Cohort 4 (2014-2015)
25                            Cohort 4 (2014-2015)

                                                                                          ECERS-R trainings as space allows.
26                            Cohort 4 (2014-2015)
     Russellville (Logan)
27                            Cohort 4 (2014-2015)
28                            Cohort 4 (2014-2015)
                                                                                   ECERS-R trainings as space al
                                                          These districts will have access to ECERS-R materials
                  A                  B            C   D                       E                                    F   G   H
29                         Cohort 4 (2014-2015)
     Caverna (Pilot I)
30                         Cohort 5 (2015-2016)
     Meade (Pilot II)
31                         Cohort 5 (2015-2016)
     Handcock (Pilot II)
32                         Cohort 5 (2015-2016)
33                         Cohort 5 (2015-2016)
34                         Cohort 5 (2015-2016)
Part 6: Equipment List       Simpson           RTC

   TYPE OF                    LOCATION                              TOTAL

Part 7: Budget Summary                                 Simpson
   MUNIS CODE                       DESCRIPTION        AMOUNT        Anderson

0012117 0110    Cert. Salary (Director .5)                32000.00   Ashland

0002121 0110    Cert. Salary (Cons. 1 @.2)                13000.00   Berea

0002121 0111    Extended Days                               100.00   Calloway

0002121 0130    Classified Salary (Cons. 1.0)             59000.00   Simpson

0002121 0130    Classified Salary (Clerical)              43000.00

0002121 0221    FICA                                       5700.00

0012117 0222    Medicare                                    480.00

0002121 0222    Medicare                                   1400.00

0012117 0231    Teacher Retirement (Director)              4800.00

0002121 0231    Teacher Retirement (Consultant)            1850.00

0002121 0232    County Emp. Retirement                    17588.00

0012117 0253    Unemployment                                100.00

0002121 0253    Unemployment                               1560.00

0002121 0260    Workmen's Comp.                             400.00

0012117 0260    Workmen's Comp.                             200.00

0002121 0294    Insurance                                 16000.00

0002121 0295    Insurance                                    40.00

0002121 0296    Insurance                                   160.00

0002118 0322    Educational Consultants                   50000.00

0002118 0338    Registration Fees                           500.00

0002118 0342    Audit                                       600.00

0002118 0349    Other Professional Services               14000.00

0002118 0419    Utilities                                  1900.00

0002118 0433    Equipment Repair & Maint.                   600.00

Part 7: Budget Summary                                  Simpson
   MUNIS CODE                        DESCRIPTION        AMOUNT        Anderson

0002118 0441    Rent of Building                           10000.00

0002118 0444    Copier Lease                                5800.00

0002118 0529    Insurance of Vehicles                       1400.00

0002118 0532    Telephone                                   3200.00

0002118 0559    Printing                                     100.00

0002118 0580    Travel                                     18000.00

0002118 0610    Supplies                                    6000.00

0002118 0643    Supplemental Books/Study Guides             1000.00

0002118 0645    Audiovisual                                  100.00

0002118 0646    Tests                                        100.00

0002118 0650    Tech. Supplies                               500.00

0002118 0732    Vehicles                                     100.00

0002118 0733    Furniture/Fixtures                           100.00

0002118 0734    Tech. Hardware                              1000.00

0002118 0738    Other Instructional Equipment                100.00

                Total                                     312478.00


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