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									Security Performance Measures:
      Point, Counterpoint
Security Performance Measures:
      Point, Counterpoint
• Presiding
  Yuko J. Nakanishi, Nakanishi Research & Consulting
• State DOT Perspective
  Jeffrey L. Western, Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation
• Academic Perspective
  Michael D. Meyer, Georgia Institute of Technology
  John C. Falcocchio, Polytechnic University of New York
• Consultant Perspective
  Stephen C. Lockwood, Parsons Brinckerhoff

• The Government Performance and
  Results Act requires agencies to measure
  performance making government more
  accountable for the taxpayer dollars it
• Demonstrable, measurable, effective
  progress against terrorism is the desired
• Among the various US government
  agencies involved in anti-terrorism efforts,
  there is currently no common set of criteria
  for measuring success. Many agencies
  are still attempting to establish and define
  precise criteria and standards.
• Uncertainty with respect to both strategies
  and measurements makes it difficult to
  describe progress accurately.
       Performance Measures
• Importance
   – Linkage with Goals and Objectives
   – Focus, Focus, Focus
• Benefits
   – Shaping Organizational Culture
   – Strengthening Trust with Stakeholders,
   – Maintaining Focus on Strategic Goals
   – Identifying and Addressing Customer Needs
(Source: NCHRP Handbook: Strategic Performance Measures for State DOTs)
      Performance Measures
• Benefits, specific to security
   – Merge security into the long-term
     planning process, and thereby
   – Elevate the status of security
    Performance Measures

• Uses
 – Monitoring
 – Evaluating
 – Communicating
    • Internal
    • External
• What basic set of Security Performance Measures
  should be established by transportation agencies
  and MPOs?

         Strategy “X”
                                    Nature of
                                    Threat “Y”

• Ignoring weaknesses may make the
  agency and its transportation system
• If terrorists or criminals obtained the
  findings, they would be better equipped to
  launch an attack.
• This exposes the agency to legal liability should
  an attack occur.

• Which measures are security risks?
• Should Security PMs be established if resources
  to address weaknesses are not available?
• How can sensitive information and data be
  (Even if PM results are not released to the general
  public, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to prevent
  hackers from gaining access to confidential information.)
• How can data be collected? >> Drills?
  Undercover decoys? >> What costs are
  involved (Are they more expensive
  compared with other measures)?
• Coordination of efforts is needed (e.g.,
  overlaps with risk and vulnerability
  assessments may occur)
• Uncertainty – estimates of threats,
  vulnerabilities, consequences; and
  valuing consequences
• Point: Establishing Security Performance
  Measures will boost the visibility and
  status of security to those of other agency
• Counterpoint: The Measures can highlight
  vulnerabilities. In the wrong hands, this
  information can be exploited to launch
  attacks against the agency’s transportation
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