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					                                                                             May 2, 2011

Dear Parishioner,

May the Peace of this Easter Season be with you.

This coming weekend, May 8th, the Catholic Service Appeal begins for this year. This is the 24th
year for this Campaign. It presents us with the opportunity to provide and assist the needs for the
Mission of the Church of our Diocese, along with helping us fund the local needs of our Sacred Heart

Remember that the income of the Parish happens because of your generous heart; through the Sunday
collection, the Catholic Service Appeal, and your personal stewardship to your faith community.

Sacred Heart Church is our home of worship and so requires care and upkeep for its continued good
use. This year is our 124 year that our Church building has provided for our worship. We would like
to do some slight remodeling by new electrical replacement and new carpeting. As such, the Parish
Council has recommended to me that we place this year's CSA contributions for a Parish CSA Goal
at $15,000.

This year’s campaign consists of the following:

Diocese of Gary Goal:                                $29,814.00 (no increase over last year)
Slight remodeling of new electrical & carpeting:     $15,000.00
The Total Goal for the 2011 CSA:                     $44,814.00

When contributing, please use the CSA Pledge envelope found in your regular envelope packet.
Please make sure that you mark the envelope with your pledge and the amount of your first
installment. Make checks payable to Sacred Heart Church. Submit your pledge in the Sunday
Collection, to the Church office, or through the mail. The Diocesan CSA office will send you a
statement. Please remember that you have six months to fulfill your pledge.

With Love and Prayers,

Fr. Jerry

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