CIS162 FinalExam Spring2012 by d7qPyB


									                                    CIS 162 Spring 2012
                                         Final Exam

Instructions (please read thoroughly): This exam has been designed to test some of the practical and
technical skills that you have learned throughout this semester. There is also a section that I have
included for you to look into some future considerations as you continue to polish and improve upon
your web development skills.

Upon receipt of this final exam, save this document with the following naming convention:
CIS162_Spring2012_FinalExam_YourName. Keep in mind that you will need to replace "YourName" with
your actual name.

Where applicable, I would like you to respond to the questions below, within this word document
(keeping you solution with each individual question), and email it to me by midnight on Monday,
May 14. Any explanation that you provide that does not thoroughly answer the question will lose points.

The Practical Application portion of this exam must also be emailed to me by Monday, May 14. Your
electronic files should be zipped into a single folder and use the same filename structure as indicated in
the previous paragraph (see above).

Critical Thinking (5 points each unless otherwise specified)

    1) With regard to the design process, in your own words, identify and explain each of the stages
       involved. Provide me with your references.

    2) Which image type(s) is/are preferred for use on the web and why?

    3) When determining whether or not to build a website using flash, what are some key

    4) Scenario 1 (10 points): You are currently in a meeting with a client. You just asked him/her a
       question regarding their preference of page layout. They indicate to you that they would like
       you to create the webpage navigation on the right side of the page with a red background and
       bright green text. They also would like the header of the page to have a blue background
       (similar to #000066) and black text, the rest would be left to you (the designer's) judgment.

            a. Is there anything wrong with the client's request(s)? If so, explain in at least 1 paragraph
               what it is and why you believe it to be a poor choice? Be specific.
        b. How would you respond? Would you do what the client has requested, no questions
           asked? If so, why? If not, what recommendations would you make? Be specific with your
           recommendations and be sure to thoroughly and clearly justify your reasoning.

        c. If you did recommend any changes in the question above, when would you offer up
           those options? Would you do it during your meeting or at a later time? Why? What
           method of communication would you use to break the new (phone, email, etc.)? Why?

5) Scenario 2 (10 points): Assume that your best friend is moving on their own, to another state,
   several hours away. Since you are computer savvy (and their best friend), she/he has asked you
   to help her/him identify medical professionals in the area that they are moving to, such as
   doctors, dentists, etc. They currently have no friends or family in that state so word-of-mouth
   would be out of the question. You are trusting your instincts to make a judgment-call based on
   the look of the website. You want to identify professional websites rather than poor websites,
   hoping that there is a correlation between their website and their professionalism and
   competence within their line of work (which is often the assumption). Identify and elaborate on
   the at least 5 different criteria that you would take into consideration before making a final
   decision to recommend the site. In other words, how would you determine whether or not a
   website was "professional/good" or “unprofessional/poor ". Provide me with at least one good
   and one poor example of a medically-based website (URL). Thoroughly explain how each
   website either met or did not meet your criteria.

6) Research (5 points each): Of the following 7 sets of terms/topics, I would like you to do some
   research and provide me with a brief, detailed summary for at least 4 of them which clearly
   explains the purpose, functionality, usage, etc. of each term you have selected. Beside each set
   of terms is a sample of questions and/or key points that you should be addressing as part of
   your summary. Although some of these terms may be new to you, I feel as though they may be
   useful in assisting you with the skills and terminology affiliated with web development. Be sure
   to provide me with all of your references (URLs are fine)!!

        a. Website load testing - Give me an overview of the purpose and basics on how to
           conduct it, you are encouraged to identify specific tools, if you come across them.
            b. Google Adsense/Adwords - Summarize what they are and how they're used. Identify
               some benefits and drawbacks (if any) for a small business to go this route.
            c. Meta tags - What are they, what is their purpose, and how are they used? Provide me
               with a code example if possible,
            d. Storyboarding/Wireframing - Are they different, if so, how? What is their intended
               purpose in web development?
            e. Project Scope / Creative Brief - What are they and how do they relate? What are the
               key differences between the two, if any?
            f. Gantt / Pert Chart - What are they and what is the difference between the two? What
               role do they play in developing a website?
            g. JQuery – Give me an overview on what this is and the benefits / drawbacks of using it.
               Explain what would be considered to be a responsive design in JQuery.

7) Of the following, you have the choice of choosing 1 practical application. This section is worth (35
   total points)

    a. Practical Application Scenario 1
       You are tasked with designing a new Computer Information Systems (CIS) website for Bristol
       Community College. The school is looking for something that they can use to highlight the
       programs that the CIS department has to offer. Using the tool(s) of your choice, create three
       pages for this website, the CIS Main/Intro page, and two additional pages which display the
       requirements for one of the CIS degree programs and one for a specific CIS Certificate program
       (each on their own page). These pages should be deigned to demonstrate the look and feel
       (based on your vision) of what the entire department website should look like. You may use the
       "Lorem Ipsum" code provided to you at the end of this document as your filler text if need be
       for your main CIS webpage only, otherwise you are welcome to provide your own content. Note:
       Using the "Lorem Ipsum" code is common practice for web developers in order to give the sense
       of what a website/page would look like with content for a mock design.

        The information that you need to populate your Degrees and Certificates pages can be found
        here: Remember to only use
        one Certificate and one Degree program to demonstrate your design. Program Examples:
        Computer Information Systems, Webmaster (page 44) and Basic Web Page Development (page
        101). Keep in mind that all of the content pertaining to that degree or certificate program that is
        provided within the PDF must be included on your website. This includes the semester
        information, the Dean's contact number, etc.

        The design that you use for this website should be created by you, without the use of any form
        of template. Your website must have a header, footer, and logical navigation (you decide on the
        location) and space for your page content.

        Your navigation must contain the following references: CIS Home, Degrees, Certificates, and
        Contact. The Contact page should link to the following BCC page - The remainder of your pages should link
        accordingly. You will be eligible to earn additional points if create buttons for your entire
        navigation and / or implement hover effects for your navigation buttons.
Within the header of your website, you should display the BCC logo, which should be clickable
and direct the user to the BCC homepage (not your CIS homepage). Within the footer of your
website, you must declare the site copyrighted using the appropriate format. You should also
include your name as well as an appropriate and accurate clickable link to your email address.

Finally, I would like you to summarize your work. Tell me what tools you used and specific skills
that you used in your design/development. Identify which of your pages validated
strict/transitional. Be sure to indicate the specific pages if the validation differs. You may also
use this page to provide me with each external reference that you used in the making of this
portion of the exam. Your summary can be done in Microsoft Word.

Please remember to zip and email all of your final files (including images, css sheet(s), summary,
etc.) to me by the requested due date. As for your images, be sure to email both the editable
(.psd) and non-editable versions of the files.

Additional requirements are listed below:

       You must declare the use of colors, font families, and all other styles all within either the
        head portion of your webpage or an external stylesheet (only – no inline styles).
       For those pages that have a variety of information to present, you must structure your
        information within the page in a logical manner.
       Your pages must validate at least transitional. More points will be provided to you if you
        validate your entire site strict.

You may include the following, optional, components within your website for extra credit (5
additional points each):

       Flash (you website should not be designed entirely in Flash!!)
       JavaScript
       Meta tags

Lorem Ipsum

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b. Practical Application Scenario 2
   Create the same website as above, but using JQuery and/or HTML5 and CSS3. Be sure to
   identify, in your submission of this file, which practical application you have attempted as
   part of your final exam.

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