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									 New Hire
A Little About Our Company
    ESTORE is one of the largest and most successful staffing firms in
     Rochester, NY.
    We have been servicing the Rochester business community for over 25
    Our company has helped more than 1,000 local businesses recruit, screen
     and retain talent!
    Our recruiters interview and screen over 1,500 applicants a year.
    You were selected by your recruiter to join our growing team of staffing
     professionals. We believe you have the background and professionalism to
     represent our company positively at our client locations.
    ESTORE takes pride in each recruitment. We want you to have the same
     mutual pride in your position and new company work site.
    Excited for your new position? Great …Lets Get Started!
Your New Position
Your New Hire Summary Sheet highlights your position information.
This orientation summarizes the important themes of the document. You can retain
a copy of the document for your purposes. Follow along!

     Client Company                          Depart/Location
     Position Title                          Schedule
     Start Date                              Hrly Pay Rate
     Supervisor/Contact                      Recruiter Contact
     Client Location/ Address                Any Additional Info

 Now that you have all the details of your new position, lets go over some our our
 internal policies and practices that will assist you in your new position!
When to Notify Us
    We are your employer- contact us immediately if you are encountering any
     problems on the assignment.
    We want to hear from you! Keep in touch with your recruiter via email or
     phone. Let your recruiter know how your job is going (Week 1, 30 Days, 60
     Days, etc.) Both positive & constructive feedback is always beneficial to us.

    Call a minimum of 1 hour prior to the start of your shift.
    Call your supervisor at your work site location.
    Call our dedicated call-out line: 585-232-4880 x122 and leave a message include: your
     name, company/dept, supervisor and reason for absence. In addition, we request you
     to communicate if you have/have not already called your supervisor on site!

    You will be receiving a call out card from your recruiter with this information so you can
     keep it in your wallet!
Timecard Process
    Approved Timecards are due to our office by Monday at 5pm (eTIME, fax or
     hard copy)
    Timecards are YOUR responsibility, not your supervisor's. Ensure your
     approved timecard is completed and submitted on time – or you won't be
     processed for payroll!
    Any approved time submitted after Monday at 5pm (either by the employee or
     by the supervisor) is considered late and will NOT be processed by payroll for
     the current week payroll. There are NO exceptions to this rule.
    If your client location utilizes our electronic timecard system, you will be
     provided further information on the system, including a User ID.
    For assistance with eTIME, call our office at 585-232-4880, Option 4.
    For a demo on how to use our eTIME system, please click the link below:
Paycheck Options
    Paid Weekly (Friday) for previous week's work.
    We Offer 2 pay solutions to auto deposit your paycheck: BANK DIRECT DEPOSIT
     and VISA CHASE DEBIT CARD (Visa Chase Paycard Plus)
    We also offer ePay Stub (secure online pay stubs). The benefit is:
                 Secure pay information (not in your mailbox waiting to be stolen!)
                 Print prior pay stubs at any time for your personal use
                 Confirmed deposit information online, at your convenience
                 Reduce your carbon footprint!
    Bank Direct Deposit takes about 1 week to activate. Chase Debit Card takes about
     2-3 weeks to activate. Debit Card is longer because it is dependent on you
     receiving the debit card in the mail, YOU activating your PIN and then YOU
     returning the card voucher form to our office to activate the card
    Your paystub is mailed weekly to your address on W4, unless on ePay Stub
Benefits Plan
     Paid Time Off (PTO) Program:
                    Eligible to enroll after 1,360 hours of continuous service***
                    For every 320 hours worked after 1,360 hours, eligible for 8 hrs PTO
                    To request PTO; complete online request form on eTIME

     Holiday Bonus Program:
                    Eligible to enroll after 1,040 hours of continuous service***
                    Holiday Bonus is equal to 4 hours at your standard rate of pay
                    Holiday Bonus is not paid if you work the holiday (only paid if you are given the
                     holiday off by the client worksite)
                    To request Holiday Bonus, complete online request form on eTIME
                    6 Std holidays eligible for the Holiday Bonus include: New Year's Day, Memorial
                     Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

     Employee Referral Bonus:
                    Receive $25 for each person you refer to our company after they work a minimum
                     of 80 hours of satisfactory work You must be currently working/employed by our
                     company to receive this bonus.

**Continuous Service represents no break in employment for longer than 2 months!
Employment Guidelines
    Sexual & Other Unlawful Harassment:
         Inappropriate actions, words, jokes or comments will not be tolerated

         An individuals sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion & any other legally protected category apply

         To report an incident, contact our HR Dept at 585-232-4880 x121

    Workplace Safety:
         Working safely is a condition of employment and all safety policies of the client location must
          be followed at all times.

         All work place injuries must be reported (no matter how slight) immediately to our HR Dept at
          585-232-4880 x121

    Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
         We provide EEO to all applicants on the basis of their abilities, experience & training.

         We do not tolerate any discriminatory practices in the recruitment, selection, training,
          utilization, promotion or training of any individual.

         In compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act, we will not discriminate against qualified
          disabled persons & we will make every attempt to provide reasonable accomodation.
Employment Guidelines
    Client Company Business Devices & Vehicles:
         Your use is limited to business purposes only. Includes phone, email, computer, internet and
          fax machine.

         If supplied a client company vehicle or motorized equipment, you are prohibited from using a
          cell phone or similar device while in operation or driving.

    Personal Items & Personal Business:
         You are prohibited from using your personal cell phones during work hours for personal use
          (break time only allowed). This included phone calls, text messaging, internet, voicemail or
          any other mobile device action.

         You may not conduct personal matters at the job (resolve issues, finances, job searches, etc.)

    Employment at Will
         NYS is an “employment-at-will” state. If hired, my employment is at will & can be terminated
          at any time without cause or advanced notice by myself or my employer.

    No Show/ No Call
         We reserve the right to no longer assist you in your job search if you do not show to work
          without notification to your supervisor AND our office.
Policies & Procedures
It is not possible to list all the forms of behavior that are considered unacceptable in the workplace. The following are examples of
          infractions of rules of conduct that will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
     Theft or inappropriate removal or possession of property.           NO Personal cell phone usage
   No Personal phone calls or personal matters are allowed on       Sexual or other unlawful or unwelcome harassment.
       client time. Utilize breaks for personal matters.
                                                                    Possession of dangerous or unauthorized materials, such
   No long distance usage of client phones for personal use             as explosives or firearms, in the workplace.
        (including on approved break time).
                                                                    Excessive absenteeism or any absence without notice. If
   Falsification of timekeeping records or employment                   you are absent for 3 or more days you will need a
        application.                                                    doctor’s note to return to work, unless it is approved
                                                                        time off.
   Working under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
                                                                    Unauthorized absence from your work station during the
   Possession, distribution, sale, transfer, or use of alcohol or       workday.
       illegal drugs in the workplace, while on duty, or while
       operating client company-owned vehicles or                   Violation of safety or health rules.
                                                                    Unsatisfactory performance or conduct.
   Fighting or threatening violence in the workplace.
                                                                    Leaving the job without permission from your Employment
   Boisterous or disruptive activity in the workplace.                  Store Rep.
   Negligence or improper conduct leading to damage of              Failure to notify The Employment Store within 5 days of the
        employer-owned or client-owned property.                         completion of your assignment. We will accept this as
                                                                         your voluntary quit.
   NO Personal usage of the internet, fax and/or email.
                                                                  Insubordination or other disrespectful condu
 Injury on the Job – If you are injured while on the job, immediately report to your supervisor at the client company’s site for
 safety procedure. If medical assistance is required, proceed to the nearest medical facility. Contact our HR Dept immediately
 following the injury at 585-232-4880 x121.
Client Company Info
         A Look Inside The University of Rochester:
•   URMC (University of Rochester Medical Center) is the leading Medical Facility
    in the Region. It consists of SMH, HH, SMD, GCH and many affiliates.
•   Strong Memorial Hospital is ranked as one of “America's Best Hospitals” by
    U.S. News & World Report.
•   Won the Consumer Choice Aware for the best hospital in the area for 11
    consecutive years!
•   Golisano Children's Hospital is the only children's hospital in the region
•   In the past 10 years, more than 20 companies have been formed using URMC
•   URMC Has over 200 departments and is the LARGEST employer in
Client Company Info
           What to Expect before you start at URMC:
•   All candidates who will be working at URMC will be required to pass a criminal
    background check prior to start of assignment.
•   All candidates must complete a rehire check if previously employed at URMC
    for eligibility.
•   Due to the fact that URMC is a federally funded organization, all candidates
    must complete the federal loan default form and cannot have any outstanding
    defaulted loans.
•   Every location at URMC has a specific location where they are designated to
    park. You will be required to obtain a parking pass prior to start of
•   All employees working at URMC are required to where an ID badge at all
    times, you will be given instructions on where to go to get this pass prior to
Client Company Info
                         What to Expect at the Job:
•   Placement in food & nutrition is an excellent opportunity for permanent placement within
    Strong Memorial Hospital. Your hard work and dedication can open many doors to job
    opportunities and growth potential within the UofR/Strong family. As a member of their
    permanent team stability, growth potential, benefit package and continuing educational
    opportunities are available to you and your family. Here are some requirements while you are
    apart of our team:

•   You should be prepared to be flexible with your work schedule as the hospital’s scheduling needs
    may vary. Remember to check your schedule in advance and write it down! When in doubt ask your
•   Minimal jewelry, no facial/body piercing jewelry, no artificial fingernails and hair net and gloves are
    provided by the department and mandatory.
•   Dress code: Black pants (no jeans or sweatpants), white button down shirt, comfortable work shoes
    (foot must be totally covered), no slip on shoes and socks/hosiery must be worn with the shoes.
•   Call Out Procedure: You must call the department 1 hour ahead of schedule prior to starting your
    shift (275-3425) and call The Employment Store Call out line at 585-232-4880 x122. You must call
    both of these numbers or it is considered a No Call/No Show.
**On your first day of work you must report to Regina Hayes, Room 1-2565. Don’t forget to bring
    your “Temporary Assignment for Food & Nutrition” form with you.
Final Steps
•   Do you have any questions about your new job, where you are going or
    what you will be doing?
•   Do you have any questions/confusions about any of the information we
•   Final 2 Steps:
      –     ETIME Orientation & Login (if have not provided yet)
      –     Safety DVD
•   Once that is complete & your recruiter has all the important paperwork
    signed, you are READY for WORK!
•   Here are some great points to practice:
      –     Remember … Everyday is an Interview!
      –     Positive, Can-Do Attitudes ... Go A Long Long Way in Life!
      –     Be Friendly, Personable & Customer Attentive at All Times!
      –     This May be a Great Opening to Your Future … Never Shut the Door!
Congratulations & Good Luck!

       Contact Us At:
Recruiter Final Checklist
Internal Process/Paperwork:           Client Specific Process/Paperwork:
•    I9 Completed                     •     Client Documents Reviewed &
•    W4 Completed
                                      •     Pre-Employment Verification
•    New Hire Sheet Signed &                Screens Completed for Client
                                      •     Client Information Provided & Any
•    ETIME Log In Orientation               Further Relevant Information
•    Dir Deposit or Debit Card Form
•    Register for ePay Stub
•    Register for eAlerts News
•    Safety Video Completed
•    Rehired Candidate-Completed
     Rehire Form

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