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					                                         Centennial High School
                                  Physical Education Department Procedures

1. Do what is right.            2. Do the best you can     3. Respect each other; the equipment/facilities, and curriculum

1. PE students will wear an appropriate unaltered T-shirt style top that complies with school dress code. Students are to wear
athletic gear. Cutoffs, cargo shorts, and blue jeans are not acceptable.
2. For Hygienic purposes students must wear a separate change of clothes for class.
3. Gym shoes and socks. (No sandals or boots allowed).
4. Hats and beanies or any other head wear are not to be worn indoors.
5. No Jewelry and/or electronic devices allowed in class.
6. Bring your own towel for showers and/or sweat towel for class.

LOCKER ROOMS: Locker rooms will be locked and not accessible when the tardy bell rings.

LOCKS: You will be provided with a small locker. You may use a tall locker for one class period only. Locks left on tall
lockers will be removed and not replaced. It is your responsibility to provide your own lock. If the lock is lost, it is your
responsibility to bring another one. ALWAYS lock up your possessions. It is not advisable to leave any valuables in your P.E.

FEES: Any field trips will have additional fees for transportation. Students in Recreational Activities will participate in a bowling
unit which requires a daily fee of $ 2.00 to $ 2.50. The fee includes two games of bowling and shoe rental. The approximate total
cost is $ 26. Students will travel to the bowling alley on a school district bus. To participate in bowling students must ride on the
bus. Students WILL NOT drive vehicles to the bowling alley. Students will be charged for damaging equipment and or facilities.

GRADING & CLASS PARTICIPATION POLICY: Students are expected to be on time to get maximum
instructional benefit. Students should be in the locker area when the bell rings and be ready for instruction within 5 minutes.
1. Each student earns 10 points a day for responsible positive participation by completing ALL tasks.
2. If a student is absent, he/she will earn zero points.
3. If a student is tardy he/she will lose participation points. (refer to make up policy)
     Tardies shall be defined as: Not being in the appropriate locker room/classroom when the period begins and/or not being at the
appropriate activity station 5 minutes after the final bell.
4. Each teacher will inform you as to the extent written tests, assignments, skill testing, and workout cards will have on your grade.
5. You WILL NOT be allowed to make up the points for unexcused absences or unexcused tardies.
6. You are expected to be in the assigned area until the conclusion of class.

ATTENDANCE: All absences will count as “0” total daily points! Excused absences and medical excuses can be made up
through arrangement with the instructor. (See medical excuse section)

NON-DRESS: Students are expected to dress down on a daily basis. Students who are not dressed down may receive partial
credit for the day if they participate in a positive manner. An accumulation on non-dresses will adversely affect the student’s grade
and may result in failure of the class. You WILL NOT have the opportunity to make up Non Dresses.

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I understand the Physical Education Department’s Procedures and will abide by these guidelines.

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Teacher                                 Period                             PRINT Student’s Name
     If a circumstance arises during the school day which does not allow the student to participate in class, the student should
discuss this with their instructor at the beginning of class. The instructor may modify the activity so you can receive credit. If you
will be “sitting out” for the period, the class will need to be made up for credit.
     A student will be excused from physical education for a health reason by parental note for three (3) consecutive days only.
Please indicate on the note the nature of the injury or illness, the date, a contact phone number, and your signature. The instructor
will attempt to modify the activity so the student may receive full credit (referee games, assist with fitness data, etc.) In the event
the activity cannot be modified, the student will not receive credit for the days of non-participation. The student will have the
opportunity to make up the classes for full credit.
     If a student needs to refrain from physical education for a period of time exceeding three (3) days, a medical excuse from a
physician is required. The physician should specify exact physical participation modifications. The doctor’s note MUST state when
the student may return to full participation. The physical education instructor will make a reasonable effort to modify the activities
in order to meet the parameters established by the doctor’s note so the student can receive full credit. A student will not return to
full physical activity until the date specified on the doctor’s note or the student provides a new doctor’s note releasing him/her to
fully participate.
     If the instructor is unable to modify the activity or the note bans all physical activity, the student will receive a P.E. Research
Assignment from their instructor and work independently in the library. Students will engage in physical education related
research utilizing library materials and the internet. Students will receive credit for the classes missed upon successful completion
of written assignments. If the student will miss more than ten (10) class sessions due to medical excuses they will be dropped from
the class and receive an “N” grade.

MAKE UP POLICY: A student will be provided an opportunity to make up medical excuses and excused absences. It is the
student’s responsibility to initiate a make up plan with their individual instructor. Students will arrange swimming make ups with
Mr. Lundgren.

UNEXCUSED ABSENCES: You WILL NOT be allowed to make up the points for unexcused absences.

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