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            Southeast Georgia Chapter

    January 2009                           Welcome to the New Year                                                 Vol. 10, No. 1
                              The SEGA Chapter Newsletter celebrates its 10 year in print!

Oncology Nursing Society Mission Statement
The mission of ONS® is to promote excellence in oncology
nursing and quality cancer care.                                           ONCOLOGY CERTIFICATION

                      ONS Core Values                                      New OCN Test Blueprint
            Integrity  Innovation  Stewardship                                         ®
                                                                           The new OCN Test Blueprint, or test content outline, is
           Advocacy  Excellence  Inclusiveness                           available at:
 Southeast Georgia Chapter Officers 2009                                   etin.pdf
 President.….……………..… Patty Aiken, RN, MSN
 President-Elect ……….. Dana Coleman, RN, OCN®                              OCN, CPON and CBCN Certification Testing in 2009
 Secretary …….……….. Diane Smoak APRN, OCN®
 Treasurer……….Carla Michelle Meyers, RN, OCN®                                                     First              Final
 Chapter Membership                                                          OCN Test Dates       Application        Application
                                                                                                  Deadline*          Deadline
 For a membership application           It’s Time to
 contact D.D. Johnson at  350-                                              May 1-30, 2008       January 7          January 21
 8186 or at
                                           Renew                             Aug 1 – 31,          April 8            April 22 .                                               2008
 Dues are $25.00 for 2009.                                                   Nov 2 – 30,          July 8             July 22
  About SEGA Chapter Dues
   The SEGA Board of Directors has decided that Chapter yearly dues will   * Save $75.00
 continue to be $25.00 in 2008.
   Dues are levied for the calendar year which runs from January 1
                                                                   st      AOCNS and AOCNP testing is offered year-round. Allow
 through December 31 . Dues are not prorated for partial year              four to six weeks to receive and authorization to test after
 membership.                                                               submitting an application.

    Dues for renewing members - If dues are not paid prior to              For free practice tests from ONCC go to
 March 31 Chapter Membership will be considered cancelled.       
 The nurse can continue to attend meetings as a guest but                  2fPracticeTest%2fIntroduction.aspx
 will be required to pay $10.00 for each meeting until the
 time the dues are paid                                                    For certification testing information go to …

 January Chapter Membership Meeting                                        New Resources Available from ONS!
                                                                           Look for two new books from ONS!
                                                                               The Advanced Oncology Nursing Certification
                                                                                   Review and Resource Manual can be used as
              Thursday, January 15, 2009                                           both a study guide for advanced oncology
                                                                                   nursing certification and a clinical resource.
                                                                                   Order now and save on a special introductory
 Topic: Update on Multiple Myeloma                                                 discount offer!
 Speaker: TBA                                                                  The new edition of the ONS Career Resource
 Sponsor: Medtronic                                                                Guide: Marketing Yourself for Success will help
 Location: The Exchange Restaurant                                                 you navigate your career path in these
                                                                                   challenging times. Save when you order your
 RSVP: Patty Aiken at 350-9385                                                     copy today!
 !!!! Membership applications will be available at the
 meeting. Bring $25 for your 2009 dues AND a copy of
 your current ONS Membership card!!!

                           SOUTHEAST GEORGIA CHAPTER OF ONS – NEWSLETTER – January 2009 – Vol. 10, No. 1
 New! Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist                                            MARK YOUR CALENDAR
 This document outlines specialty entry-level                                     Chapter Membership Meetings in 2009
 competencies for Oncology Clinical Nurse
                                                                        February 19                   August 20
 Specialists (CNSs) who care for adult and
                                                                        March - 19                    September 17
 late adolescent patients throughout the                                April 16                      October 15
 continuum of cancer care. Download to                                  May 21                        November 19
 learn more.                                                            June – no meeting                           July – no meeting             December - TBA

 NIH’s National Center for Complementary and                             Free CEUs from Meniscus
 Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) News                                       The Meniscus Educational Institute (MEI) offers
 New Statistics on CAM Use                                               complimentary CE activities. Some of the newest ones in
                                                                         oncology include:
 NCCAM reports that approximately 38 percent of
                                                                                 A live lecture series for oncology nurses and
 adults in the United States aged 18 years and over                      pharmacists at the generalist and advanced practice level
 and nearly 12 percent of U.S. children aged 17 years                    who care for patients receiving EGFR inhibitor therapy and
 and under use some form of CAM, according to the                        other health care professionals interested in this topic.
 2007 National Health Interview survey released last                     Supported by an educational grant from ImClone Systems
 week. This survey marks the first time questions were                   Incorporated.
 included on children's use of CAM.                                              A virtual lecture based on presentations from the                                  4th Annual Chicago Supportive Oncology Conference
                                                                         (CSOC) in Chicago, IL, which took place in October 2008.
 NIHSeniorHealth Adds Complementary and                                  This activity is intended for nurses, physicians, and
 Alternative Medicine Information                                        pharmacists who care for patients receiving chemotherapy
 Older adults are frequent users of CAM. They and                        as part of their therapeutic regimen and other health care
                                                                         professionals interested in chemotherapy-induced nausea
 other consumers can learn about these approaches                        and vomiting (CINV). Supported by an educational grant
 in "Complementary and Alternative Medicine," the                        from Eisai Corporation and Merck & Co., Inc.
 latest topic on NIHSeniorHealth, the National                 
 Institutes of Health Web site designed especially for                           A virtual lecture based on presentations from the
 older adults.                                                           live webinar series, held in September and October 2008.                                 This activity is for practicing oncology, palliative care,
                                                                         hospice, and pain management nurses caring for patients
 CancerCare’s Teleconferences                                            with advanced disease. Supported by an educational grant
 Telephone Education Workshop Schedule:                                  from Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.
        Jan. 28: Caring for Your Bones When You Have                          Now accredited for nurses and nurse practitioners--An
 Multiple Myeloma                                                        e-newsletter based on presentations from the 33rd Annual
        Jan. 29: Update on Metastatic Breast Cancer from                Congress of the Oncology Nursing Society in Philadelphia,
 the 2008 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium                            PA held in May 2008. This activity is designed for nurses
                                                                         and nurse practitioners who care for patients with
 To register for these workshops go to                                   myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), chronic lymphocytic                leukemia (CLL), and multiple myeloma (MM) and their
 =enews_1208p&tr=y&auid=4319956                                          families and interested nurses who may care for this
 or call 1-800-813-HOPE (4673).                                          population in the future. Supported by an educational grant
 Past workshops are available as podcasts.                               from Celgene Corporation.
Legislative News
                                                                         For a complete listing of Meniscus activities go
Making Your Voice Heard…
 Are you speaking out on issues that
affect your practice and your patients?                                  January is …
For more information visit The Legislative                               NATIONAL CERVICAL CANCER AWARENESS MONTH
Action Center from ONS Online …                                                  Every day in America about 30 women are diagnosed
                                                                         with cervical cancer.
Web sites listed in this newsletter are provided for information
only. Hosts are responsible for their own content and                    Help prevent cervical cancer with HPV vaccination and
availability.                                                            through early detection with Pap smears.
Editor: Janet Rourke -

                            SOUTHEAST GEORGIA CHAPTER OF ONS – NEWSLETTER – January 2009 – Vol. 10, No. 1

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