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              Beginner SIG

   03/13/07                  1
 Meeting time 5:45 PM (2nd Weds of month)
 Brief class description
 Very Informal
 Always start with questions
      No question is too elementary…from how to turn your
        computer off to what's that right mouse button for?

03/13/07                                                      2
Intended Audience
 First time computer user
 Novice
 Anyone with a question
 Anyone who would like to attend

03/13/07                            3
Beginner SIG Topics
 Security
 Backing up Files
 File Management
 E-mail
 Downloading from the Web

03/13/07                     4
 SIG Benefits
 Save money**
 Get more benefit from your computer
 Meet people that are at the same level
 Stay for the QCS General Meeting that
** Notes added for web site version: Learn what computer or software you
   really need to buy. Some excellent programs are available free. Learn
   preventive maintenance to save costly repairs.

03/13/07                                                                   5
Beginner SIG Summary
 Learn how all components come together.
 No question is too basic
 Bring a friend, send a friend

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                             OS     .jp   virus
03/13/07                                          6
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Beginner SIG is hosted by Jim Kristan.

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