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   The mission of Kentucky-Indiana
   Paralyzed Veterans of America is
 to improve the quality of life of U.S.
  military veterans and others who
have spinal cord dysfunction through
    the use of advocacy, research,
   sports and recreation, education
         and communication.
                                        Dear KIPVA Members & Friends:

                                        The Kentucky – Indiana Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of
                                        America (KIPVA) is delighted to present you its annual report
                                        covering the period of October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010.

                                        Throughout this year, our Board of Directors, members, family,
                                        friends and staff continued to carry on the mission of KIPVA.
                                        Our representatives have worked tirelessly as leaders, program
                                        directors and volunteers, logging over 5,000 volunteer hours
                                        while providing programs and services for over 370 members.

                                        Highlights of our year include hiring a new Executive Director,
 PARALYZED VETERANS                     crafting a Strategic Plan to implement the most thought-out
 OF AMERICA                             programming to date, as well as redesigning our Operating
                                        Investment Plan in order to make the most of our assets and
                                        plan for the future.

                                        With the beginning of a new year, we look to meet the many
              Officers                  needs of our members through various enhanced programs and
     Richard Simers, President          initiatives. Our outreach efforts will include hosting membership
   Kevin Sparks, Vice President         meetings in various locations throughout the two states, and
     Charles Parker, Secretary
                                        become more fully engaged with the regional VAMCs, veterans’
                                        homes, and military installations such as Fort Knox. We hopeto
      Timothy Sells, Treasurer
                                        continue our collaborations with other Veterans Service Organ-
Donald Bell, Immediate Past President
                                        izations, research centers and state and national legislators to
                                        provide the best benefits and services to our members, injured
       Board of Directors
                                        service members, and other persons living with disabilities.
          Richard Eisert
           John Harris
          David Hornick
                                        Richard Simers
        Michael McLauglin
         Michael Murphy
         George Simpson

Dawn M. Klemm, Executive Director
  Vickie Marcum, Office Manager

        1030 Goss Avenue
        Louisville, KY 40217
      Phone: (502) 635-6539
       Fax: (502) 635-5064
      E-mail: info@kipva.org

                                                                  2010        2009
                     Cash and cash equivalents                   95,297      63,371
                     Interest receivable                          4,072       2,402
                     Prepaid expenses                             4,028       2,336
                     Investments                                467,823     445,817
                     Land, building & equipment, net            220,434     226,864
                     Beneficial interest in charitable trust    421,332     420,454

                        Total assets                           1,212,986   1,161,244

OF AMERICA           Accounts payable                                 0       2,821
                     Accrued compensated absences                 1,457       1,184
CHAPTER                 Total liabilities                         1,457       4,005

2009-10              Unrestricted                               778,846     721,834
                     Temporarily restricted                      11,351      14,951
                     Permanently restricted                     421,332     420,454

                        Total net assets                       1,211,529   1,157,239

                        Total liabilities and net assets       1,212,986   1,161,244

                                                                                   2010                                                     2009

                                                         UnRESTRITCTED   TEMPORARIly   PERMAnEnTly     TOTAl       UnRESTRICTED   TEMPORARIly   PERMAnEnTly     TOTAl
                                                                          RESTRICTED    RESTRICTED                                 RESTRICTED    RESTRICTED


Contributions from National                                 207,336                0             0     207,336        190,146               0             0     190,146
Contributions from individuals                                 7,894               0             0        7,894         5,878               0             0       5,878
Charitable trust distributions                                      0              0             0             0       25,371               0             0      25,371
Investment income                                              6,022               3             0        6,025        16,164               0             0      16,164
Net realized/unrealized loss on investments                   17,827               0             0      17,827       (36,850)               0             0    (36,850)
Gain (loss) in beneficial interest in charitable trust              0              0       22,422       22,422                0             0      (44,696)     (44,696)
Other income                                                   6,504               0             0       6,504          3,655               0             0       3,655

   Total revenue and support                                245,583                3       22,422      268,008       204,364                       (44,696)     159,668

Satisfaction of program restrictions                          25,147        (3,603)       (21,544)             0              0             0             0             0

   Total revenue, support and net
   assets released from restrictions                        270,730         (3,600)           878      268,008       204,364                0      (44,696)     159,668

Program services
 Membership and benefits                                    100,845                0             0     100,845        103,704               0             0     103,704
    Public affairs                                            72,242               0             0      72,242         75,890               0             0      75,890
    Research                                                   9,277               0             0        9,277          7,634              0             0       7,634
                                                            182,364                0             0     182,364        187,228               0             0     187,228
    General and administrative                                31,354               0             0      31,354         43,777               0             0      43,777

    Total expenses                                           213,718               0             0     213,718        231,005               0             0     231,005

    Changes in net assets                                     57,012        (3,600)           878       54,290        (26,641)              0      (44,696)     (71,337)
    Net assets at beginning of year                         721,834          14,951       420,454     1,157,239       748,475         14,951        465,150   1,228,576

    Net assets at end of year                             $778,846          $11,351     $421,332     $1,211,529     $721,834         $14,951       $420,454   $1,157,239
Legislative Advocacy                                         Hospital Liaison & Service Programs
George Simpson serves as the Government Relations            The hospital liaison and service program ensures that PVA
Director for the state of Indiana. The core focus of the     member care issues and needs are a priority within the
KIPVA government relations program is to participate in      VA healthcare system. Chapter members and staff interact
advocacy efforts for issues aimed at improved veterans’      on a daily basis with the regional VA medical centers and
benefits and support of the civil rights of disabled         SCI clinics and staff. In addition to chapter volunteers, the
citizens. Mr. Simpson continues to represent KIPVA at        national Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) employs
monthly meetings of the Veteran’s Coalition and work-        service officers in every VA medical c enter to ensure that
ing with Indiana representatives with specific focus on      skilled representation and counseling on VA benefits and
state-sponsored bills directed towards veteran’s benefits.   issues is available to all veterans and their families.

national Director Richard Eisert serves as Govern-           In many cases, our national service officers (nSOs) Alan
ment Relations Director for the state of Kentucky.           Munn and Rickey Grant, and hospital liaisons help
KIPVA’s 2010 Kentucky government relations efforts           members and other veterans identify new resources, ac-
continue with our participation in and support of the        cess information, and navigate the complex VA benefits
Joint Executive Committee of Veterans Organizations          and healthcare systems. KIPVA also donates prosthetic
(JECVO). The 2010 legislative session continued to be        equipment (wheelchairs, lifts, walkers, etc.) to those who
dominated by extreme budget issues and program               do not meet the Veterans Administration requirements.
cuts. Kentucky veterans targeted preservation of the
Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs (KDVA) bud-          Chapter and board member George Simpson serves as
get and exemption of workers in the state Veterans’          the VAVS representative for the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
Homes from mandated furloughs.                               clinic at the Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapo-
                                                             lis, In. The clinic is a fully staffed and is open clinic on
Chapter members participated in the 2010 National            Tuesday afternoons and all day Wednesday for appoint-
Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) Advocacy &               ments. Mr. Simpson is highly involved in the Indiana Vet-
Legislative Training Seminar. The seminar prepares           erans Coalition, and participates in the annual POW/MIA
PVA chapter members for conversations with federal           ceremony in Indianapolis, In. He has been a ceremony
legislators that focus on the issues and concerns of         ringer representing KIPVA for more than 13 years.
PVA members as well as other veterans. Major areas of
concern are proposed changes within the Department           Alfred Cummings serves as VAVS representative for the
of Veterans Affairs Health Care System, budget issues,       louisville VAMC. The SCI clinic continues to run smoothly
and new ways to access funding sources for veterans          and is open for appointments on Tuesdays each week.
care. The chapter sent two representatives from              Chapter volunteers and staff continue to participate in
Kentucky (Ben Brown and Mike Mclaughlin) and two             quarterly SCI team meetings, monthly director’s meetings
representatives from Indiana (Charles Parker and Kevin       and the VAMC customer service board. The chapter
Sparks) who met with state legislators and staff about       also awarded a $500 scholarship to an outstanding
important PVA issues and concerns.                           VAMC summer volunteer.

                                                             The chapter continues to seek a long-term VAVS repre-
                                                             sentative for the lexington VAMC. This year, the chapter
                                                             has met with the center director and the leadership
                                                             team, and they are on their way to certification for
                                                             an SCI clinic. Members, staff, family and friends of
                                                             KIPVA have contributed over 5,000 volunteer hours
                                                             to the regional VAMCs and our organization in the
                                                             year 2009-2010.
                                                               Public Awareness
                                                               Awareness events are key in promoting PVA and its
                                                               mission. Members and staff attended events in both
                                                               Indiana and Kentucky to reach members, veterans,
                                                               and others with disabilities with important information
                                                               on healthcare and accessibility. These events include
                                                               participation in PVA Awareness Week, MS Awareness
                                                               projects, Indiana Homeless Stand Down. Chapter
                                                               members and staff attended the Indiana Military
                                                               Veterans/Retiree Appreciation Day and Information
RESEARCH                                                       Fair sponsored by Senator Richard G. lugar’s office.
Research Support/Development                                   Staff also attended awareness/fundraising events at
KIPVA supports the research goals of PVA on a national         several locations throughout Kentucky and Indiana
level. President Richard Simers directs the chapter’s          for the Combined Federated Campaign.
research activities. The chapter presented a check for
$1,000 to PVA for continued support of spinal cord             Fundraising
research. The chapter awarded $2,000 each in grant             In 2009-2010 fundraising efforts included raising
funding to the University of Kentucky Spinal Cord and          money though advertisements in the Outreach
Brain Injury Research Center, the University of louisville’s   newsletter and cultivating donations from members
Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center, Indiana           and friends of KIPVA. We also received funds through
University (IUPUI) MS Research Program and Purdue              multiple car donations to the Action Car Donation
University Spinal Cord/Paralysis Research Center.              Program. The Chapter even hosted a fundraising
                                                               night at the Comedy Caravan which was successful.
                                                               A special thanks to members of the lloyd Church of
SPORTS AND RECREATION                                          the nazarene for their continued support and prayers.
Sports Program
KIPVA continues to maintain an active sports and recre-
ation program for our members and the disabled in our          COMMuNICATION
community. This year, the chapter was the recipient of         Publications & Social Media
an nRA grant which has allowed us to sponsor adaptive          Our communications program publishes the monthly
air rifle shooting clinics throughout the year. Fishing        newsletter, the Outreach, featuring information from
and deer hunting trips were supported throughout the           the Veteran’s Administration (VA), featured articles
seasons by the Sports Program. Currently, Sports Direc-        from staff at the regional VA Medical Centers, KIPVA
tor Mike McLaughlin is working to form an air rifle            sponsored sporting events such as target/trap shoots
team to compete at the 2011 Wheelchair Games and               and fishing programs as well as ongoing research
nationally throughout the country.                             programs. The chapter has a member-maintained Face-
                                                               book page, edited by Kevin Sparks, to exchange
                                                               information about upcoming events and we also
                                                               continues to maintain our website, www.kipva.org
                                                               where information on the latest news, events, and
                                                               issues of the Outreach can be accessed.
                       KENTUCKY – INDIANA CHAPTER OF THE
                                                                          non Profit Org.
                       PARALYZED VETERANS OF AMERICA                       U.S. Postage
                      1030 Goss Avenue, louisville, Ky 40217                  PAID
                                                                           louisville, Ky
                       Phone: (502) 635-6539        Fax: (502) 635-5064    Permit no. 4
                       E-mail: info@kipva.org       Web: www.kipva.org


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