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Educational Module Proposal Template by Tv5ZYr9


									Jill Snyder
The Wheatlands Elementary School
Oswego CUSD #308
IIT Research Mentor: Dr. Cindy Hood
This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant No.
EEC-0502174. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this
material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science
• Activities chosen to present to students
  during the RET Workshop were:
• Introduction to computer components and
• PB&J activity: Introduction to software
• Role Playing: How a computer works
• Lessons presented in workshop focused
  on content as it related to computer
  science utilizing inquiry method of
• Students were engaged and all
  participated in all activities presented.
• Positive teacher feedback was received on
  the module.
• Design: The design component of the module was not
  presented in the workshop, as it required time in the
  computer lab. However, as an improvement to lessons
  presented design aspects will be added to the module.
• Students will be asked to design a ‘better’ PB&J
  sandwich based on the problem: How can I make a pb&j
  sandwich so that when I make it in the morning the jelly
  has not bled through the bread by the time I want to eat
  it in the afternoon.
• During the Computers lesson students will be asked to
  design an input or output device for the computer that
  would solve a problem for them.
 – Ethics: Students did not focus on ethics during the
   workshop as it was well covered in the previous
   module that they took part in.
 – More ethics will be added to the module using the
   labels in the pb&j activity as an introduction.
 – Ethics will be discussed in the Computers lesson as it
   pertains to the free software used in the design part of
   the module. For instance, is it ethical to copy and sell
   a program that is available for free on the internet? Is
   it ethical to download a pirated version of software
   that is for sale? Is it ethical to use software intended
   for one purpose to be used for an unintended
• Illinois Learning Standards
-   Based on teacher feedback, some teachers were unsure how the
    module related to Illinois State Standards. This module fits with
    these goals………..
-   Science and Technology: STATE GOAL 13: Understand the
    relationships among science, technology and society in historical
    and contemporary contexts.

• English: STATE GOAL 3: Write to communicate for a variety of purposes.
•   English: STATE GOAL 5: Use the language arts to acquire, assess and
    communicate information.
•   Math: STATE GOAL 7: Estimate, make and use measurements of objects,
    quantities and relationships and determine acceptable levels of accuracy.
Pre/Post Test Results

• Students average pre-test score was 5 of
  13 possible points.
• Students average post-test score was 9.77
  of 13 possible points.
• Students seemed to grasp most concepts
  and vocabulary by the end of the lessons.
• Some changes will be made to the
  pre/post-tests to include more material on
  computers and ethics.
• More activities will be added to make this material more
  usable for older students, though not all things will be
  able to be modified.
• The design aspect of the module can be used from
  grades 3-12th grades. The ALICE program can be used
  as a very basic introduction to computer programming or
  the more complicated aspects of the program can be
  used at the higher levels. It all depends on the
  background knowledge of the kids and the comfort level
  of the teacher.

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