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Mr G Anderson
164 Old Main Rd

1 July 2006

Dear George

Subject: Bottletot Stock Control

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your amazing stock control

As you know I hesitated for some time before obtaining Bottletot, being fairly
new to the business I honestly thought your system would be an unnecessary
expense, how wrong I was!!

Like most people I hate stocktaking, having to take down the optics every day
was time consuming and quite often never completed properly. It was
impossible to check how much stock had been taken from the bottle without
physically removing it from the shelf. With Bottletot everything has changed. It
takes only a few minutes a day to get an accurate count of my stock without
so much as touching a bottle. Best of all its accurate!!

Thank you so much for a wonderful product and all your advice and expertise
you have given me over the last few months.


LA Carpenter
LA Carpenter

                     Sole Proprietor: LA Carpenter.

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