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COMM 311: Argumentation & Debate                                                                              Spring 2012
Patricia Harris-Jenkinson (harrispa@scc.losrios.edu or profphj@gmail.com)                               REVISED: 02/22/12

Schedule Legend:
L: Lecture                   Assignment Due            Readings should be completed by assigned day to fully participate in class
 In-Class Activity          Reading Due               activities. Assignment specifics are can be accessed via the links on this
 Reminder                   Assignment Given          document.
                                                        Any class sessions with extra time available will be used for mini-
                                                        impromptus or work-up speeches; be prepared to speak on a daily basis.

 This Schedule Links document can be found online at: http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/sched/args/scc/c311_sched.rtf
 Grades (to date) can be found in an Excel document at: http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/grades/arg/scc/grades_311.xls

TO OPEN UP DOCUMENTS: Place your curser over the link (underlined, blue). Depending upon your computer, you just
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Assignment Specifics, Additional Links, and URLs are located near the END of this document.

     What are we Doing? What should be Read by this                                   What is Due?
     1     1/16       M     No Class; Campus Closed
                            L: Introduction to Class/Web Enhancement
                            L: Ethics in Argumentation (0.25)
                            L: Critical Thinking (0.25)

                            Schedule Printout (print out this document
                                and bring to class next time to show that
     1     1/18       W         you can access it)
                             Introduction speech: 2 Truths/1 Lie(1-2
                                minutes; introduce self to class; include a
                                single (1) falsehood for the class to figure
                                out); See sample intro speech outline
                             SCC Library Databases Tour:
                              Go to this website to check days/times of
                              Session B Databases Tour:
                            Do: Introduction Speeches (2 Truths & 1 Lie)              DUE: Schedule Printout
     2     1/23       M       (1.0)                                                   DUE: Student Info Sheet
                                                                                      DUE: Intro Speech Outline
                            L: What is Argumentation? (0.50)  R: Ch.                  Don’t forget those online quizzes!
                               1 (Invitation to Argue)
                            L: Debate Topic Selection (0.25)–  R: Ch.
                               4 (Overview of Parliamentary Debate)
     2     1/25       W
                            Speech of Definition and outline (see
                                sample definition speech outline and
                                grading rubric)
                            L: Logic (0.50) –  R: Ch. 2 (Identifying
     3     1/30       M        and Testing Inductive Arguments)
                            L: Reasoning (0.50)

P. Harris-Jenkinson                                 Spring 2012                                              SCC: COMM 311
                                        Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                                       page 1 of 9
                          Debate Topics
    3     2/1         W
                          Do: Speech of Definition                         DUE: Speech of Definition
                                                                              Outline (sample)
                          Review Debate Topics: Debate Sign Ups             DUE: Debate Topics
                          L: Classical Rhetoric (0.75)

    4     2/6         M    Debates (Due at the END of the
                           Research (Evidence & Source “cards”)
                             Grade Sheet; 4x6 note card Word
                          L: Evidence (0.50) –  R: Ch. 5                  Bring study guide for Test 1
                             (Discovering and Supporting the Issues):         Review
                             BRING NEWSPAPERS/MAGAZINES TO
                             CLASS TO USE FOR EXAMPLES
                          L: Research Strategies (0.50)
                          L: Debate Delivery (0.50) –  R: Ch. 9
    4     2/8         W
                             (Presenting Your Argument)—READ THE
                             PPT BEFORE COMING TO CLASS; most
                             is self-explanatory and will reduce lecture
                             time, allowing time for test review.
                          Review for Test 1 (If Time: Study guide is
    5     2/13        M   Catch-Up Day
                          TEST 1: Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, 9 and               Test 1: Study Guide: Test 1
    5     2/15        W
                             accompanying lectures
    6     2/20        M   No Class: Campus Closed
                          L: Debate Issues (1.25) -  R: Ch. 6
                             (Arguing Propositions of Fact and Value)
                             and 7 (Arguing Propositions of Policy)

                           Debate Briefs /(Sample Affirmative Brief
                             Grade Sheet ; Sample Negative Brief
    6     2/22        W      Grade Sheet)
                          Look in Additional Links/Resources for the
                             sample (generic) briefs used in class;
                             Yours need evidence! Some of the
                             samples don’t include real evidence.
                           Problem Speeches with C/X and Outline
                            (see sample problem speech outline and
                            grading rubric)
                          Catch up from previous day                        DUE: Research (evidence
    7     2/27        M   L: Brief Formats                                   & source “cards”)
                                                                           4x6 note card Word template
                          L: Debate Formats (0.50) (Academic and            Don’t forget those online quizzes!
                             how we will debate in class)
                          L: Speaking/Flowing an Academic Debate
    7     2/29        W      (0.50) -  R: Ch. 8 (Refutation—pages


P. Harris-Jenkinson                            Spring 2012                                       SCC: COMM 311
                                    Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                               page 2 of 9
                          Flows/Ballots (Sample Peer Flow/Ballot)
    8     3/5         M
                          Do: Problem Speeches with C/X                   DUE: Problem Speech
                                                                             Outline (sample)
                          Do: Problem Speeches with C/X                    DUE: Library Tour
                                                                             (Session B, Databases)
    8     3/7         W                                                   http://wserver.scc.losrios.edu/
                          E: Peer Evaluation of Debate Briefs (0.50)      DUE: Draft Affirmative and
    9     3/12        M                                                      Negative Briefs (for peer
                          If possible: CSUS or Los Rios Debaters:         PJ WON’T BE HERE!
                          Sample Debate (Attendance Points)
                          Finalization of Debate Schedule (list will
    9     3/14        W
                          appear below)
                          E: In-Class Debate Workshop
                          E: Practice Flowing
                          L: Fallacies (0.75) –  R: Ch. 3 (Fallacies)     Don’t forget those online quizzes!
    10    3/19        M
                          Handout: Fallacy Categories
                          L: Fallacies (continued) (1.25)                 DUE: Affirmative Briefs (for
                                                                             Instructor Grading)
    10    3/21        W                                                      (Sample Aff Brief Grade

                                                                           Don’t forget those online quizzes
                          L: Fallacies (continued) (0.5)
                          E: In-Class Fallacy Exercise (0.5)

    11    3/26        M   Assigned:
                          Fallacy Assignment Instructions (Grade
                          Fallacy Assignment (Graded)
                          Fallacy Game Competition: (Attendance &         DUE: Negative Briefs (for
                           Extra Credit Points) Conducted orally in          Instructor Grading)
    11    3/28        W
                           groups                                            (Sample Neg Brief Grade
    12    4/2         M   No Classes: Spring Break
    12    4/4         W   No Classes: Spring Break
                          L: Refutation (1.0) –  R: Ch. 8 (Defending     Bring study guide for Test 2
    13    4/9         M     Your Ideas throughout the Debate)                Review
                          Review for test (if time)
                          TEST 2: Chapters 3, 6, 7, 8 (pp 135-136)        Test 2: Study Guide: Test 2
    13    4/11        W
                          and accompanying lectures                       DUE: Fallacy Assignment
                                                                            Instructions (Grade Sheet)
                                                                          Fallacy Assignment (Graded)
    14    4/16        M   E: In-Class Debate Workshop
                          E: In-Class Debate Workshop (.50)
                          Discuss Resolution and Definitions:
                          Group Presentation (each group member
    14    4/18        W
                          will present the resolution, a definition, or
                          important information to understand the
                          upcoming debate)
    15    4/23        M
                          E: Debates Rd. (3-4 per day) (Instructor        DUE: Copy of Affirmative
                             Grade Sheet); be prepared to debate             and Negative Briefs (for all

P. Harris-Jenkinson                            Spring 2012                                      SCC: COMM 311
                                    Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                              page 3 of 9
                             either side (Affirmative or Negative); we         debaters—FREE POINTS)
                             will flip for sides.
    15    4/25        W   E: Debates (3-4 per day)
    16    4/30        M   E: Debates (3-4 per day)
                          Last Day of Instruction
                          Clean up debates / Make-Up speeches (see
    16     5/2        W
                          make-up policy below)
                          Review for Final Exam
                          FINALS WEEK BEGINS! SCC’s final exam               Final: Study Guide: Final
                          schedule can be found at                           DUE: Quiz grades pulled
                          http://www.scc.losrios.edu/deadlines/final_ex         down at 5:00 p.m. on day
    17                    am_schedules.htm                                      of final
                          Final Exam (Comprehensive): Monday,
                          May 14, 12:45-2:45 p.m.

         Debate Assignments:
         4/25         W   Censorship of the Arts             Christina G           Lucy
         4/25         W   PET for Sports                     Kristy                Christina
         4/25         M   Obesity                            Daniel                Harlee
         4/30         W   Obesity                            Tage                  Andrea
         4/30         M   Guantanamo Bay                     Ernesto               Nick
         4/30         M   PET for Sports                     Gabe                  Grant
          5/2         M   Censorship of the Arts             Drew                  Sierra
          5/2         M   Sex Ed in Public Schools           Elmin                 Debra
          5/2         M   Guantanamo Bay                     Jennifer C            Vic
          5/7         M   PET for Sports                     Taylor                Leif
          5/7         W   Sex Ed in Public Schools           Nathan                Margarita
          5/7         M   Censorship of the Arts             Ellie                 Sky

Assignment Specifics:

                                                                              Min # of Min # of     Max # of
Speech                              Time                                      Aids     Oral Cites   Notes
Intro (2 Truths/1 Lie)              1-2 minutes                                   0         0       1 note card
Speech of Defnition                 2-3 minutes                                   0      1 (dict)     1 page
Impromptu Speech                    1 min prep time, 1-2 min speaking time        0         0       1 note card
Problem/Cause Speech                4-5 minutes                                   0         0         2 pages
Problem/Cause C/X                   1-minute each (answer, ask)                   0         0            0
Group Presentation: Resolution      5 minutes total (for group)                   0         0           n/a
Debate - Constructive Speech        5 minutes                                     0         3         4 pages
Debate - Rebuttal Speech            2 minutes                                     0         0+          n/a
Debate C/X                          1-minute each (answer, ask)                   0         0            0

P. Harris-Jenkinson                            Spring 2012                                     SCC: COMM 311
                                    Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                             page 4 of 9
Outlines/Notes                 Review Assignment Specifics
Intro (2 Truths/1 Lie)         1 page, standard outline form
Speech of Definition           1-2 pages, standard outline form, 1+ sources (at least dictionary)
Problem/Cause Speech           3+ sources (both as in-text/oral footnotes & bib), standard outline form
Debate Briefs                  See assigment specifics

Make-Up Debate Policy/Caveats:
Students who are not able to perform their speech on their scheduled speech day (for any student-
initiated reason, including illness) MAY have the opportunity to make up the speech at the end of the
semester on the Make-Up Day scheduled above (no guarantees that you will be able to make up a
speech). Please pay attention to the following conditions:
       Students may only make up one speech (if you miss more than one speech, you will not be able
          to make up any speeches; since you cannot pass the class without doing all the speeches, this
          will result in a failing grade.)
       Make-up speeches will be assessed a 30% penalty (right off the top).
       There is a limited time available for make- up speeches; when the time is filled, no other make-up
          speeches will be scheduled (so, no guarantees that you will be able to make up a speech).
       If I end up having to push the schedule back (e.g., I must cancel class or run behind on the
          schedule), the time scheduled for make-ups will be canceled (again, no guarantees that you
          will be able to make up a speech).
       Remember: If you choose to take a make-up, you are running a risk that you might not be able to
          make it up!

Additional Links:
   Quiz Hints (how to ace those online quizzes): Remember: Quiz for each chapter and each video
    lecture! (http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/resources/quiz_hints.pdf)
   General Info about this Class/Instructor
    o General Class Information (more detailed expectations on course policies, like academic integrity)
    o Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    o Official College Student Code of Conduct
   Speech-Specific Resources
    o Speech Anxiety Handout (thanks to Lanette Pogue for gathering this information from a variety of
        sources. This discusses speech anxiety and recommendations for dealing with it.
    o Speech Checklist (use this checklist to help you when you prepare your speech. While most of it
        can be generalized to all speeches, it works especially well for both informative and persuasive
    o Using Note Cards Effectively (this document explains one method of preparing your note cards
        for a presentation) (http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/resources/note_cards.doc)
   Outline Information/Source Citations
    o Outline Information (this document gives you information about outlining, as well as shows you a
        sample outline form)
    o Outline Template (this Word document is an outline template. If you use this and just fill in your
        information, you should have the correct format. NOTE: It is helpful if you just copy and paste
        information, rather than hit Enter if your Microsoft Word default is "Auto Format as you type."

P. Harris-Jenkinson                          Spring 2012                                           SCC: COMM 311
                                  Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                                   page 5 of 9
    o   How to Cite Sources in MLA and APA Format
    o Identifying References (thanks to Lanette Pogue (again) for compiling this information about the
        different types of references (footnotes, etc.) and when and how to use them. This document
        particularly focuses on APA (American Psychological Association) referencing style.
    o Useful Online Resources for Evidence
    o Citation Machine (easy online fill-in-the-blank program for citing sources; remember to follow the
        instructions for copy/paste/format margins) (http://www.citationmachine.net/)
    o 4x6 note card template (Word file) (this Word document is set up to print on 4x6 note cards—
        perfect if you want to print evidence cards!)
   For Debate Briefs
    o Debate Issues
    o Mortgage Affirmative Brief (this is a sample brief on a real-life issue: To Move or Not to Move—no
        evidence in this one)
    o Attendance Affirmative Brief (another example—no evidence in this brief, just the skeleton)
    o Vivisection Affirmative Brief (another example—with EVIDENCE, like I want yours to have)
    o Drug Testing for Welfare AFFIRMATIVE Brief (another example—with EVIDENCE; “call out”
        boxes identify specifics to—hopefully—help you develop your own affirmative brief)
    o Drug Testing for Welfare NEGATIVE Brief (another example—with EVIDENCE; “call out” boxes
        identify specifics to—hopefully—help you develop your own negative briefs)
   Fallacy stuff
     Love is a Fallacy – Cute story by Max Shulman
     http://www1.asknlearn.com/ri_Ilearning/English/631/elang-ilearning/page3a.htm
   May Assign if time allows
     Lecture: Impromptu (0.75)
     Assignment: Impromptu Speeches

URLs for Links in Schedule Links Document
(Use these if the links don’t work in the Schedule Links document; type them into your
browser’s address bar. Remember: I don’t use spaces in my urls; if it looks like a space, it’s
probably an underscore _):

Course Syllabus:      http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/syllabi/arg/csus/cs002_syllabus.rtf
Schedule Links:       http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/sched/arg/csus/cs002_sched.rtf
PJ’s Teaching
Grades to Date

Intro to Class:             http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/orientation.pdf
Critical Thinking           http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/critical_thinking.pdf
What is
Ethics in

P. Harris-Jenkinson                         Spring 2012                                 SCC: COMM 311
                                 Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                         page 6 of 9
Debate Topic Selection      http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/debate_topic_selection.pdf
Logic                       http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/logic.pdf
Reasoning                   http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/reasoning.pdf
Classical Rhetoric          http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/classical_rhetoric.pdf
Evidence                    http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/evidence.pdf
Research Strategies         http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/research_strategies.pdf
Debate Delivery             http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/debate_delivery.pdf
Debate Issues               http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/debate_issues.pdf
Brief Formats               http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/brief_formats.pdf
Debate Formats              http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/debate_formats.pdf
Refutation                  http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/refutation.pdf
Impromptu                   http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/impromptu_arg.pdf
Fallacies                   http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/fallacies_arg.pdf

                            Handout summarizing Fallacy Categories:
Speaking/Flowing an         http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/arg/speaking_flowing.pdf
Academic Debate

Oral Assignments (Debates) & In-Class Activities:
Intro Truth/Lie       http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/arg/intro_truth_lie_speech.rtf
                      Sample Outline:
                      Grade Sheet:
In-Class Fallacy      http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/arg/in_class_fallacy_activity.doc
Speech of             http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/arg/speech_of_definition_arg.rtf
                      Sample Outline:
Persuasive            http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/arg/pers_problem_arg.rtf
Problem Speech
                      Sample Outline:
Aristotelian          http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/arg/aristotle_proof_speech.rtf
Proof Speech          (not assigned this semester)
Grading Rubrics       http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/arg/arg_speech_grading_rubric.p

Written Assignments:
Debate Topics         http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/arg/debate_topics_assn.doc

P. Harris-Jenkinson                         Spring 2012                              SCC: COMM 311
                                 Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                      page 7 of 9
(Evidence &
                      Grade Sheet:
Source Cards
4x6 Note Cards        http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/general/msword_4x6_cards_blan
Word template         k.doc

                      Aff Brief Sample Grade Sheet:
Debate Briefs         http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/arg/aff_brief_sample_grade_she
(for both draft       et.pdf
and final graded)
                      Neg Brief Sample Grade Sheet:
Flows/Ballots         http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/arg/debate_ballot_peer.pdf

                      Take-Home Assignment:
Fallacy               http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/arg/fallacy_assn_graded.doc
                      Grade Sheet:

Mortgage Aff
Attendance Aff
Vivisection Aff
Drug Testing for
Welfare Aff
Drug Testing for
Welfare Neg
Debate Issues
Categories            http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/resources/fallacy_categories_arg.doc

P. Harris-Jenkinson                         Spring 2012                                 SCC: COMM 311
                                 Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                         page 8 of 9
Study Guides:
Test 1                http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/tests/arg/study_guide_t1.doc
Test 2                http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/tests/arg/study_guide_t2.doc
Final Exam            http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/tests/arg/study_guide_final.doc

P. Harris-Jenkinson                         Spring 2012                              SCC: COMM 311
                                 Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                      page 9 of 9

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