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									DACUM Research Chart for
Food Store/Farm Market Manager


Andy Dinovo, Assistant Director   Sponsored by
Delaware County Community
 Market Co-Op
Delaware, OH

Jessica Eikleberry, Market
Local Roots Market and Café
Wooster, OH

Steve Hirsch, Co-Owner
Hirsch Fruit Farm
Chillicothe, OH

Carly Neff, General Manager
Rhoads Farm Market
Circleville, OH

Jake Schlachter, General
Stone’s Throw Market Co-Op        Produced by
Troy, OH

Julie Witten, Owner
Witten Farm Markets
Lowell, OH

DACUM Facilitators
                                                   1900 Kenny Road
Karin Fowler                                      Columbus, OH 43210
Aaron Keobke
Jerry Maynard
Brandon McCarthy                                 November 11-12, 2010
John Moser, Team Leader
DACUM Research Chart for Food Store/Farm Market Manager
  Develop                A-1 Develop       A-2 Conduct       A-3 Create        A-4 Create       A-5 Develop
                         vision &          market studies short-term           long-term        product mix
A Business               mission                             business plan     business plan
    Develop              B-1 Design         B-2 Design       B-3 Develop       B-4 Prepare      B-5 Prepare
    Marketing            company brand store space           store signage     print ads        television ads
B                        (e.g., logo,                        (e.g., external/
                         color, message)                     internal)
                         B-12 Conduct               B-13 Develop B-14              B-15 Post updates on social
                         marketing campaign         targeted          Publish      media network (e.g., Twitter,
                         (e.g., customer            mail/e-mail       newsletter Facebook)
                         recruitment, retention)    lists
  Conduct                C-1 Perform       C-2 Maintain      C-3 Maintain      C-4 Create       C-5 Price
                         store opening     produce           non-produce       product          products
C Retail                 procedures        displays          displays          displays

  Manage                 D-1 Process       D-2 Process       D-3 Process       D-4 Process      D-5 Redeem
                         payroll           accounts          accounts          daily receipts   vouchers &
D Administrative                           payable           receivable                         coupons (e.g.,
                                                                                                WIC, SFMNP)
                         D-13 Process      D-14 Monitor      D-15 Prepare      D-16 Perform       D-17
                         customer          monthly           financial         routine computer Prepare
                         records           performance to    reports           maintenance (e.g., business tax
                                           budget                              backups, updates) returns
    Manage               E-1 Research      E-2 Conduct       E-3 Set           E-4 Order        E-5 Receive
    Product              products &        product           backstock         retail products retail products
E                        sources           inventory         thresholds

    Manage               F-1 Write job     F-2 Recruit       F-3 Screen        F-4 Interview     F-5 Hire
    Employee/Volunteer   descriptions      employees/        applicant         employee          selected
F                                          volunteers        resumes           candidates        employees

                         F-13 Address     F-14 Conduct F-15 Recognize             F-16
                         employee/        staff               staff performance Terminate
                         volunteer        performance         (e.g., raises,      staff
                         issues           evaluations         rewards)
  Manage                 G-1 Respond to       G-2 Update G-3 Contract with             G-4 Obtain product status
                         customers (e.g.,    partners on       business consultants from vendors
G Business               comments, needs, business             (e.g., lawyers,
                         suggestions)        status            accountants)
  Perform                H-1 Establish H-2 Contract                H-3 Perform          H-4 Perform
                         equipment        specialty                opening cleaning     unscheduled clean-ups
H Facilities/Equipment   maintenance      maintenance (e.g., tasks (e.g., counter
                         plan             cooler, forklift, IT) tops, dusting)
                                                                                                November 11-12, 2010

A-6 Develop      A-7 Create               A-8 Secure         A-9 Develop      A-10 Develop      A-11 Participate in professional
budget (e.g.,    company policies         capital (e.g., operating            staff training    development activities
sales, payroll,  (e.g., disaster          grants, loans, procedures           programs
marketing)       recovery, HR)            investment)
B-6 Prepare        B-7               B-8 Write B-9 Develop                    B-10 Develop      B-11 Develop marketing
radio ads          Prepare           press           promotional materials    branded items     campaigns (e.g., customer
                   internet ads releases             (e.g., flyers,           (e.g., pens, t-   recruitment, retention)
                                                     handouts, brochures)     shirts, hats)
B-16 Publish       B-17 Participate        B-18              B-19 Conduct     B-20 Review
content to         in community            Provide           special events   results of
business           events (e.g., fairs, product                               marketing
websites           races, parades)         samples                            strategy
C-6 Assist              C-7               C-8 Perform
customers (e.g.,        Perform           store closing
greeting, product       sales             procedures
selection, thanking) transactions
D-6 Perform          D-7 Maintain         D-8 Order          D-9 Process      D-10 Process      D-11 Process     D-12 Maintain
clerical tasks       records & files supplies                sales tax        workers           unemployment     licenses &
(e.g., mail,         (e.g., digital,      (e.g., office, liability            compensation      forms            certifications
phones, copies)      hard copy)           facility)                           forms
D-18 Obtain

E-6 Store             E-7
retail products       Repackage
                      retail products

F-6 Conduct           F-7 Identify      F-8 Provide       F-9 Create          F-10 Assign       F-11 Conduct     F-12 Coach
employee              internal          employee          employee            non-routine       staff meetings   employees/
orientation           training needs    training          schedule            employee/                          volunteers
                                                                              volunteer tasks

G-5 Conduct           G-6               G-7 Present business vision to      G-8 Network         G-9 Develop relationships with
employee              Coordinate        community organizations (e.g.,      with peers &        key organizations (e.g.,
appreciation          lease with        civic groups, non-profits)          colleagues          government agencies, aligned
events                landlord(s)                                                               businesses)
H-5 Perform             H-6 Clean food service H-7 Coordinate H-8 Coordinate                    H-9 Clean        H-10 Maintain
closing cleaning        equipment (e.g., dishes,   equipment          facilities                restrooms        exterior
tasks (e.g., trash,     food preparation           maintenance &      maintenance (e.g.,                         signage
sweeping)               equipment, containers)     repair             building & grounds)
General Knowledge and Skills                                 Worker Behaviors

Basic accounting             Business ethics                 Quick learner           Resourceful
Leadership skills            Analytical skills               Detail oriented         Team builder
Strategic planning skills    Basic retail concepts           Adaptable               Systems oriented
Basic computer skills        Cash handling                   Motivated               Responsible
Interpersonal skills         Handling produce sales skills   Organized               Punctual
Time management skills       Basic industry knowledge        Hard worker             Creative
Multi-tasking skills         Legal issues                    Proactive               Problem solver
Organizational skills        Knowledge of governmental       Self motivated          Innovative
Marketing skills              requirements                   Personable              Loyal
Communication skills         Knowledge of equipment          Responsive              Resilient
Food safety                   maintenance needs              Team oriented           Dedicated
Policy issues                Stress management skills        Customer focused        Honest
Market awareness             Conflict resolution skills      Ethical                 Visionary
Trainer skills               Negotiation skills              Productive

Tools, Equipment, Supplies and Materials                     Future Trends and Concerns

Database                     Storage containers              Small farm viability
Computer                     Paint supplies                  Popularity of local food
Software                     Ladders                         Price of oil
Shopping carts               Basic hand tools                Impact of health care costs/reform
Coolers                      Office furniture                Impact of organic food on market
Cash registers               2-way radios                    Climate change
P.O.S. system                Phone system                    Increasing state/federal regulations
Scales                       Office equipment                Changes in economic cycle
Freezers                     Food service supplies           Increase competition from chains
Forklifts                    Thermometer                     Increase of energy costs
Pallet jack                  Hoses                           Growth of cooperative movement
Trucks                       Shop vacuum                     Access to capital restricted
Wagons                       Cleaning equipment              Consumer demand for authentic relationships
Food prep equipment          Refrigerated displays           Change in traffic patterns
Retail shelving              NSF shelving                    Increased awareness of food safety


IT              Information Technology
POS             Point of Sale
SFMNP           Senior Farmer Market Nutrition Program
WIC             Women Infant Children

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